Friday, May 30, 2008

Arnie Shapiro's Homeland Security FakeReality Show


Arnie Shapiro's Homeland Security FakeReality Show (May 28, 2008) Homeland Security needs some more PR, and they've bought off veteran Hollywood schlockmeister Arnold Shapiro ("Big Brother")to make a new ABC Fake Reality Show (a la "American Icon") called "Border Security USA."

Shapiro's job will be to try to gussy up the failed efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, making a 'Cops'-like attempt to make the poor schlubs working for ICE look like "homegrown heroes"-- instead of the Real Life Keystone Kops they really are.

"A typical episode might jump from a border patrol in Texas to security screeners at a New York airport to a Coast Guard boat off Puerto Rico," Hollywood Reporter reports. But it certainly won't show Homeland Security -- Border Patrol agents taking money from Mexican drug cartels like in Real Life.

Remember -- this is a Fake Reality TV Show. Also called a Docudrama, aka Hollywood Bullshit.

And you can bet they won't show CIA drug trafficking from Mexico or Colombia or Afghanistan.

This Fake Reality TV Show (meaning that probably no writers or actors will be paid either) "is billed as the first multiepisode television series to be shot in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, as well as several other government agencies."

Can you repeat after me -- Hollywood-Government Propaganda?

"We're showing everyday heroes who are risking their lives to protect us," said Shapiro, who also produced the law enforcement series "Rescue 911" and the classic jailhouse documentary "Scared Straight." "Every mode of transportation to get into the country, we have covered."

Arnie Shapiro is not only a Schlock-meister, but he's a Propaganda-meister too.And he's in bed with the "right boys." And hopefully they're not videotaped dead young boys in a hotel room from a while back.

(How else would you explain this?)

Probably with an assist from his co-religionst Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Security, "Shapiro wrangled the cooperation of the DHS (as well as the Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, the Secret Service, Customs & Border Protection and Immigration & Customs Enforcement).

(Having the same rabbi to advise them probably didn't hurt, either. Yuck yuck.

"The security agents depicted in the show stop a wide range of criminal behavior. In one episode, customs finds a human skull shipped through the mail. In another, a Coast Guard boat chases cocaine smugglers.

"They want people to know how diligent they are," Shapiro said. "You hear about every problem that the Department of Homeland Security is having; you never hear about what they're doing that's good."

"Diligent"? "Good"? Hey Arnie, ever heard about what DHS did during the Katrina Disaster?

"Such security problems in recent years have ranged from media reports of border agents taking bribes, to ongoing concerns that cargo inspections at airports and shipping ports remain dangerously lax," says Hollywood Reporter.

Shapiro says -"I love investigative journalism, but that's not what we're doing," he said. "This show is heartening. It makes you feel good about these people who are doing their best to protect us.

You got that right, Arnie. You're not doing "investigative journalism."

You're doing Schlocky Propaganda. For "Big Brother."

Now that's a lott yucks.

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