Friday, October 31, 2008

Aldous Huxley Narrates 'Brave New World'


I came across this Bernard Herrmann album download from the 1956 CBS Radio Workshop production of Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' with the actual radio production as narrated by Huxley himself.

It makes a nice audio CD that can be listened to on the road.

Huxley continues to be a prophetic voice that everyone should be familiar with.

Download here-.mp3: Side 1 and Side 2


You're American

(Official Election Video)

From: meewsic

Follow the constitution; read the declaration of independence. Make our founding fathers proud!

A Place for War Criminals
art: Robert Morris

Or how to put an end to the criminals that kill for profit.

A deterrent to make the next rulers think twice.

The Bush-Obama-McCain Administration

art: Wojciech Voytek Nowakowski

Morton Skorodin
World Prout Assembly

The period we're living in now is the Bush-Obama-McCain Administration.

Bush obligingly initiated Obama's bombing campaign on Pakistan. The three of them colluded on the recent wealth transfer (about $840 billion) from the American people to Wall St.

The 24 hr/7 days/wk media Wurlitzer distracts us from looking at these white elephants too closely. The circus is so loud and visually entraining that it hides the deeper structure of society. The U.S. is a military dictatorship with scientific public relations. Part of this scientific PR is the careful cultivation of and trumpeting of America's democratic trappings. The important thing to remember is that McCain and Obama were carefully vetted by the moneyed rulers and this is not particularly a secret. It's called "campaign contributions". After that, we the people get to choose from two approved candidates.

The fix is in. McCain's a patsy. Obama's repeatedly been anointed sovereign on the cover of Time (That's of Time-Warner, the media conglomerate he won't break up.)

There's no left to speak of in the US. There are material reasons for this- weak unions, few strikes. (The reasons why unions are weak are beyond the scope of this discussion.) So left-wing stars like Ralph Nader and Amy Goodman are tethered to nothing, like bloated Macy parade balloons that have floated up and become more bloated. So their efforts, however well-intentioned, don't have force behind them and are sometimes completely ineffective.

The Society of the Spectacle meets the neo-totalitarian total information awareness society. The state has technology for and has commandeered the resources to spy upon everyone with 16 or 18 "intelligence" agencies and control us as much as possible with the media of five corporations that are pretty well unified as to how and how much the populace is "informed". On the other hand, the populace is atomized (deprived of meaningful ties to others); the only major non corporate-government) institutions are the cooptable churches.

The handsome prince and his foil, the wicked, but comely, queen. They're comic book superheroes- perfect for TV, the key instrument of oppression and ignorance. (Notice the immense effort to make sure everybody has digital TV by next Feb. I wish they cared that much to give water to our brethren in New Orleans.)

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are too good to be true:

Barack Obama- that name is foreign beyond foreign, mother a hippy who had a black's child, an actual African (gasp). This sounds as scary to many whites as the orchestrated excesses of the police state such as the Daarth Vader outfitted police with their North Korea style truncheons at the Republican convention seem to anxious liberals and righteous activists.

Sarah Palin - superhero mom, she'll serve milk and cookies for you while on the way to running and ruining the world. She's not regular pro-gun, church, etc. She is the cartoon version- actually shoots wolves from helicopters; associates with, to put it a little too politely, "white nationalists".

This dichotomy serves only the rulers. What the vast majority on both sides need are exactly the same things: peace, economic relief, and freedom from the intrusive state.

Divide and conquer. The rulers have been promoting race war as a counter to class struggle since the 1600s. They are very good at it.

After the election the economy may get still worse and there will be further military adventures. As things unravel the game will be: blame the Black guy. This process has already started.

As far as U.S. military planners go, the election cycle and the public's feelings are only a factor in determining the timing and announcement of aggressive actions, kind of like taking into account the weather for an optimal time for the Normandy landing in WW2.

It's a military dictatorship with Handsome Presidents. The election is a joke, but more importantly, a waste of the people's time (except, perhaps some local races). Get over it. Think and find effective ways to rebel.

Morton Skorodin, M.D. October 30, 2008

Nightmare on Main Street

Art by David Dees -,,,,,,Dees Archive

Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."


I'm not sure when the last time a US president actually upheld his solemn oath and stayed true to the constitution. Maybe never in all aspects. Little by little they have all taken steps to enhance the power of the presidency at the expense of our rights.

No matter who 'wins' this election "the nightmare will continue".

Happy Halloween America.

Sweet dreams.

Making Excuses for Obama

October 31, 2008

The mythology of good intentions

by Justin Raimondo

Every time I write about Barack Obama I get a lot of letters, and the most typical goes something like this:

Dear Justin,

I read your column regularly, and generally agree with what you have to say, but I think you've got Barack Obama all wrong. Yes, I know, he went before AIPAC and kowtowed; he pledged to do "anything – and I mean anything" to stop Iran's nuclear program. He acts "tough" and says he's going to invade Pakistan; he gets in Russia's face. But that's all a show: you see, he has to do this stuff or else he won't get elected. Once he's safely in office, he'll do the right thing.


John Q. Reader

This is an amalgam, but true to the spirit of the many pro-Obama missives I've received. They express a sentiment that is very widespread, so much so that it doesn't seem to matter, much, what Obama says he's going to do, because, in any case, his fans and supporters will simply insist on projecting their own hopes, desires, and views onto him. This, by the way, is a feature of most all successful populist insurgent candidates: they are blank slates merely waiting to be written on by anxious voters, who know only that they are sick of what is, and pine for what ought to be.

As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, in this instance – because we've certainly been through the mill these past eight years, and deserve some relief – I have to say that this attitude is profoundly irrational. After all, why shouldn't we take Obama at his word? If he says he's going to "curb Russian aggression" – you know, like one might curb one's rather-too-aggressive dog – and get up in Putin's face, is he lying? When he solemnly pledges to go after the Iranians if they insist on deterring Israel's nukes with an arsenal of their own, is he speaking in Pig-Latin?

The common assumption of these letter-writers is that Obama is just trying to "pass," so to speak, as a warmonger. Once he's in office, peace will break out all over. What evidence do we have for this? None whatsoever.

Now, it's true that the Obama campaign didn't really take off until he made known his antiwar views on the Iraq question, and a lot of his street cred is due to this early stance. He was against the war from the beginning – and made sure the voters of Iowa knew it. His chief rival, Hillary Clinton, took a rather more equivocal stance, and he beat her over the head with this relentlessly. This was encouraging, but hardly definitive.

At the time, I warned that Obama's refusal to take war with Iran "off the table" – as the Important People invariably put it – did not bode well, and, given his development over the course of the campaign it turned out I was – unfortunately – right. It isn't just a pedantic intellectual desire for consistency, or just to give me something to write about, that motivates me to criticize the inconsistencies of ostensibly "antiwar" politicians. Ideas have consequences, as the conservatives used to say, and if Obama makes it to the White House we're sure to experience some conceptual "blowback."

