Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WUFYS Hacked? - "Jews urged to put "Mark of the Beast" on Christian Bibles in Israel"


There is some warning about the header, etc, and the last posted article was darn near the end of the scroll.

Is this why?

"Jews urged to put "Mark of the Beast" on Christian Bibles in Israel"

"Hey, Pastor Hagee, gonna do a sermon on this?

If not, maybe you'll talk to your sheeple about the Jews burning the Christian version of the Bible, eh?

After all, John, you fancy yourself as a Man of God, so shouldn't God's man speak up about these abominations?

What's that? You're too busy counting your money and don't have time?

Bible thumping to Bible burning (Al Ahram)

The Israeli government is obligated by international law to guard the Christian churches in the land of Israel, even though those churches are definitely places of idolatry and cult practice. This is so in spite of the fact that we are commanded by our [religious] law to destroy all idolatry and its servants until we uproot it from all parts of our land and any areas that we are able to conquer... Surely, this fact continues to weaken the religious meaning of the Israeli army's conquests [in 1967].'" In other words, Rabbi Ovadia argues that "Jews have a religious duty to expel all Christians from the state of Israel only if doing so would not endanger Jewish life."

In fact, the ideas expressed in Shakak and Mezvinsky's book are still current in Israel and have gained added force. They are often publicly expressed. One example is a Halachic injunction issued by Rabbi Uziel Eliyahu on 31 May, 2004, in response to a reader who had written in a question on the religious Web site www.kipa.co.il. The reader enquires, "In my city library, there are several copies of the New Testament. Can I take these copies without permission and burn them?" The rabbi responds, "Truly, this book deserves to be burned! But you must calculate every step wisely so that this causes no harm! You should not behave like a thug or a barbarian, entering a place you do not own, taking what you don't like and burning it, even if you are right. Intelligence is a prerequisite of justice.

Thus, you should go repeatedly to the library where these copies are found or to library officials and entreat them kindly, gently, smiling, and with a great deal of faith in an attempt to convince them to remove the book from the library and rid them of this evil. If you are rejected, you must at least put a distinguishing mark on the book so that the public does not think it is the Old Testament. This is so that someone seeking the Old Testament knows where to look, and someone who wants to study the Christian period and look at this book will know it is not the Old Testament!

From marking the New Testament to burning copies of the Christian Bible, bet this makes CNN headlines, ya think?

Maybe our Congress, so upset that Israeli's are so upset, will vote to send over a large $$$$$ aid package.

That always seems to calm the beastly Israeli's.

A leader of the Conservative movement in the United States, Rabbi Jerome Epstein, speaks out against Shas activists in Israel who burned copies of the Christian bible -- and the relative silence from Jewish quarters.

Source: JTA.org"

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