Monday, May 26, 2008

With Israel becoming key issue in US presidential and congressional campains, perhaps it is time to hold an “Israel Primary Day”.

With US presidential candidates stumbling over each other to prove their loyalty to Israel and hence their worthiness to the Jewish voters, with McCain willing to commit the US to a 100 years war against the “infidels” in the Middle East and those who are at odd with Israel. With Hillary Clinton pledging to “obliterate” Iran out of the face of the earth in any war with Israel promising to use US nuclear arsenal to do that with subsequent and potential danger of causing the death of hundred of millions around the world.

With Barak Obama prostrating so low to convince reluctant Jewish voters in Florida that someone with a name like Barak Hussein Obama with Black skin is not a “closet” Muslim and can be a solid friend of Israel and with Israel and support for Israel almost taken the priority in this elections, perhaps it is time for both the Republican and Democratic parties to hold special “Israel’s Primary Day” to give Israel the priority it deserve while keeping America and American issues in mind. This way candidate can dispense with the issue of Israel and concentrate on other major issues facing American electorate.

Hence my suggestion. From this presidential election and from what we have seen in senatorial and even legislative elections in the past, Israel and support for Israel is and was always on the forefront of any election campaign. Of course the importance of Jewish money and Jewish votes for political candidates makes Israel an important and critical issue in election campaigns even in local elections. Many congressional elections were won and lost based on the issue of Israel and where local issues were of no consequences. Millions of dollars can pour in from outside of the state or congressional district to decide the winner. Charles Percy of Illinois lost his bid to remain the Republican senator from Illinois after he called for “ an even handed policy in the Middle East”. This statement from the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee caused on Israeli millionaire from California to pour one million dollars to unseat Charles Percy after 18 years of service in the US Senate.

This obsession with Israel as a central issue in US politics makes all issues of importance to the rest of the American electorate a secondary importance. One has to wonder what if health care or lack of it, or rebuilding our falling apart infrastructure or our unemployment, or the high costs of education or the exports of jobs or rebuilding a battered Mid-West and run down North-East or the high costs of interest rate on credit cards or squeezing of the poor by the loan sharks masquerading as “mortgage companies” real issues in elections. And what if the social and economic status of minorities and Blacks are a major issues in US elections and what if “illegal immigration” are issues, one has to wonder what kind of America we will have if our politicians give a damn about the US as mush as they give a damn about Israel.

While Israel is not even a state with the union, it receives more money in aid from our Congress than any other state in the union. Israeli citizens, who are on their own having one of the highest standards of living than most Americans and most taxpayers, receive more aids and funding than US poor taxpayers. Of course thanks to a campaigns financing system that allows Israeli lobbies and Israel special interest group to spend some $50 million in each election cycle only to collect some $10 billions in aids for Israel during the same election cycle. Not too bad a return on investment. With Israeli citizens having an excellent social and safety net than we have in the US, one has to wonder why do our politician give so much attention to Israel and the needs of Israeli citizens? And not do the same for US citizens and tax payers.

Yes, with Israel and Israeli issues dominating election campaigns, I suggest that in the US both political parties hold a special “ Israeli primarily” where presidential candidates can cress cross the country from Florida to New York to Chicago to Shaker Heights to Boston and Silicon Valley and compete with each other among Jewish voters for a period 30 days where Israel and “Israel only” issues are the subject of this special Israeli primary. At the end of this special “Israel Primary”, Jewish voters and those voters were Israel is of primary concern and issue, these voters can then cast their vote on a scale of 10-01 for each candidates thus settling the issue of Israel once and for all for the election. With “Israel Primary” settled then the candidates could go back to the business of America and tell us what they plan to do for us poor American voters.

Source: Jefferson Corner

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