Sunday, August 31, 2008

America's REAL 2 party system: Progressives vs. (dem/pug) Elites

Saturday, August 30, 2008

These last four years should have taught us once and for all that the two party system in America is NOT between Republicans and Democrats, but between progressives and elites. The 2004 congress, elected primarily by progressives, turned out to be nothing by closet Republicans, i.e., politicians who cared NOTHING for the will of the American people (they certainly gave the finger to all the polls), and all of whom, dems and pugs alike, pigged out at the same hog trough and have their heads up America's vampire elites where the sun doesn't shine.

They also were puppets of the treasonous alliance between American neocons and the Israeli extremist right wing. And "treason" is the word because this un American alliance has been dictating American foreign policy for the last eight years (really, much longer), and for alleged Americans to be participating in the ransom of American national and international policy is literal treason. Hey, AMERICANS are supposed to be determining America's policies and values, not a marriage between American neocons (i.e., Bush's "advisors") and nut case, billionaire, religious fanatics of another country!

But where has the 2004 "Democratic" congress been in all this for the last four years. Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most influential "moles" the elites have planted in this dem/pug one party congress, and hence, no impeachments, no 9/11 investigations, and not even verbal confrontation with the Bush/fascist Dictatorship of the Rich castration of our noble Democratic Republic.

Make no mistake, our Democracy is mutilated beyond recognition, and the 2004 dem/pug congress (including, lest we forget, the elite sucking up voting record of Joe Biden), has been profoundly more part of the problem than the solution.

And while we're at it, let's talk about good ol Joe. We shouldn't forget that THE VERY FIRST DAY he was VP, he was making sarcastic and critical remarks about American progressives (the people who got Obama through the primaries in the first place!) and was actually singing the praises of Republicans and the vampire rich.

Well, at least we don't have to waste any more time on Biden, since he's practically taken out pages in the New York Times advertising his contempt for progressive Americans and how he admires the "patriotism" of pig, pig rich people.

Well, Joe, guess what? Progressives DON'T like to suck up to the vampire elites. Indeed progressives think the vampire elites are the core cancer of our country. Ever hear the phrase "will of the people", Joe? Here's another one. Do the words "working class" mean ANYTHING to you? How about the middle and lower classes? Ring a bell? Anything? Or are you too busy licking the boots of the "upper class", i.e., licking the boots those multi millionaires and billionaires who make up only around 1% of our population, but who control absolutely EVERYTHING that happens in America.

And here's another little item, Joe. Just as the 9/11 evidence has become mountainous that it was an "inside job" (i.e., actively engineered by Bush/fascists and their Middle Eastern friends), so the evidence is also becoming mountainous that the elites are very actively "weaning" the working class human cattle of America.

Now there's a word for this and its called genocide (you know, like what European whites have done and are still doing to black Africans), except now we're talking about a blizzard of policies and actions which have taken away America's protection and plans for the physical health and well being of ourselves and our children

Poisonous meat is now everywhere (no protections any more), and our plants and animals in general are so full of totally unnecessary pesticides and additives that they virtually glow in the dark. And don’t forget “pharmaceuticals” that aren’t pharmaceuticals. Do research into this if you dare, because what you will find is horrifying. What you will find is that our food, water, and skies are being systematically, toxically polluted. But why? Duh, because there's too many of us around for the peace of mind of the elites.

Sure, they need us to clean their commodes, pay all the taxes, and send our children to be turned into cannon fodder (and then corpses) for Bush/Cheney/dem/pug money cow oil wars (which they will keep starting -- Iran clearly is next), but we shouldn't forget that "too many" human cattle (that's us!) might be a danger to the elites and many of the ecosystems of our planet are rapidly dying because of too many working class cattle. Solution? It's already happening. Probable example of this genocide? New Orleans, since it's obvious to barnyard animals New Orleans was deliberately murdered by Bush and company. Can't have too many blacks and progressives, can we? And all those "homosexuals"! Assassinating New Orleans was killing several unwanted birds with one stone for the anti Christ (hey, the shoe fits!) of George W. Bush.

Well, there's no point in going on much more, since most of us already have a pretty good sense of these horrors.

However, probably most of us HAVEN'T taken it in the Democratic and Republican Parties are Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumber. Samo, samo and they both 100% belong to greed vampire elites -- the folks who Joe Biden thinks are so patriotic!

OK, bottom line. We actually DO have a two party system, but it certainly isn't between Republicans and Democrats, but between progressives and (dem/pug) elites.

Thus, it's a mistake to call the Progressive Party a 3rd Party. This is subtle propaganda of the elites who keep trying to brainwash us into taking seriously the alleged distinction between Republicans and Democrats. But God in heaven, did you see ANY difference between pugs and dems in the 2004 Congress? No, dems = pugs and pugs = dems.

There's a center of gravity shift when you see, once and for all, and all the way through, the pseudo two party system of dems and pugs. What we life and death need now is to be radically in touch with the reality that our two party system is between progressives and elites, not alleged Republicans and alleged Democrats.

The more we realize our ONLY defense against the elites is some kind of Progressive Party (i.e., a political party that expresses the authentic "will of the people" -- isn't that a wonderful phrase?), is the less we will stop wasting our time, energy, and money playing the pseudo dem/pug two party game.

Conversely, the more we think people like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi (and hundreds of other meaningless "Democrats") are actually going to do anything real and substantive about the tragedy the used to be the United States of America, is the more we take our focus, inspiration, and (most of all!) our realism away from the only hope of America, which is a vital Progressive Party.

In a nutshell it all comes down to the brutal truth that the dem/pug one party system will forever express the will of fascist elites, whereas progressive values and policies are passionately grounded in the will of the American people.

This isn’t a political conversation. This is a going down for the third time conversation. This is a coming out of diaper denial conversation. This is a be part of the solution, not the problem conversation.

Isn’t it time for us to stop mooing?

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