Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


by Damian Lataan

The Israeli extremist organisation, Shurat Hadin, a front organisation for Israeli extremist Zionists and neoconservatives, have now taken to advertising in the ‘Jerusalem Post’ their package deal which they call ‘The Ultimate Mission to Israel’. The deal includes the following:

Briefings by Mossad officials and commanders of the Shin Bet.
Briefing by officers in the IDF Intelligence and Operations branches.
Inside tour of the IAF unit who carries out targeted killings.
Live exhibition of penetration raids in Arab territory.
Observe a trial of Hamas terrorists in an IDF military court.
First hand tours of the Lebanese front-line military positions and the Gaza border check-points.
Inside tour of the controversial Security Fence and secret intelligence bases. Meeting Israel's Arab agents who infiltrate the terrorist groups and provide real-time intelligence.
Briefing by Israel's war heroes who saved the country.
Meetings with senior Cabinet Ministers and other key policymakers.
Small airplane tour of the Galilee, Jeep rides in the Golan Heights, water activities on Lake Kinneret, a cook-out barbecue and a Shabbat enjoying the rich religious and historic wonders of Jerusalem's Old City.

On top of all this you also get:

Five-star accommodations at the Sheraton Plaza Jerusalem (Glatt Kosher),
Three meals a day (all Kosher),
Luxury bus transportation and knowledgeable tour guide,
A dedicated Executive Communications Center at the hotel,
Personal cell phone for each participant.

Watching other people suffer seems to be some people’s idea of a holiday. One can only imagine the outrage of the Western world if, say, Hamas or Hezbollah were to openly ‘normalise’ targeted killings of Israeli political and military leaders or allow Arab tourists to be part of the proceedings of Hamas or Hezbollah ‘trials’ of captured Israelis. Yet the world ignores the Israelis doing the same thing AND making a commercial enterprise out of it!

posted by Damian Lataan
Source: http://lataan.blogspot.com/2008/08/israeli-extremist-group-now-offer.html

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  1. Duh, like yea. The answer to any conflict is to stay at home with your head in the ground (or in some other dark place), right?
    Damian Lataan would make you believe that being ignorant is a blessing. Well, Lataan can keep his blessings, then.
    You might not agree with Israeli politics, but staying ignorant is a sure sign of a bigot.
    And for anybody who OPPOSES Israeli policies, heck, here's a 5-star gift staring you in the mouth to be able to confront the very people you despise. Viva democracy in action.
    But Damian Lataan can stay at home blog from the safety of his cozy chair, rather that actually get off his duff and learn something about what really is going on.
    And as for Shurat Hadin being an "extremist" front, don't listen to Latann...but go find out for yourself: http://www.israellawcenter.org/

    I despise bigotted bloggers who simply fill the aether with half-truthed crap like this.