Obama lied – people died! How long before we see that slogan emblazoned on a placard at a rather sparsely-attended antiwar rally?

But of course he didn't lie, and isn't lying now. He's telling us he wants to confront Russia and Iran. He's telling us he wants to increase a military budget already larger than the total military expenditures of all other nations combined. He says he won't hesitate to invade Pakistan – and, presumably, any nation anywhere – if we have some reason to believe Osama bin Laden and his cohorts are in the vicinity. I think he's telling the truth – and I challenge the Obamaoids, especially the ones who claim to be sick of eight years of constant warfare, to prove otherwise. If Obama is indeed giving us the real story, and if he actually implements his foreign policy proposals, we are in a world of trouble.

Joe Biden rightly said that, within six months of his election, Obama would be "tested." This was generally taken to mean tested by America's enemies – al-Qaeda, the Iranians, possibly the Russkies – but I took it in quite a different way.

Yes, he will be tested, and has been repeatedly tested – by the War Party. So far, he's passed with flying colors. For evidence of this, just look at all that money he's raised from some of the biggest players in the game of Empire. The high-rollers aren't placing their bets on Obama for nothing. You don't spend $45 million on a single infomercial if you're financing your campaign with small contributions. I've written about Obama's bigtime Wall Street backers at length, here.

In any case, I hardly think Obama is going to abolish the very Empire that polices the world on behalf of his Wall Street backers. Nor did I ever expect him to, even when I was more favorably inclined to his candidacy. Back in those halcyon days, afflicted as I was by an irrational exuberance due to rising antiwar sentiment, I did expect he wouldn't get us into any fresh wars, even if he didn't quite wind up the ones we're already fighting.

I'm afraid, however, I was quite wrong, In this regard, an interesting bit of reporting appeared in last week's [Oct. 22] New York Times, where we learn:

"Mr. Obama, the candidate who has expressed far more willingness to sit down and negotiate with the Iranians, said in an e-mail message passed on by an aide that in any final deal he would not allow Iran to produce uranium on Iranian soil, the same hard-line view enunciated by the Bush administration."

The writer, David Sanger, goes on to point out that the stereotypes of warmonger and peacenik in this race are not only off, they are way off:

"Consider the delicate issue of Pakistan, where it is Mr. Obama who has been far more willing than Mr. McCain to threaten sending in American troops on ground raids. Mr. McCain, by contrast, argues that Pakistan must control its territory. ‘I don't think the American people today are ready to commit troops to Waziristan,' he said, months before Mr. Bush signed secret orders this summer authorizing ground raids in Pakistan, including the violent sanctuaries of North and South Waziristan."

Interesting – not that it means McCain is the real peacenik, just that Obama is, potentially, even more reckless than Mad John. Don't let that calm demeanor fool you. President Obama is no hyperventilating arm-waving interventionist, for sure, but that's just a question of style. He'll no doubt cultivate his own signature brand: Zen interventionism, if you will.

What's unnerving, however, is that Obama's foreign policy views have gone largely unarticulated, except in the most general terms. He's a man of mystery, a characteristic that lets his supporters project their own views onto him, and yet this failure to be more forthcoming is what I find particularly ominous. As Sanger reports:

"Mr. McCain, now the Republican nominee, agreed to an interview during the primary campaign. Obama aides answered questions at length, but Mr. Obama, the Democratic nominee, citing the pressures of time in the campaign, declined requests dating to June to be interviewed in detail on how he would handle potential confrontations beyond Iraq that could face the next president."

During that interminable infomercial, a total of less than two minutes was devoted to the issue of war and peace. And those two minutes were filled with renewed vows to increase the military budget – with the added fillip of "curbing Russian aggression."

This should comfort all those "Obama-cons," alleged conservatives who are jumping on the bandwagon now that his election seems imminent – because we seem to be going back in time, back to the "good old days" of the cold war. In Obama World, the Russians are coming -- again! Soon we'll be hearing dire warnings that if we don't stop them in South Ossetia, before you know it they'll be in South Carolina. Hollywood – a bastion of Obama-mania – will do a remake of Red Dawn. Schoolchildren will be subjected to "duck and cover" sessions, and Fox News will do an updated revival of "I Led Three Lives."

Okay, enough with Obama, because it's not really about him, personally, or even politically. People need hope: they need to know that they aren't, ultimately, powerless, that they can make an impact on what we do as a nation -- that is, what the government does in our name. They not only like to believe it, they have to believe it, because to not believe it is to fall victim to despair. It is the democratic faith, which one devoutly hopes is not a pretty fiction.

Yet the electoral process is rigged, in this country: the system permits only two political parties. All others must overcome enormous obstacles to achieve ballot status. This give the War Party maximum elbow room to manipulate the political process behind the scenes, and allows them to exercise their dictatorship in a "democratic" fashion. The two-party monopoly gives the War Party a strategic advantage: it merely has to split itself in two, amoeba-like, so that both officially-recognized "major" parties" simply become the "right" and "left" wings of a single party – the War Party.

This limits the political options of the peace movement, and makes it harder to have an impact even at the primary level: the gigantism of the system, with its two monolithic party organizations, is biased against insurgents. It is also more amenable to the advantages of money, large sums of it, which Obama has had access to throughout this campaign.

Political action is fine, and necessary, but there are other, more important tasks for those who want to bring about a real change in American foreign policy – by which I mean a complete turnaround. Such ambition requires a longer view.

America has been an emerging empire for the past half century or so, and now that we're the semi-official world's policeman – the "hyperpower," as the French put it – a good many Americans are beginning to question the value and the morality of playing such a role. The Iraq war, however popular it appeared to be at first, is today as unpopular than the President who started it, he whose polls have hit historic lows. The next President will have to contend with a war-weary public, with very little patience for new interventions.

But – and I hate to tell you this, but somebody has to -- the politics of fear and deception have not been patented by the Republicans. Look for the Democrats to add their own ingredient to this bipartisan recipe for overseas disasters: the politics of guilt. White liberal guilt, to be sure. We'll be smack dab in the middle of Africa's feuding tribes faster than you can say "Samantha Power."

And that's the best case scenario. In the worst case, the Dennis Ross faction of Obama's emerging foreign policy movers and shakers will maneuver us into a confrontation with Iran, and relations with Russia will deteriorate to a new low as NATO escalates its eastward expansion. In any case, those who are working to effect a fundamental change in American foreign policy have a duty to take Obama at his word -- hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.


AmeriKan Kids Zonked Out on Zoloft

Friday, October 31, 2008

Rock the Truth - MSM Lie Monitor

I don't think our children should be on ANY psychotropic drugs, folks.

How 'bout you?

"Zoloft, therapy help anxious children

CHICAGO - A popular antidepressant plus three months of psychotherapy dramatically helped children with anxiety disorders, the most common psychiatric illnesses in the young, the biggest study of its kind found.

