Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Virtual Circus


The hype of the media seems to have increased the viewership of the DNC "virtual circus". Millions of people will catch a glimpse of the illusion of what we call the two party system.

Obama's pick of Biden should send a signal to all those who 'rah rah' their candidate of ending the wars.
I know they are out there, some were crying inside the convention last night.
Or maybe that's not why they were crying.
Could have been they were filled with 'hope and change', those concepts always bring forth emotion.
I also saw another concept in their tears, white guilt. This will reconcile the past crimes of whites against blacks. This will prove I am not a racist and that I have evolved from the sins of my ancestors.
None will admit to this but I think it is a factor.

That's not a very good reason to pick a president. I can think of a multitude of issues that are more pressing. Number one might just be ending the killing in foreign lands.

I'm thinking that McCain should pick Lieberman for his VP. That surely would wake up the folks to what a sham we have going on here. But then the obvious is so often missed by the folks. The circus magicians are good at what they do.

Anyway, we will have a ballot in Nov. that might as well read "McBama" for both sides . Neither side will move us very far from the corporate-military-zionist-criminal agenda and each may just push us deeper into the abyss.

The circus is mesmerizing isn't it.