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Before ReCreate68 There Was Jerry Rubin

August 26, 2008

http://www.peacebuttons.info/E-News/images/Chicago7_001.jpg Chicago 7

Rat Says: Within the first nanosecond of seeing this clown (Jerry Rubin) I thought to myself, ‘could this be any faker’? This guy is void of sincerity and his clown suit seems forced and uncomfortable on him. What is so telling is the formulaic M.O. that the foundations use that hired him….. they are using the same scripts with ReCreate68.

But it takes two to tango and in this case it is Fox that has chosen (or better yet designated) to bed the fake anarchists. What you see on the ‘old media’ is all WWF.

“……..The Committee believes, based on this data, that during the much-publicized “7″ trial, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin, and Abbie Hoffman, should have been more properly sitting at the Government prosecutor’s table in the courtroom. Since the Committee does not have much, if any, inside information, we can never know for sure whether we are right. Only a confession or admission by any of the “7″ could be more certain—such as the recent confessions of two West Coast agent-provocateur, Louis Tackwood and Eustacio Martinez, that they were posing as “radical revolutionaries”.

1. Background and finances of the “Chicago 7″. Unknown to the public, Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, and the others who became the “7″, and persons connected with them in the National Mobilization to End the War in Viet Nam, were funded by federal money, channeled to them through pass-through organizations connected with the government. $192,000 in federal money and $85,000 from the Carnegie Foundation, acting as a conduit for the Central Intelligence Agency, were funneled to Hayden, Davis, et al., through a front calling itself the Chicago Student Health Organization. To maintain the deep “cover” of this latter group, stories were planted in the press describing the group as being “communist” inspired or directed.

Another $193,313 was funneled to the “7″ from the federal Office of Economic Opportunity by way of or through subsidiaries of the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, D.C., an alleged “liberal” think tank posing as a left wing group, but acting as a conduit for the C.I.A. Other substantial funds came from the Roger Baldwin Foundation which has, nationwide, taken over the structure of the American Civil Liberties Union. The A.C.L.U., such as it was prior to 1967, ; no longer exists. The Roger Baldwin Foundation is funded by several pass-throughs, or conduits, for the C.I.A., among others being:

J.M. Kaplan Fund, Inc. [of New York]; New World Foundation; Aaron E. Norman Fund, Inc.

This is shown by a detailed analysis of I.R.S. form 990-A, filed by these foundations [one of the few public record tax returns]. Several persons acting for the C.I.A. sit on the Board of Overseers of the Roger Baldwin Foundation : Jacob M. Kaplan and John L.Saltonstall, among others……..” bellaciao.org

Source: http://rattube.com/blog1/2008/08/26/before-recreate68-there-was-jerry-rubin/

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The role of provocateurs

One of the problems with the past is, whom do you believe? I put a lot of stock in people I know personally who were eyewitnesses or who participated, as well as in written accounts that are documented and contain evidence of intellectual honesty and internal consistency.

At Chicago, and throughout the period of anti-war demonstrations in the late 1960's and early 1970's, the ranks of the demonstrators were thoroughly infiltrated by police agents and informants, whose goal was not just to spy on the plans of the protesters, but to disrupt and discredit the demonstrations or other protests.

For instance, during the 1968 Democratic convention, a man named "Bob" volunteered as a bodyguard for Jerry Rubin. This "Biker Bob" turned out to be Robert Pearson (sp?), a police officer, who later bragged about his own role in throwing objects at the police. The constant claim that "bags of human waste" were flung at police always puzzled me, because I myself took part in dozens of demonstrations and several actual riots, yet never did anybody even think of or suggest throwing human waste at cops---I never heard anyone advocate that or do that, and I at times associated with elements of both the Yippies and the Weatherman SDS, the most extreme protesters. I can only conclude that this was a fake claim that the cops made up themselves, to discredit the protests.

A night or two before the National Guard shot dead four students at Kent State University, the campus ROTC building was set afire. Photographs and testimony of witnesses established that this action was committed by a squad of husky young men, unknown to the leaders of the campus anti-war groups, and unrecognized as students from that campus. The preponderance of evidence is that these were police provocateurs at work.

In Madison, Wisconsin, a radical group staged some abortive firebombing attacks on local military targets, before assembling a truck bomb and demolishing the Army Mathematics Research Center, causing the death of a grad student trapped in the Physics building. The group of bombers had been infiltrated for months by two FBI informants, one a local ne'er-do-well named Sandy Nelson, the other a sinister character who used the pseudonym "Pete Bobo" and who claimed to have been a pub-bomber for the IRA. The agencies running these informants allowed the perpetrators to continue their activity for months, until the final fatal culmination.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, there were campus anti-war riots in May, 1972. A photographer for the student newspaper took pictures of the action. When the film was developed, one picture clearly showed a burly male individual throwing an object at the police. The motion of throwing had lifted his jacket, so that his police holster and pistol were clearly visible.

These examples could be multiplied by the thousands, across the nation. The peace demonstrators started out as naive American citizens, expecting that their exercise of the right to petition the government for redress of grievances would be respected by the upholders and enforcers of the law.

Instead, they were as often as not, dispersed with violent riot sticks and choking tear gas---sometimes without provocation, other times with provocation, all too often supplied by their own undercover agents. In response, many of the protesters dropped their pacifism and reacted with violence themselves in future confrontations. Tear gas radicalized more young people than any rabble-rousing impassioned speeches ever did.

Congressional investigations revealed that there was a federal program of disruption, spying, and interference with citizens' first amendment liberties, code-named "COINTELPRO." Locally, my hometown enjoyed a change on city administration, and the new mayor discovered that city police had infiltrated and spied on almost every peace and anti-war group in town. And among the habitual, hard-core street radicals, it turned out that every fifth or sixth person was an agent or informant.

In spite of all this illegal and highly unethical governmental repression, the protests, along with the Watergate scandal, ultimately brought an end to the US adventurism in Southeast Asia.

There are four or five reasons why a similar mass protest does not exist now: first, there is no draft, so the war doesn't involve as many unwilling soldiers nor does it affect as many families; second, there is a concentration of ownership of the news media, whose concentrated corporate ownership is far more willing to parrot the government propaganda line than their predecessors who were actual journalists, were forty years ago; third, we do not have as many courageous political leaders as we had forty years ago; fifth, public opinion is powerfully shaped now by the ultra-right, super-nationalist domination of 95% of talk radio and t.v. opinion shows; and finally, the technological advances in surveillance technology and the radical curtailment of civil liberties under Bush-Cheney have significantly curbed any American impulse to express dissent.

This is too long, but it isn't long enough to do more than begin to refute the nonsense in an even longer post on this thread. I speak whereof I know, and you can sense the ring of truth in what I have written.

Source: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/42322


The stories that Rubin, Hoffman and the others were paid agent provocateurs have been around for a long time. It's hard to know for sure. Being young at the time, many of us certainly looked up to these guys for what we thought was putting their lives on the line to end the Vietnam war. I actually knew someone who took Hoffman's words to heart and stole his book "Steal This Book" from a store. Their "trial" was absolutely a circus and I remember some of us questioning how a "judge" would allow it to become so. It did seem staged.

Whether or not they were, we do know now that "agents" are out there, not only to discredit us but possibly to provoke us into deep trouble.


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