Them and their fucking "anxiety" disorders! Makes you wonder how humanity has survived so long, huh?

The research also offers comfort to parents worried about putting their children on powerful drugs - therapy alone did a lot of good, too. Combining the drug sertraline, available as a generic and under the brand name Zoloft, with therapy worked best.

Sertraline is among antidepressants that have been linked with suicidal thoughts and behavior in children with depression. In this study, only a handful of the more than 200 children using it had suicide-related thoughts and there were no suicide attempts, said Dr. John Walkup, lead author of the government-funded research."

They just lost me right there!! I think ONE THOUGHT of suicide from a kid is one TOO MANY!!

This isn't about the health of our kids; this is about DRUG INDUSTRY PROFITS!!!

See: The Poor Purveyors of Poison

Critique of the Obama infomercial

Crimes Of The State art by Grant

Obama opens with a gas pump filling up an oversized SUV. This is the image he chooses to start the discussion. No hint that gas-guzzling behemoths (and those who buy them) are part of the problem, just that the "middle class" is struggling.

Obama's obsession with the "middle class" is pure Clintonian "triangulation."

In his pandering to the "middle class" voters he is nearly shameless. No mention of the poor. And he goes one further, he literally says that:

"Ten years ago, she bought a house outside the city so that she could send her children to good schools."

What about inside the city, Barack? The bad schools? Not even an acknowledgement. * Shameless pandering it is.

Moving to "the economy," it's "eight years of failed policies" which allegedly caused the recent collapse in the financial industry. But, Barack, what about going back another couple of years to how Clinton changed the regulation of the industry by repealing Glass-Steagall?

Another glossed over, cheesy political point replaces a true understanding of the problem: the bi-partisan nature of the beast.

Regarding foreclosures, Obama promises the "help" of "freezing foreclosures" for those trying to pay, "for 90 days."

What about 91 days, Barack? What about restructuring the loans so they can pay them? This band-aid solution will not have much effect on real foreclosed upon families, but it sounds like he cares, I suppose.

In a more outrageous bonding session with the working man, an elderly gentleman describes how $19 Million of his company's pension fund was stolen by the company on their way to bankruptcy, Enron style.

Obama's response, time and time, companies are: "shedding those obligations."

No, Barack: They stole it. This was a crime. This is a crime that should be investigated, punished, and the money recovered on behalf of the injured parties.

Finishing up, Obama says: "Those (pensions) aren't idle promises, they are promises that should have the force of law."

They don't? There's no regulation or oversight of pension money? These pension funds were robbed. Why isn't it a crime, the same as robbing a convenience store? Why isn't there some legitimate outrage on Obama's part, no call for investigations, nothing, just another photo op.

In the medical segment that follows, it sounds a lot like the woman is taking 12 different drugs for "arthritis," and going broke as a result. I've got to say that the problem might be the doctor(s). This counts as a pretty poor example, fitting in mostly because of their "middle class" economic situation, rather than as an indictment of the ridiculously dysfunctional medical establishment (which Obama has no plan to substantially alter).

Obama should have taken a hint from Michael Moore's Sicko -- or perhaps that's all he took, a hint.

"Clean coal" and the "domestic production of oil" get plugs in the energy plan. That's expected.

Then the big subject of Iraq is brought center stage. How does Barack tackle this massive war crime with over one million murdered Iraqis, countless injured and maimed, including a substantial number of American troops, all who were sold a bill of goods by the lies of the Bush gang (and Obama VP pick Joe Biden, too).

I felt a bit nauseous, for here is "Iraq" as per Obama:

"We're currently spending $10 Billion dollars a month in Iraq when they have a $79 billion surplus."

It's all about the money. No morality enters the equation.

Does "they" refer to the Iraqis, who have wanted our invading armies out for the last 5 years (excepting the puppet regime we installed)?

What is the implication? Is this the neocon argument about making the Iraqis pay for their own imperial subjugation?

Obama does, to his credit, say that the "war" should "close." That's a step, but does it mean removing the invading armies, air force, navy and mercenaries from their country completely? Hmmm. If this is a position change, he hasn't spelled it out as clearly as he claimed he would at the beginning.

Obama highlights some faux populism next, but he does it in such an obviously subservient manner:

"So, I'm not worried about CEOs, I'm not worried about corporate lobbyists, I'm not worried about the drug companies or the oil companies or the insurance companies. They'll be fine, they can look out for themselves."

Oh, better than fine, Barack. As a corporate stooge you fully understand how they're doing, and how you ought not disturb the business as usual. "Corporate lobbyists?" Not a word about changing the culture where "corporate lobbyists" create corrupt legislation to ram down our collective throats. The "insurance companies?" Your health plan evidently wants to enroll more uninsured on the corporate, privatised medical insurance rolls, with US government graft. "CEO's?" The fraudsters of wall street won't need your attention, send them another $700 billion of our money if they complain. The "drug companies" which use public research and development funds to create private patents on new drugs? Why bother looking into that, Barack?

The dismissiveness is smooth and fluent now. And the coded triangulation is clearly in play. Is this the best America could hope for? Willful deception?

And now the shocker:

Barack Obama is seductive, is clearly not on the level of John McCain or Sarah Palin in terms of psychotic malevolence.

You can almost believe his naive attitude about the wars in the Middle East.

Perhaps Obama truly does not know the backstory about Al Qaeda, those intelligence assets created by our "allies" such as Saudi Arabia, and Musharaf's Pakistan. He may be completely ignorant as to what the CIA and Mossad and MI6 have been playing at for the last few decades. He may have good intentions, as he presents, and on day one of Obama's presidency, he may find out there is no Santa Claus.

What then?

More to the point, should I reconsider my vote, and throw it Obama's way despite a long list of reasons to withold it? What if my state really is in danger of flipping for McCain?

What if my vote actually does matter this time?

These are weighty questions.

Seeing how the third parties have no chance of winning the 2008 presidency, whatsoever, is the risk worth it? Could the McCain/Palin wrecking crew start a nuclear holocaust?

* Obama's later school proposals, vaguely mentioned, did include "all" schools, and were not solely directed at the middle class areas. Several key issues were just vague and without substance, contrary to his introductory claim.

For a balanced perspective on Obama's ties to the Washington establishment, and his shoddy record to date, see:

Twelve Reasons to Reject Obama and Support Nader/McKinney
- by Prof. James Petras

What Do They Have to Do to Lose Your Vote?
The Trail of Broken Promises

posted by John Doraemi

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fabian Society, Communitarianism and the New World Order

By Matthew D. Jarvie
October 31, 2008

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Fabian Society, Communitarianism and the New World Order

This video is a very brief, six-minute introduction to the British Fabian Society, which was established on orders from the Crown in 1884, with the purpose of creating a movement to usher in by stealth a one world government.

The ideology promoted by Fabians and Fabian thinkers is called communitarianism, which is also sometimes referred to (by people like Tony Blair) as the 'Third Way'. The Third Way refers to the synthesis of capitalism and socialism in the dialectic scheme.

