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A Guilty Agent: The Shadowy Role of Timothy McVeigh

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McVeigh Faces
On the left, McVeigh in Waco in 1993. On the right, an alleged McVeigh from recently surfaced video at Camp Grafton, North Dakota fi lmed in August 1993— well after McVeigh was honorably discharged from service in May 1992. Was McVeigh being secretly trained, as he told his sister, to be a paid government assassin? -

By Wendy S. Painting
What may seem like conspiracy theories surrounding the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, have been given more credibility do to newly released internal defense memos for Timothy James McVeigh, who was convicted and executed for his role as “Mastermind” and “Lone Wolf Bomber.” McVeigh, who was said to have orchestrated the bombing with minimal help from two Army buddies, may not have been what he seemed.

A source out of Austin, Texas memorialized in the documents gives weight to previous evidence and supports the existence of a real life conspiracy theory. The source, who because of privacy concerns, will be referred to simply as “D.” D was known to have had heavy ties to U.S intelligence agencies as well as groups targeted for Federal investigation and infiltration, such as White Supremacists, Neo- Nazis and Militia members. On March 9, 1996, D gave a statement to McVeigh’s defense team, laying out several shocking details which have now, thirteen years later, been corroborated by other sources.

Immediately after the bombing many journalists put forth the story that McVeigh had flunked out of Special Forces. This is one reason often cited for his intense anger at the government, which they say, caused him to wage war on ordinary American citizens. D told the defense that Timothy McVeigh was working for the Federal government and was assigned to infiltrate the neo- Nazi Skinhead movement, yet D’s claims that McVeigh was working for the government are not made by him alone, and are supported by other internal defense memos and various other credible sources.

Another supporting memo shows that in 1991, when McVeigh applied to work for a well known security company in Buffalo, New York, he had advised his soon to be employers that he held DOD Secret Clearance. McVeigh’s military records also reflect on the fact that he held a SECRET clearance.

The fact that McVeigh was indeed accepted into Special Forces and went on the work for the government during the time leading up to the bombing is supported not only by his previous employers and military records, but by the claims of Terry Nichols, convicted co conspirator, McVeigh’s younger sister, and claims of McVeigh himself. Nichols, in 2006, stated that that in November 1992 McVeigh told him he had been recruited by the Army for an undercover mission. This is also the exact time, according to other defense records which reveal that McVeigh was suddenly able to pay off all of his credit card bills after he had accumulated an enormous debt while gambling on the Buffalo Bills. McVeigh also advised his defense team that he had been issued a DOD issued credit card in the years prior to the bombing.

Another memo dated December of 1995, states that McVeigh, who joined the National Guard in Upstate New York, after his return from the Gulf War and alleged Special Forces “flunk out,” became highly agitated and upset when his defense confronted him with some disturbing information. When McVeigh was asked by his lawyers what exactly his job had been while in the National Guard, McVeigh, the model solider, stated he did not remember, something which would have been highly uncharacteristic of him. His lawyers then confronted and questioned him as to why he told his first lawyer, immediately after the bombing, that he had been “operating within the confines of the United States Government” when he bombed the Murrah building. McVeigh had confided to his first lawyer that he had been recruited by the government while serving in the National Guard and that his job was to “search for neo-Nazis and other problem troops within the Guard,” which further corroborate D’s claims.

Additionally, he told his original council that he was only supposed to blow out a few windows of the federal building but that the truck had been switched possibly without his knowledge.” After confronting McVeigh about this, his council noted that he became highly angry, and stated that he thought he had told the previous lawyer this information in confidentiality.

That the damage to the Murrah building was much more severe than could be expected from the Lone Ryder truck bomb, is not only supported by his first defense attorney, but also by the mysterious source D himself, who says that McVeigh’s government handler instructed McVeigh on the morning of the bombing, to park the Ryder truck in front of the Murrah building and then meet him at a nearby restaurant. However, D says, things did not go according to plan, and at 9:02 A.M on the morning of April 19, 1995, the Ryder truck, which was filled with ammonium nitrate and a large amount of C-4, detonated. Immediately afterwards, D claims, “strategically placed charges” blew out the four main building supports. D’s statement also align with original media accounts, first responder transcripts, seismographs and expert witnesses who believe the destruction done that was done to the building, was caused by much more than a “Lone Ryder.”

Furthermore, D also claimed he was “convinced that the Oklahoma City bombing had international connections which included Great Britain and Germany, and that there seemed to be no doubt that Timothy McVeigh was used simply as a tool by the actual perpetrators to carry out this mission.”That other countries could have been involved is also evidenced by the involvement of another major player in the saga of the bombing, German born Andreas Strassmeir, member of the elite GS9 German Counter Terrorism unit. “Andy the German,” as he was known around gun show circuits in the 1990’s, had been part of a joint U.S- German operation to infiltrate and track the sources of banned white power literature within Germany which was thought to originate in the United States.

Andy the German first appeared within the United States in the summer of 1989 when he was seen at a KKK rally in Texas. He then went on to act as head of security at a separatist compound in Oklahoma called Elohim City where he also provided paramilitary training. Strassmeir, although having been seen with McVeigh by an ATF informant at Elohim City, was also close associates of another man, Dennis Mahon, head of the Oklahoma KKK, and was being watched by the ATF and FBI for plans to blow up federal buildings. Strassmeir was allowed to return to Germany without being questioned by the FBI concerning his knowledge of the plot. Mahon, it seems, who admitted to knowing McVeigh, was never questioned. The fact that Strassmeir appeared in the U.S in the summer of 1989 in intriguing given that this was the same time that McVeigh returned from Germany after being involved in a “Change Up Program” the with German military, during his “active” duty in the military.

D then says that certain watchdog agencies, who had been tracking McVeigh for months before the bombing, had achieved their objective because the militias and skinheads were blaming the Feds and vise versa, and that in the midst of this confusion, then President Bill Clinton was able to pass his new Anti-Terrorism bill, which had been continuously shot down prior to the bombing. This bill, when read carefully, looks like a close relative of current post 9/11 legislation, including then widely expanded and unprecedented domestic spying capabilities and the erosion of habeas corpus.

Perhaps D is correct. Regardless, the fact that there is now much evidence to show that McVeigh’s role was much more obscure and intentionally hidden than previously thought, should be a concern of students of history, as well as those who support such needless legislation, such as the current H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, also called by many a “thought crime” bill, out of fear for the next Lone Nut Domestic Terrorist. Americans now live in a strange culture of consumerism and fear, are told continuously that they must be very fearful and vigilant against all kinds of terrors, including body odor, sexual impotence, road rage, bird flu, human flu, ADD and terrorists. We often thoughtlessly accept the remedies given, even when they are not in our own best interest.

Wendy S. Painting lives in Rochester, New York. She has a Masters in Humanities, from the State University of New York at Buffalo and she is currently writing a book on the Oklahoma City Bombing


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