Saturday, August 30, 2008

Organized crime is America's (secret) 3rd Political Party.

by W. Christopher Epler (Bill) James Michael Lawrence

Boy, these people are slick. Payoffs, threats, and assassinations (?), but nobody ever talks about the "criminalization" (sorry, had to make up a word) of American politics.

Once upon a time, our country was only marginally contaminated by the virus of organized crime (hard to imagine, isn't it?), but that was before J. Edgar Hoover opened the floodgates of organized crime to prey on defenseless Americans. And ever since, organized crime has effectively been the REAL 3rd party in American politics.

If you're interested, there are scores of internet sites that examine how Hoover sold his soul to organized crime. Why? Well, it's probably better to read the sites since the story is long and convoluted, but basically it had to do with deals this piece of scum made with major crime figures to, let's just say, keep certain behaviors of his personal life from going public. Of course, when you make deals with the devil, you have the pay the price, and the price Hoover made was to turn the other way to allow the Mafia (etc.) to rape America.

Anyway, thanks to J. Edgar Hoover (it helps to wash out your mouth every time you say that name); American politics has been utterly contaminated with textbook criminals.

Granted, fascist elites are criminals too, but not really in the organized crime sense. Their strategy is to steal elections and buy the souls of Congressional Democrats and Republicans (and they come cheap!). They probably bought Nancy Pelosi at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, Joe Biden, with his trashing of progressives and singing the praises of vampire rich Republicans may have been a twofer with Nancy.

But crime per se is a whole different thing. When your car is stolen, you don't think about Republicans (or maybe you do?). When robbed at gun point, this isn't part of an international political strategy (like elite fascism); it's just that the "world of crime" has penetrated your life.

Another way to say this is Organized Crime really doesn't give a rat's derriere about political values and policies, except insofar as they complicate the agendas of criminals. They have ZERO concern with our Constitutional Republic or patriotism or social morality, but they do clog the infrastructure of nearly all levels of our government.

If the vampire rich live like Greek Gods, criminals in government live like toxic mold. They're there, skimming off billions and billions (probably trillions) of our hard earned wealth, but people are either unaware of this fact or terrified to confront it.

Now it would take the IQ of a grasshopper, not to intuit that there is a marriage made in hell between organized crime and elite fascists. A horrific case in point is the billions and billions of dollars that are skimmed off as graft in the Bush/Cheney money cow oil war in Iraq. Investigative reporter after investigative reporter (yes, there are still a few left) have been beating the gong that most of this money is simply unaccounted for.

Billions and BILLIONS of dollars are, what (?), simply "mislaid"? This bankrupting of America is equally criminal and political. Here, the fragile distinction between organized crime and Bush/fascism is nonexistent.

The point being, just as 9/11 didn't come from Bush/neocon ineptitude, but from the secret engineering of Bush/neocons (with a little from their Middle Eastern friends), the same is true for these missing billions and billions of dollars. Here again, "ineptitude" is not the word. The word is treason (exactly like 9/11!); a criminal betrayal of our country. In short (as is so often the case): treason = crime, and crime = treason.

It must also be repeated that the nearly limitless power of America's (secret) 3rd Political Party is the direct result of America's Greek God like elites, because NOTHING significant happens in America unless it is decided and approved by the pig, pig rich.

IF America ever evolves a genuine Progressive Party (which, by definition, expresses the will of the people, not the will of the elites), all these treasonous crimes will categorically end. Specifically the "toxic mold" of organized crime in the infrastructure of our government will be uncompromisingly dealt with by a NON elite-controlled judicial system -- as will the infinite treason of 9/11, anthrax in the mail for only high profile Democrats, the probable assassination of Senator Wellstone, Presidential State of the Union lies, no taxes for American multi millionaires and billionaires, the rape and murder of Mother Nature by Texas energy corporations, etc., etc., etc.

Tragically, the pseudo two party system of Democrats and Republicans is in fact a ONE party dem/pug system for America’s elites -- as was demonstrated with such painful certainty by the 2004 dem/pug congress. Hence, only a Progressive Party can undo the catastrophic and treasonous betrayal of America to Organized Crime by J. Edger Hoover.

Viva America!


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  1. I noticed! I noticed!

    I wrote about it in my "Organized Crime Nation" essay.

    By the way, I love your comment in the other post about "one party with two conventions." How true!

  2. thanks for your link.
    good writing there.