This dialectical synthesis, or outcome, is to be a collectivist form of government where all individualism is forcibly relinquished in the name of "unity" and complete and unwavering allegiance to the state under a scientific, socialistic dictatorship run by "experts."

This is to be a system run on complete and total efficiency, where the only purpose of the individual is to serve the state. The so-called "useless eaters," as people like Kissinger refer to, are seen as only a burden to this efficiency, and therefore will be incarcerated or killed if this system is allowed to be fully implemented. This is precisely why the "Elite" want an 80-90% reduction of the world's population, with just enough peasants to serve their utopia, described in writings by people such as Huxley and Fabian H.G. Wells, and promoted still today in well-funded works of propaganda such as Zeitgeist, which are designed to promote the New World Order religion.

“Keep Friends Close & Enemies Closer”

October 30, 2008

by Jim Kirwan

When people finally begin to look back on this, they will discover some amazing facts that many have totally ignored, so far.

The first thing is that the various populations, around the world, have been under microscopes for decades. Every aspect of our habits and our lives have been studied to the nth degree; to take full advantage of our inclinations and our faults, to enable the owners to take full advantage of us when that will count the most. That time has arrived, and we have all been primed for the slaughter, as surely as a flock of sheep waiting in the pens at the railhead.

The second most-important-thing has to do with maintaining absolute control over all forms of information dispersal. The owners own every facet of these unfolding events, except possibly the internet: and they’re working on that every minute of every hour to turn that too into a minefield filled with disinformation, rumors and junk-mail that will only further confuse unwary users.

How did we miss these facts? As the owners so clearly discovered, our collective memories have the retention capacity of a gnat, when it comes to anything that has happened in the past: And our concentration levels have been truncated to absorbing no more than a bunch of one-liners and that we are now physically incapable of making sense out of compound thoughts or stories that exceed one page. The Owners did their homework: We did not!

The third most important thing is that we still seem to have no clue whatever as to what is about to happen to this country. The “nation” is already gone, along with the Constitution and our democratically run Republic. But if you listen to the public, they are actually unaware that this has already taken place. The “battle” has been fought and the ‘Good Guys’ lost. Just look at what has happened with *our money* that was so recently doled out without conditions to the same people that caused the global meltdown.

From Democracy Now this morning:

“Half of Bank Bailout Money Going to Shareholders

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports major US banks are on pace to spend more than half their bailout money on rewarding their shareholders. The thirty-three banks are set to receive some $163 billion in government bailouts. Half of that sum would go toward paying off shareholders over the next three years. The Bush administration touted the bank bailout as necessary to resume lending. But Treasury officials say the banks would never accepted loans if they weren’t allowed to redistribute dividends to shareholders. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York is calling for the suspension of dividend payments at bailed-out banks.

AIG Spends $90B in Taxpayer Money Amidst Secrecy
This comes as the New York Times reports the insurance company American International Group has rapidly used most of its $123 billion government loan with little account for where the money has gone. AIG has drawn some $90 billion in government money so far.”

And this:

“Goldman Sachs is on course to pay its top City bankers multimillion-pound bonuses - despite asking the U.S. government for an emergency bail-out. The struggling Wall Street bank has set aside £7billion for salaries and 2008 year-end bonuses, it emerged yesterday.

Each of the firm's 443 partners is on course to pocket an average Christmas bonus of more than £3million.

The size of the pay pool comfortably dwarfs the £6.1billion lifeline which the U.S. government is throwing to Goldman as part of its £430billion bail-out. As Washington pours money into the bank, the cash will immediately be channeled to Goldman's already well-heeled employees.

News of the firm's largesse will revive the anger over the 'rewards for failure' culture endemic in the world of high finance.

Meanwhile: little attention has been paid to the reality of what home foreclosures actually look like.

“For the past few years, the Inland Empire in Riverside County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the state - home to a major housing boom. But now the Inland Empire is pretty much the poster child for the foreclosure crisis. In the newer developments, house after house sits vacant - either up for auction, for sale by a bank or going for what’s called a “short sale” which is when the owner owes more than the house is worth.

SoCal Connected tracked down some surreal sights associated with the crisis - a company that specializes in removing whatever people leave behind in their foreclosed homes. The process is called a “trashout” - a term the company came up with because it perfectly describes what happens. Everything that’s left is dumped in a trailer and taken to the landfill.”

Adjusting the BalanceThe above is only the latest tip-of-the-spear that continually enters us to seek out our vital organs, in their on-going effort to destroy us. With the arrival of that political dead-zone that will follow the selections on November fourth we will enter a real Twilight Zone, that will be a shadow world with no clear choices and huge dangers to us all. This phase of this War-upon-the-USA will be the “last chance” for these Road-Warriors to steal, to trash and to capture whatever they feel they still need: in order to complete their takeover of this country. “We” are not expected to resist. However if we do, then they have the troops ready to quell whatever might come up so that their takeover will proceed without a hitch.

Thanks to our inattention our finances are under a full-scale attack, our ‘services’ are in retreat at warp-speed, and our defenses against any of these invasions are almost nil. Congress, the Department of Justice, the Courts and the entire super-structure of the government is what is aligned against us, with the full force of all that they have stolen to date now arrayed to finish us off. All of this was planned down to the last dollar, and at every step in this chain of blood & fire, we elected to say virtually nothing; preferring instead to place our faith in some very rigged elections that will only bring us more massive losses no matter who “wins.”

The time has long since passed for real action or for organized opposition; what must happen now is spontaneous-responses that could stop what they envision. First among these would be a general strike against everything that is taking place. They still need us to bring this off: And they still need us far more than we need them (that’s the really huge secret that they don’t want you to know). A General Nationwide Strike would bring an end to all their current bag-of-tricks regarding the money NOT being loaned out, the tyrannies not being owned up to regarding the pending lock-down of the country, not to mention the devaluation of the currency, the loss of all political freedoms, as well as possible detention under The Homegrown Terrorism Act (that they have already used in Michigan) but which as yet is not on the books as “law.” If the public continues to do nothing or if (as usual) they choose to “give the new government another chance,” then it is over: because the people they will bring with them into office are the same people that got us into this mess in the first place. Change can never occur if the people holding the power are the same people that oversaw this meltdown and did nothing so many hundreds of times before. Don't buy anything & just stay home!

People must be fired and charged where sufficient evidence is present; and blame must be determined as well as punishment for those crimes because while fashions might change with time: there cannot be alterations in what is needed to alter our remaining ways of both law and life.

Good Luck America on your pending trip into the Twilight Zone!

Jim Kirwan


1) Goldman Sachs ready to hand out £7BILLION salary and bonus Back to text
2) Foreclosure Alley – video




By Greg Evensen

October 31, 2008

After the last week of market disasters and scenes of mobs clamoring for just a glimpse of Barack Hussein Obama, I had all of these thoughts fresh in my mind as I ended my radio show and finally fell asleep last Saturday. My last conscious thoughts were of the dark clouds coming ashore in America and what our response to martial law, shortages, imprisoned patriots, and riots would be......

