Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Suppose Building Seven Was A Murder Victim

Seven Years After the Suspicious Fall, A Stunning Scenario
Debases Both Science & Sound Detective Work

By Douglas Herman
Sunder: verb, to disunite, render, divide, cutting or breaking apart. 
Building Seven was the Bruce Ivins of buildings. Apparent murder victims disguised as suicides, both Ivins and WTC-7 deserved a better fate. The truth, swept under the rug with the wholehearted complicity of the US government and media, deserves a brighter light.
Government officials recently claimed WTC-7 collapsed suddenly, an unfortunate victim of increased heat and pressure. Much like the sudden, unsubstantiated suicide of Bruce Ivins, the official story makes little sense. The more one examines the facts, the more one understands basic physics, the less credible the official story becomes. 
In July 2001, Controlled Demolition Inc imploded a pair of obsolete, 400 foot towers in Brooklyn, New York. The towers fell in eight seconds, according to news reports. Three months later, another 400 foot tower, called WTC-7, allegedly collapsed at near free fall speed, under seven seconds, without the benefit of demolition devices, according to government officials. How in the world could that possibly happen? 
Called a "new phenomenon" by Shyam Sunder, the head of the National Institute of Standards & Technology, the sudden collapse of Seven had befuddled NIST for nearly seven years. Indeed, the puzzling collapse so befuddled members of the Kean Commission Report that no mention was made of the building whatsoever. WHY? Why was the sudden, suspicious collapse of a key US government building so insignificant that neither the mainstream media nor the US government felt compelled to examine it?Imagine the Washington Monument collapsing suddenly and NO investigation for seven years. 
Suppose we compare Seven to a murder victim. After all, as American citizens, the US government building belonged to us. Seven was almost a peripheral yet secretive member of our family. The Secret Service had offices there, as did the CIA. The Security & Exchange Commission housed important documents there, documents pertaining to important cases involving billions of dollars. Building Seven was a key government installation. 
Millions of eyewitnesses saw the building fall. Dan Rather commented that the fall resembled those implosions we witnesses occasionally, of Las Vegas casinos purposely destroyed. Dutch demolition specialist, Danny Jowenko, with absolutely NO connections to the US government, affirmed the building had been imploded. A pair of top Swiss structural engineers, with NO connections to government agencies, said WTC-7 had been "professionally blown." A structural engineer in London, also with NO connections or outstanding contracts with the US, said: "WTC-7 could not have collapsed as a result of internal fire and external debris." 
Who Slew Building Seven? 
Thus if Seven were a murder victim, apparently a victim of foul play, as Seven appears to be, what sort of thorough and objective investigation would we expect in an open, democratic society? In any spectacular murder case, the investigation presses forward with sound detective work by top investigators, indictments, subpoenas, eyewitnesses, experts, like the ones mentioned above, summoned to testify, whistleblowers offered immunity and, finally, an open trial. 
Top experts, like former Chief of NIST Fire Science Division, James Quintere, who stated: "I think the official conclusion that NIST arrived at is questionable," would be sworn to testify under oath, as would key suspects in the destruction of Seven, like Larry Silverstein. Structural engineers from both sides could argue the principles of metallurgy and physics.
NONE of that happened with NIST. Instead the brilliant bureaucrats at NIST decided to base their lengthy investigation, not on diligent detective work, nor eyewitnesses, nor top professionals, nor sound scientific principles, nor the proven laws of physics, but on computer generated imagery. Yes, the exact same special effects that allow Spiderman to leap from tall buildings, Ironman to fly, and choreographed penguins to sing and dance were applied to building Seven. Indeed, with enough clever CGI, even pigs can fly and for nearly seven years NIST taught pigs to fly and buildings to collapse at free fall speed.
Seriously, with evidence destroyed and the body hastily removed, NIST had few choices; either to stall for more time (forever), finally admit the truth, or offer fairy tales and special effects unworthy of Pixar. 
Since intentional destruction of evidence at a crime scene is a felony, Sunder was forced to do the dirty work of his superiors. In a rare moment of candor, NIST admitted that the combustibles inside WTC-7 would have been consumed by fire within any given location in 20 minutes. 
"Thermal Expansion," the extraordinary new phenomenon invented by Shyam Sunder and NIST, would have to suffice. If top fire experts testified that a typical office fire does not reach 200 degrees Celsius during a 20 minute exposure, Sunder could only hope that the mainstream US media would not cause a firestorm. He was right. 
Some citizens wondered how the US government, a secretive state with a fifty year tradition of hiding the truth and lying to American citizens, could expect anyone to believe their version of events. That ONE key support beam, #79, failed after being subject to less heat than the average barbecue grill for even less time. The absurdity of Sunder's theory seemed obvious but few US reporters asked why. 
Nor did any reporter ask how or why microscopic granules of thermite, a steel cutting agent, were discovered in the dust and debris. Instead American experts, acting independently of US government agencies, government agencies bent on secrecy and deception, uncovered the murder weapon, so to speak. That murder weapon seemed to explain the intense, subterranean heat below the debris pile at WTC-7. Five days after 9-11, NASA recorded temperatures below WTC-7 surpassing 1500 Fahrenheit! 
Digging deeper, firefighters felt the effects of this heat on rapidly melting boots. They too should have been called to testify in an independent inquiry, if one ever dared to exist. "Tons of (molten medal) was found 21 days after the attack," said Richard Gage, founder of Architect & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. "Steel doesn't begin to melt until 2,700 degrees, which is much hotter than these fires could have caused." 
In an open inquiry, NIST spokesman, Shyam Sunder would be held accountable, for any and all false statements and fraudulent data. Sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Sunder would be a bit more reluctant to lie to his employers, the American public. When Sunder lied about the non-existence of audio recordings prior to the destruction of WTC-7, historical video footage exposed the lie but the US media did not expose the liar. 
In an open society, which the United States is not, flagrant lies, false scientific data, and outright deception would deserve swift rebuttal and long prison sentences, not gold medals for perjury. Sunder, and his bosses, should be in jail for felonious destruction of US property. And treason. 
Author of one of the few historical detective novels, The Guns of Dallas, to feature a key intelligence character who later corroborated the novel's scenario two years later, 
Douglas Herman


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