Sunday, August 24, 2008

John McCain To The American Worker:”You Can’t Do It My Friend”

Posted by willyloman on August 24, 2008

by Scott Creighton

(talking about illegal immigrants) “They are the backbone of our economy” John (I Was A POW!) McCain

Now you know I don’t really get into pointing one way or the other these days on the upcoming election. Obama is just as much a part of this new “SuperClass” as McCain is. If you don’t know that you are fooling yourself. But, Europeanview over at TheZoo found something so indicative of what politics in this country is all about, I just had to put it up here.

Yes, John McCain is a simpleton elitist bastard; silver-spooned from birth by his Admiral Daddy and Grand-Pappy; silver-spooned through his Academy days because of his Admiral Daddy and Grand-Pappy; and even (by his OWN admission) silver-spooned by his captors in Vietnam for the very same reasons.

Now John McCain uses his family background, his POW experience (too bad we didn’t spend more time exposing The Real McCain POW experience awhile ago, huh?), and his heiress wife’s multi-millions to lead a life of leisure and pure excess while play-acting at being a Senator (and selling off his votes to the highest bidder. just look at his drilling flip-flop for proof: “Drill Here! Drill Now!” what a sellout).

In this audio recording of a stump speech, McCain is taught a valuable lesson; yesterdays insipid talking points piss people off.

It’s not only that our economy is collapsing, largely due to the fact that big business has allowed illegals to come to work in this country in the millions in order to reduce THEIR overhead and thus raise THEIR profit margins (and yes there are MANY other factors involved, don’t freak out, but the fact is, every other one of those factors ALSO involves choices that have been made at THE EXPENSE of the American Worker, in favor of the investor and CEO class. Our situation in this country shows that this entire philosophy of economics is deeply flawed: Milton Friedman’s policies are not self-sustaining, unless you employ the Police State in order to support them. Like China, for instance.), but then McCain goes on to say in the end, that Americans “can’t do these jobs“.

What does that say about what our leaders think of us as a nation? This is what they USED to think of us, back when their corporate buddies didn’t tell them what to think. This is what made America Great. This attitude, right here, captured by Norman Rockwell.

This is what America USED to be: and now John McCain thinks we can’t pick lettuce?


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