I seemed to be present as military leaders exclaimed during heated campaigns, over the great map of America, “the battle lines are becoming clear.” I saw riflemen on the field of combat as they whispered to each other at four a.m., “I can smell ‘em coming.” The meaning was the same. All hell was about to break out. Indeed my fellow patriots, constitutionalists, and true citizens of the failing Republic, HELL IS staring you in the eyeballs.

As much as it has truly pained me to the core, I have come to the irreconcilable fact that on Election Day, the line will be drawn. We will no longer argue amicably about politics or the latest imbecilic actions occurring in Washington, our statehouses, or in court rooms. We are considering for the first time in our lives, the unthinkable. That is, my neighbor, my associates in the office, my cousin, or my fellow citizen has become my potential enemy. They have betrayed me and what is left of my grandfather’s country.

I am faced with the certain realization that no matter how I may try to sugar coat it, this time -- those who voted or supported the socialist left, the democrats, the liberals, the “elitists” in the universities and business, the apostate “liberation theology” or do nothing church, and politics everywhere--are my enemy. It can be stated in no other terms. That’s a fact, Jack.

To all those who have supported the constant killing of the unborn, entitlements for those who don’t deserve them, for assisting undocumented illegals, to corrupted politicians, sanctuary cities, to USDA agents forcing the implantation of chips into the livestock herds of America, to those pushing social security numbers and locator chips on newborns, to thieves who forced an unconstitutional income tax on “sovereign” American workers, for the loss of privacy, the restraint of second amendment natural rights, to BATFE master search and arrest warrants, to SWAT teams and Taser Thugs in every hamlet in the land, to all of the homosexual rights fanatics and bullies who use their perverted lifestyles to intimidate my grandchildren in school and in the parks, to drug dealers who employ minority kids in Obama’s south Chicago neighborhoods, and the young men and women in our military who are now mercenaries trained to rove our streets when the first shots are fired and produce body counts similar to the ones in Iraq, you have become my potential enemy.

The despicable power mad scurrilous maggots who have created this mess deserve a hole in hell deeper than the rest. They have already destroyed my family’s national ideals, my community’s cohesion, and our collective futures. They have aided and abetted the national calamity that has unfolded during the past seven weeks. The banks and investment houses, the stock market and derivatives, have all waltzed us off the pier into a thousand feet of cold dark water from which there is no return. The bankers, still standing safely on the wharf, have begged us in the water to throw them our lifejackets so that we can drown while they offer to sell us back the life vests we already had. In the meantime they ordered lobster while we dined on saltwater. Is this absurd picture, clear and painful enough?

In no small measure this IS the America we inhabit at this moment. While I do not know at this time who will be elected, I suspect it may well be Barack Hussein Obama. If that is the case, then my opening premise is correct. Those of you who have anointed this socialist, Muslim sympathizing, gun rights hating, Mexican illegals embracing, abortion loving charmer as POTUS, you are not only the most stupid generation of Americans who have ever lived, you are the most dangerous. You have single-handedly embraced your own destruction. For including me in that, I detest your actions and see you as my enemy. What else can I think?

Am I picking a fight? Pretty much. Might as well, one’s coming down the street anyway. You have been warned. You have been told of the consequences of your actions. McCain is not the answer, no matter how “appealing” Sarah Palin might appear. Chuck Baldwin is the only candidate that deserves my vote. Chuck can and will do the job and we can thank God Almighty that he is in the running. Vote what is right, not what you think is your only choice. Baldwin’s Constitutional Party is the only truly American party that is left. All the others are wasted losers and nut jobs.

American patriots you need to decide what your battle plans are. You can not wait any longer. Are you stored up? Are you prayed up? Have you stayed up figuring it all out? Have you decided that the time has come for you to take that same principled stand that your founders took to establish this FREE nation in the first place? Have you decided who your true enemies are? Are you tired of the bankers running it, ruining it and then demanding we pay up for their greed? Are you sick over this nation finalizing its socialistic stance nationalizing the infrastructure of the county and Obama as an open socialist/communist/radical presidential candidate? Will you resist the “state’s” efforts to take you in and deprive you of your freedoms? Will you try to work with patriotic police officers and American armed forces that will fight with you? Will you stand firm when they shut off your supplies? Will you resist in the cold and in the dark? Will you go all the way to a constitutional victory? Can you dress your own wounds? Can you jog a half mile? Will you be able to live without commonplace things you have grown accustomed to having any time you wanted them?

Minutemen and the militia were responsible for their own arms, ammunition and supplies. Can you muster with others and provide the essentials? Can you carry all that you need for two to three days at a time? Can you sleep with your back to a tree on cold, wet ground? Can you be still for an hour or two just watching and listening? How will you communicate with your fellow patriots—safely? When the bad guys start shooting, what will you do? Will you give away your position by firing randomly to “scare” them off? Will you remain defensive and not set yourself up for being killed? Will you learn how to move with stealth? Can you disarm someone and take them as a prisoner? What then? Have you organized with others to defend what is yours and theirs? Can you shoot and then seek good cover so you can survive another shot? Do you have a back-up retreat line and then another so that you can get out when you have to? Do you take your wounded with you? How? It’s not like the movies. When martial law is declared, can you and will you do these things or will you be rounded up by the hundreds of thousands each day? Many will resist for about as long as it took you to eat lunch. This is the new reality, friends. It may soon be your own personal reality as well.

Ultimately, the bad guys are counting on you being weak, uncommitted, and afraid. They want you to believe that their superiority in initial numbers, training and equipment will take you out in minutes. Let me tell you something confidential. American police officers are used to overwhelming criminal groups of one, two, three, or four. Not twenty, thirty, fifty or one hundred determined well armed citizens who are otherwise first class community stand-outs. A whole department of twenty-five officers would not stand a chance against one hundred solid minutemen.

I do not want it to come to that, but those are real scenarios. Muster five hundred or a thousand and an entire state police department is going to need regular army troops with air assault assets to have a chance. AND THEY KNOW IT! Multiply patriot numbers 1000 times that and the good guys win! Then we rebuild………at least that is where I saw it going.

Foreign troops? So what? They understand determined resistance and the costs involved for their side as well. You’ll have Green Berets fighting with you if that happens. Where the good guys lose, is when they don’t organize, think, and carry out precision guided strategies. Guerilla warfare is well planned and executed.

About the time I imagined a real rout of these traitorous snakes, I realized my twilight sleep was bringing me back to the real world. I had a strange mix of apprehension, relief, excitement and dread all in the same moment. The worst feeling though, was of the great loss of potential that this nation held for so many decades. I realized what we had done to the efforts of so many Americans who fought and died believing they were doing it for an America that was true to its heritage. I looked out my window to see peace and solitude---for the moment. My day long prayer was that it will remain peaceful, but I fear that we are--in the words of those seasoned command officers--seeing the battle lines being drawn very clearly, now. And like that entrenched rifleman I, too, “can smell ‘em coming.”

