Friday, August 29, 2008

How 'anti-Semitic is Obama


Aug. 29, 2008

There is considerable debate in the comments about whether Obama will be able to settle the Palestinian-Jewish problem, or whether he will even try. We'll have to wait and see. Certainly, World Jewry is absolutely terrified that he might cause peace to break out. I am convinced he will at least try, hard, as I am convinced that the Old American Establishment is running things again and that the Old American Establishment is now finally convinced that its financial interests are directly connected with removing blame from the United States for the Zionist-caused suffering of the Palestinians. Obama himself is too much of a dilettante to have the backbone to face the Zionists, but the people behind him are the ultimate SOBs, and will make him get the job done. It is because I believe in conspiracies that I am reasonably optimistic. On the other hand, watch for the Zionists to move heaven and earth in their scheming to stop him (their latest effort in that general direction is to re-start the Cold War so Israel can again be the American representative in the Middle East).



Bob Ney is fresh out of jail and is wondering Bob Ney is fresh out of jail and is wondering out loud why he, of all the criminals around the Bush Administration and the Republican Party, was one of the few who ended up in the slammer. He suggests it may relate to this old story about the Bush Administration's efforts to bury the peace efforts made by the Iranians to the Bush Administration, efforts made through Farsi-speaking Ney, and efforts which were increasingly embarrassing to the neocons, not to mention out of line with the settler-movement's instructions that Iran should be an American enemy. The Iranian offer appears to have made it as far as Elliot Abram's desk, from where, if you can believe it, it has failed to resurface. You might be forgiven for believing that Abrams was committing treason by failing to inform Rice of an offer that could do the real interests of the United States - as opposed to interests of the settler movement for which Abrams really works - a lot of good. Ney may very well have gone to jail to prevent him from talking about Iran.


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