Sunday, August 31, 2008

Will Palin's Scandals Cause Her to Quit the Ticket?

And bring back Joe "War is the best option for Israeli interests" Lieberman.

This will only happen if the MSM begins to focus on her more dubious aspects and cover instead of covering up issues.

Without judgment, if the baby is not "hers" but her daughters', how could she think that as a public figure this would not become known and be an issue. Possibly not in Alaska but now she's moved to the main stage.

If she does quit, I'll be inclined to think this was all a ruse to back door Lieberman, who seemed to be McCain's first choice, into the VP slot. If not Lieberman, then another more "qualified" candidate to take the helm when McCain keels over and continue the neocon crimes against the world.

A tangled web of deceit is the typical story we see again and again.
Why should we think it would ever be otherwise?


  1. I'm really astounded by Mac's judgment on this, and think you are on to something with LIEberman getting in the back door.

    I am bothered by the lying more than anything, and after reading this blog post

    even more so. I understand the politics and the image of the issue; however, something is truly wrong in this world when a mother's obvious love for her baby has to be lied about and sheltered.

    Then again, I'm just an old fart who is so fed up with the killing and suffering in this world that I think life should be shouted from the rooftops. Sometimes I think the whole world should stop for the kids. I sat it so many times, trillions for wars, billions for banks, Israel

    Ah, I'm rambling a bit so I'll let you get back to your work...

  2. What a big-ass scam this all is! Anyone who doesn't realize the anointed one has already been chosen and this idiotic Kabuki Theater is just grist for the mill has not been paying attention. Who gives a damn who that old traitor picks for a side kick? The one thing you can count on is that the baby murdering, Zionazi state of Hate Israel is going to get whatever they want, end of story.

    I am designating my political stand as Anarchist, peaceful for now, but I am done with the corruption, lies, thieving and endless war mongering continuously dished out by those thugs infesting DC that call themselves the US Govt. Never again will I sign my name to any of those evil assholes, may they burn in hell!

    Fuck them and everyone who thinks like them.

  3. Yes Saladin, it has appeared for a while that Obama is to be the designated winner.The only question is whether vote fraud could play a part or whether this will be a non-issue this time, pushed to the background and saved for the next time it's needed.

    100% agree, Fuck all of them.
    and their scams.