Sure am glad it was all---------------------------just a dream.

© 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved




Thomas Paine's Corner

By Gary Corseri



RC: I can’t see the system being rescued. Because it’s spread globally. The credit system has collapsed because people cannot pay their loans any more. I mean, if we have a winter where the grocery stores can’t put food on their shelves, people will be starving in this country. There’s already 35 million who are “nutritionally deprived”—the term they use nowadays. Food stamps applications are growing tremendously. Surplus food has declined. Something’s gotta give. This could become tragically serious in one to two years. Unless something is done to revitalize the local, producing economies.

GC: I think we’re especially vulnerable in the winter months.

RC: We could see real starvation coming in the next one to two years. The current level of population in the US exists because of our industrial economy. If that economy collapses, so will our population.

GC: Which has more than doubled in our lifetime.

RC: Yeah. The people who run our government understand the dangers, but they don’t know how to fix it because they’ve been taken over by this cancer which is the financial system.

GC: Maybe they understand, but they’re so vested in it, they’re like the people at NASA—they don’t want to stop it.

RC: I think that’s fair.

Read the entire article:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Letter to Obama

From Crimes of the State art: Greg Halbert

My Letter to Obama

by John Doraemi

(New Book to publish hundreds of letters to "president" Obama)

Mr. Obama,

I did not vote for you, or for McCain. I do not trust you, the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party. These institutions have long records of immoral behavior, war crimes and corruption that could shame the Caesars.

That said, you now have the chance to "change" things, as your hollow slogan did imply during the election fanfare.

So change this:

1) A global network of military bases in other people's countries must be closed down (more than 760 bases). No American would tolerate foreign troops running bases here in the USA. Why is this double standard acceptable to Washington DC?

2) Illegal wars of aggression must cease immediately. Failure to do so means that you, President Obama, become a war criminal too, the same as Bush, the same as Saddam, the same as many a despot who came before.

3) Restore the rule of law, and prosecute all government misconduct -- including that of the Central Intelligence Agency and any other "black" agency operating outside of the law. Massive narco-trafficking is ongoing and rampant, and no one is even attempting to stop it.

4) Fully disclose the facts of the 9/11 attacks, including the role of the "foreign governments" which provided assistance and financing to alleged hijackers. Prosecute the former administration for the cover up of this reality and for "treason" in giving "aid and comfort" to the facilitators of the 9/11 attacks on America.

5) Fully disclose other treasonous US govermnent activity, including: Oklahoma City bombing, 1993 World Trade Center attacks, Iran/Contra, BCCI, the global illicit drug trade, covert support for terrorist networks, the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, among others.

6) Purge the government of lunatics, foreign assets, spies, and anyone who places the interests of a foreign power above the interests of the People of the United States.

7) Reform the election system completely, guaranteeing every American the right and opportunity to vote, and securing the counting of votes in a transparent, open-sourced publicly controlled system of the highest integrity.

8) Reform the campaign finance system so that the biggest money-raiser does not buy the election. Use public funds to finance third parties and mandate substantial free prime time public airwaves to political candidates and parties during the election periods.

9) Create a permanent independent prosecutor to monitor executive branch felonies and violations of the Constitution with subpoena power, and the mission to enforce the laws of the land without regard to the individuals occupying the offices.

10) Create a public health system that operates more efficiently and effectively than the current dismal failure. If a tiny island nation like Cuba can educate enough doctors to export them to numerous other nations, then certainly the United States can do similarly. The problem is there is no priority to do so. Health care should be a right, not a privilege, as should some minimal access to food, clothing and shelter. A basic minimum floor for our citizens should be acknowledged as a hallmark of a civilization that is worthy of the name.

Mr. Obama, much has been made about the label of "Muslim" or "Christian," even when describing you as a candidate. As a self-identified "Christian" you should be well acquainted with the following passage:

(Matthew 5:43) "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' (44) But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, (45) that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. "

And similarly, this passage:

(Luke 6:27) "But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, (28) bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. (29) "Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either. (30) "Give to everyone who asks of you, and whoever takes away what is yours, do not demand it back. (31) "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you."

America has never behaved this way, despite the empty rhetoric from the right wing about a "Christian nation." Our nation's blood stained history is one of an aggressor, involved in numerous conflicts in all corners of the world. Our taxes have gone to illegal wars of aggression (Crimes Against the Peace), to the undermining and overthrowing of legitimate, duly elected leaders of other lands (violations of the UN Charter), to outright terrorism and the sponsoring of "death squads," giving arms and money to "dictators" and numerous other shameful practices, which they call "statecraft."

Will America ever behave in a moral fashion in the future?

Are the "Christians" of America capable of understanding the words of Jesus?

Let's start with the office of the President, Mr. Obama, and clarify matters of morality and the rule of law, matters of right and wrong.


Do not watch this video

Drug War Rant

The Drug Czar goes to Michigan to speak out against medical marijuana.
Watch at your own risk.

The United States Drug Czar and Michigan native John Walters held a press conference on Oct. 15, 2008 with local law enforcement officials to voice his opposition to Proposal 1, which would allow the use of medical marijuana in Michigan.

Dr. Wagoner speaks from the heart: Yes on Prop 1

From: YesOnProp1

Federal Reserve Exposed, Corrupt Banking Families

There is only one way to end the economic slavery in our country.
Abolish the Federal Reserve and its criminal enforcement arm-the IRS.
Obama and McCain have never once mentioned doing this.
They serve their masters well.
Part 1

Part 2

Incentivizing Murder: Plan Colombia and the Bitter Fruits of Empire art: VOYTEK NOWAKOWSKI

Written by Chris Floyd

The War on Drugs meets the War on Terror, and the result, inevitably, is stone-cold murder: Colombia Killings Cast Doubt on War Against Insurgents (NYT):

Colombia’s government, the Bush administration’s top ally in Latin America, has been buffeted by the disappearance of ...dozens of young, impoverished men and women whose cases have come to light in recent weeks. Some were vagrants, others street vendors and manual laborers. But their fates were often the same: being catalogued as insurgents or criminal gang members and killed by the armed forces.

Prosecutors and human rights researchers are investigating hundreds of such deaths and disappearances, contending that Colombia’s security forces are increasingly murdering civilians and making it look as if they were killed in combat, often by planting weapons by the bodies or dressing the corpses in guerrilla fatigues.

With soldiers under intense pressure in recent years to register combat kills to earn promotions and benefits like time off and extra pay, reports of civilian killings are climbing, prosecutors and researchers say, pointing to a grisly facet of Colombia’s long internal war against leftist insurgencies.

The wave of recent killings has also heightened focus on the American Embassy here, which is responsible for vetting Colombian military units for human rights abuses before they can receive aid. A study of civilian killings by Amnesty International and Fellowship of Reconciliation, two human rights groups, found that 47 percent of the reported cases in 2007 involved Colombian units financed by the United States.

....Even before the most recent disappearances and killings, prosecutors and human rights groups were examining a steady increase in the reports of civilian killings since 2002, when commanders intensified a counterinsurgency financed in no small part by more than $500 million a year in American security aid.

But more than 100 claims of civilian deaths at the hands of security forces have emerged in recent weeks alone, from nine different parts of Colombia. Cases have included the killing of a homeless man, a young man who suffered epileptic seizures and a veteran who had left the army after his left arm was amputated.
This is the imposthume of much greed and graft, and of the geopolitical power games played by the bipartisan elite in Washington. Any half-sentient person has known for years that the Clinton-Bush policy of lavishing endless cash and weaponry on the right-wing death squads in Colombia -- those in uniform and out -- has incentivized the murder of countless innocent civilians. Anyone who has opposed the Colombian elite, or stood up for the poor and the working people -- even if they have nothing to do with FARC or the narco freebooters, even if, indeed, they have also opposed their depredations also -- has long been at risk of sudden "disappearance" or gruesome death; the serial execution of union organizers, going back for many years, is just one example.
“We are witnessing a method of social cleansing in which rogue military units operate beyond the law,” said Monica Sánchez, a lawyer at the Judicial Freedom Corporation, a human rights group in Medellín. The group says it has documented more than 60 “false positives” — the chilling term for cases of civilians who are killed and then presented as guerrillas, with weapons or fatigues — in the department, or province, of Antioquia...

The civilian killings have increasingly opened the United States to criticism because it is required to make sure Colombian military units have not engaged in human rights violations before supplying them with aid.

“If we are receiving aid and vetting from a government in Washington that validates torture, then what kind of results can one expect?” asked Liliana Uribe, a human rights lawyer in Medellín who represents victims’ families.
"A government in Washington that validates torture" -- this is the crux of the matter. A government -- or rather, an entire political elite -- that validates torture, wars of aggression, cross-border "incursions," "black ops," a military empire of more than 700 bases all over the planet, and the slaughter of more than one million innocent lives on just one front of the "Terror War" alone, will indeed produce results like the ones we see in Colombia. It is inevitable, unavoidable -- it is precisely what the system is designed to do: put the power of life and death into the hands of brutal elites, who will in turn kowtow to Washington's political, financial, military, and ideological agendas.

The Republicans do this without the slightest qualm, proudly (as we noted here earlier), frankly, without any finesse and very little pretense. The Democrats wring their hands a bit over the "excesses" and "aberrations" of the system, and employ more nuanced justifications, more rhetorical gilding. But both parties are in full agreement on the need to maintain -- and expand -- this massive militarist empire.

And yes, it will continue under Obama. And no, the American empire is not about to collapse any time soon, despite the economic catastrophe and the murderous botching of the Iraq and Afghanistan operations. As Princeton historian Arno Mayer notes this week in CounterPunch:
The United States may emerge from the Iraq fiasco almost unscathed. Though momentarily disconcerted, the American empire will continue on its way, under bipartisan direction and mega-corporate pressure, and with evangelical blessings. It is a defining characteristic of mature imperial states that they can afford costly blunders, paid for not by the elites but the lower orders. Predictions of the American empire's imminent decline are exaggerated: without a real military rival, it will continue for some time as the world's sole hyperpower.

But though they endure, overextended empires suffer injuries to their power and prestige. In such moments they tend to lash out, to avoid being taken for paper tigers. Given Washington's predicament in Iraq, will the US escalate its intervention in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia or Venezuela? The US has the strongest army the world has ever known. Preponderant on sea, in the air and in space (including cyberspace), the US has an awesome capacity to project its power over enormous distances with speed, a self-appointed sheriff rushing to master or exploit real and putative crises anywhere on earth.

The US spends more than 20% of its annual budget on defense, nearly half of the spending of the rest of the world put together. It's good for the big US corporate arms manufacturers and their export sales. The Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, purchase billions of dollars of state-of-the-art ordnance.
Underscoring that point, Jeff Huber notes at
Iran's defense budget is less than one percent the size of ours. North Korea's entire gross domestic product is less than ten percent of our defense budget... Russia and China each spend ten percent or less on defense than we do. The Russians already lost the part they sit with trying to run with us in an arms race. The Chinese had sufficient ancient wisdom to learn from Russia's mistake rather than make it themselves. They're both so far behind now they'd never catch up, and they know it. They won't bleed themselves white economically trying to do the impossible.

We spend more money on defense than the rest of the world combined. We don't need a larger military. We don't need the one we have now. We don't need half of it.
But both McCain and Obama have pledged themselves to a massive enlargement of the American war machine. And they will still have vast resources to draw upon as they advance the cause of empire, as Arno notes:
The US economy, syncretic culture and Big Science are unequalled. Despite huge fiscal and trade deficits, and the Wall Street banking and insurance meltdown, which have unhinged its financial system and rippled across the global economy, overall the US economy remains robust and pacesetting in creative destruction. Never mind the social costs at home and abroad. But its shrinking industrial and manufacturing sectors may be the weakest link.

The US still holds a substantial lead in research, development and patents in cybernetics, molecular biology and neuroscience. This is facilitated by publicly, privately and corporately funded research universities and laboratories that establish outposts overseas as they draw in brains from around the globe...

The empire has extraordinary reserves of hard and soft power for persisting in its interventionism. The US has the wherewithal and will to stay a face-saving course in Iraq. There is a deficit of combat troops for large conventional ground operations and a strategic incoherence in the face of irregular warfare against insurgent, guerrilla and terrorist forces. But the deficit of soldiers will be remedied. Private contractors will raise armed and civilian mercenaries, preferably at cut-rate wages from third world dependencies.
Again, the point is not whether ordinary American citizens will thrive under such a system. For the most part, they will not. But their prosperity and security do not figure into the imperial power equations. They are irrelevant. (Although that's not to say that unruly temper in the herd must not be allayed from time to time, occasionally by genuine reforms that head off popular discontent, or, very often, by promises, feints, fine rhetoric and symbolic gestures evoking hope for change.)

And the sad fact is, once a nation gets a taste for empire, many of its people become emotionally invested in it (not to mention financially invested). As Arno puts it:
This American empire has significant family resemblances with past empires in its grab for critical natural resources, mass markets and strategic outposts. Americans know they have a considerable stake in the persistence of their imperium. Some social strata benefit more from its spoils than others. Still, it is profitable socially, culturally and psychologically, especially for its intelligentsia, liberal professions and media.
The murder-for-bonuses scheme carried out by many American-trained and American-funded units in Colombia is just one more bitter fruit of the imperial tree. It was spawned by both the "War on Terror" and its twin in corruption, militarism, lawlessness and vast, needless suffering, the "War on Drugs," launched almost 40 years ago, and still going strong -- albeit without the slightest discernible effect on the level of drug use. As I noted in a column in the Moscow Times -- back in December 2001:
After all, as [the Bush Administration] tells us, the "war on terrorism" is just like "the war on drugs" – that is to say, a never-ending fount of profitable corruption for the ruthless, the murderous and the well-connected.

Certainly, the "war on drugs" makes little sense otherwise. We all know that if the ingestion of various arbitrarily chosen substances were no longer prosecuted, the level of violence, crime and repression in society would be reduced immeasurably. "Substance abuse" would then become what it is now for drugs like alcohol and nicotine: a matter of personal character and private consequence.

Crack addicts, for example, could have their nightly pipe in the safety of their own home, for the same price as a six-pack of beer, a carton of cigarettes or the latest Disney video. They wouldn't need to resort to crime to feed an expensive criminalized habit. And their resulting stupefaction would be no more harmful to the public good than that of millions of their fellow citizens sitting slack-jawed in front of the tube.

But decriminalization will never happen. Illegal drugs are simply too profitable for the various powerful criminal elements known as "mafias," "warlords" – and "intelligence agencies." For drug-running is the perfect way to fund your black ops – no budget restraints, no legal niceties, no pesky legislators looking over your shoulder....

Let's connect the dots. Drugs help stoke war. Defense firms sell the weapons of war – to governments, warlords, terrorists, whoever will pay. The investors and owners of defense firms – like, say, the Bush family and the bin Ladens [at that time recent partners in the Carlyle Group] – are directly enriched by war. And so the wars go on.
And they will keep going on, even if the bright sun of "pragmatic progressivism" rises on Inauguration Day 2009. Obama has rightly cited the murder of Colombian union activists as a cause for concern, even bringing it before a national television audience in the last debate. But again, this is a matter of nuance, of technocratic tinkering within the framework of the bipartisan consensus for empire. Obama has also supported the Colombian government in its Bush-style cross-border military incursions to "fight terrorism," and back the expansion of the "Merida Initiative," a Bush-created scheme that would essentially expand "Plan Colombia" -- with the "results" detailed in the New York Times story -- throughout Latin America, as the Council on Hemispheric Affairs reports:
Obama supports the extension of the Merida Initiative to create a more comprehensive regional security bloc within the Western Hemisphere. The Merida Initiative was proposed by President Bush as the keystone of his U.S.-Central America security plan, and is focused on the provision of military and police aid to Mexico (with much smaller amounts to Central American countries) to fight organized crime and drug cartels. It is a complete truism that the military and legal structures in Mexico and Central America have suffered from a history of corruption and human rights abuses, and critics of current U.S. policy argue that increasing military aid to the region only increases the capacity of local authorities to abuse power of an already deeply flawed law enforcement system. The Merida Initiative is in many ways similar to Plan Colombia, which provides military and police aid to fight narcotrafficking and organized crime there...
The Council goes on to note:
While the complete nature of Obama’s Latin American platform remains to be seen, there is no doubt that Obama’s stance on hemispheric affairs will differ from that of the Bush White House, but not so much from Clinton’s regional policy which was barely discernable from Reagan-era area policy.
That is a chilling conclusion indeed from this very mainstream, centrist organization, when one considers the murderous abomination that was "Reagan-era area policy" in Latin America. As I noted in the Moscow Times in June 2004:
Reagan willingly abetted the murder of countless thousands of innocent people throughout Central America, killed at the hands of U.S.-trained death squads and military units -- more than 200,000 civilians murdered in Guatemala alone, reports. Many more were tortured and raped by U.S. proxies -- all this with the connivance of Reagan officials, who lied to Congress about the atrocities. One of these liars, Elliot Abrams, was convicted of perjury; but pardoned by George Bush I, he now directs Middle East policy for George Bush II. (For more, see Robert Parry's "Reagan and Guatemala's Death Files" and his "Reagan's Bogus Legacy.")
I don't believe this is the kind of "change" that most Americans are hoping for from an Obama administration. To be sure, Obama has talked about building his Latin American policies around the strengthening of civic structures, protection of human rights and nurturing the rule of law. These are good words; but then again, what American president has not claimed that his policies were designed to advance these noble pursuits? At the moment, Obama seems poised to take away with his right hand what he proffers with his left: bold words on human rights, but at the same time an extension of the murder-producing, elite-coddling "Plan Colombia" throughout the region.

We've said this many times before: within the American militarist empire as it now stands, there are spaces where factional differences among the elite can produce mitigations of the system's malign effects in various ways for a substantial number of people. This is not nothing, especially if you are one of those people. I don't believe in begrudging anyone's desire for relief, however partial and imperfect that relief might be. At the same time, it is clear that Obama fully accepts the logic, the structure and the overall agenda of the imperial system -- a system which inevitably, irresistibly generates atrocities on a mass scale.

Once you accept that -- and not only accept it, but even fight hard to take control of it, to make it yours -- then what won't you do? And how quickly and easily will you cast aside your mitigations if the needs of the system demand it? If you pick up a scepter still dripping with fresh blood, and wield it, will your hand not "incarnadine the multitudinous seas, making the green one red?"


Free Your Mind: Step #1

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

“Everybody’s got values . . . The thing that frightens me is the way that an eroding public school system . . . and television on all over the place is leading to a steady dumbing down of the American public and a corrosion of basic critical thinking in the population.”

— Jamie Raskin, American University law professor, November 2004 on the Democracy Now! radio program

The Establishment will try to co-opt “The Revolution” (TM) so for God’s sake don’t let the mainstream media pundits lead it for you, or we’re toast! Step 1 of freeing your mind is turning off the TV and supporting REAL investigative journalism with your money and your precious attention.

(Natalie Dee)

Television pundits are extremely adept at using informal logic and logical fallacies to produce arguments which sound good, but FAIL the logic test. Informal logic, like conventional wisdom, is constructing an argument with language and inference without actually using any real information. It is basically an “argument only” with no analysis. Pundits are also adept at making banal and meaningless tabloid quality crap sound ZOMG911BBQ!!!!11! BREAKING!

“I wasn’t worried about freedom. I was worried about people being turned into morons by TV.”

– Ray Bradbury in 2001 talking about his book Fahrenheit 451

I finally cracked while watching CNN today: I called Comcast canceled my cable. All of it, even basic reception! I’d finally HAD it with the diversions, omissions and outright lies. I’d had it with watching “debates” between cartoonish strawfolk or worse, point-counterpoint pseudo arguments between people who are on the same side. Worst of all, however, is all that has remained UNSPOKEN by the mainstream media during our descent into Hell. I’d been kicking around the “Kill Your Television” idea for awhile but was attached to the Daily Show. Then one day I thought, I’m paying $50-$60 bucks a month for . . . the Daily Show? And I say I’m trying to save money? Sweet Jeebus on a cracker!