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Hey - It's Just Business!

Jim Kirwan
10-24-8 art by Jim Kirwan
The 'new' global financial systems created for the twenty-first century have exceeded all boundaries, and this New World Order's grab for worldwide domination must be allowed to crash and drown in its own excesses.
One of its primary architects, Alan Greenspan, who headed the privately owned Federal Reserve 'Bank' for eighteen and a half years, a character of truly mythic proportions at least in his own mind said today: "that he and others who believed lending institutions would do a good job of protecting shareholders are in "a state of shocked disbelief," according to the Associated Press.
He said that the financial crisis had exposed a flaw in his and others' free market ideology. Banks and investment firms did not do a good enough job analyzing the risks of the home mortgage market, and some types of derivatives should have been subject to more regulation." (1)
In other words Greenspan now agrees with his critics of the government and of the privately owned Financial-Frankenstein that he and his owners created: However his re-cognition and befuddled enlightenment will do nothing about replacing the eight trillion dollars that has just been lost due to these massive thefts that are still going on.
At some point in his rambling answers to the News Hour tonight Greenspan at first seemed mystified that he and his tribe could have been wrong; but then he quickly tried to justify this 'error' by saying that 'these transactions were just too complicated to be properly tracked.'
What he failed to discuss is that these complications were put in place to hide the truth of what was going on in every area of that type of finance which lives far above the clouds of either oversight or regulation: It should be noted that these corporate Titians are huge because their massive systems are that way on purpose, to keep from inquiring minds all the dirty little secret- dealings that have brought the world to the edge of oblivion.
Regulations were put in place after the Crash of 1929 to insure that this kind of thing never happened again. From that day to this, the descendents of the Robber-Barons have been slaving away to eliminate those safe-guards in order to reap what they see as their just-revenge for having been challenged and restrained, for their crimes of that long ago collapse of the public's trust.
An international agreement must be created to outlaw forever, the kind of global banking practices that led us all to this place without any shelter from the folly of their criminal attempts, to crash the global economic systems of the world. This is actually as important, or perhaps even more so, than the international agreements that were created to govern the Rules of War.
Before the twelve central banks and their inbred families existed; nation-states theoretically protected their own interests in a hostile and all too dangerous world. So while certain nations could become enslaved or stolen; the entire world was not infected by these money-changers that have been trying to steal everything monetary from everyone that uses the current monetary system. So how did we get here?
"During the Clinton administration, the government required the financial industry to start expanding the frequency of mortgage loans to consumers who might not have qualified in the past.
When George W. Bush was named president by the Supreme Court in December 2000, the stock market had begun to decline with the bursting of the bubble. In 2001 the frequency of White House visits by Alan Greenspan increased.
The Federal Reserve began cutting interest rates, and by 2002 a home-buying frenzy was underway. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went along by guaranteeing the increasing number of mortgage loans.
According to a mortgage broker this writer interviewed, word began to come down through the mortgage banks to begin falsifying mortgage applications to show more borrower income than borrowers actually possessed. Banks that wrote mortgages began to offload them when Wall Street packaged them into mortgage-backed securities that were sold around the world as bonds to investors.
Risk-analysts at the leading credit-rating agencies, such as Standard and Poor's, Moody's, and Fitch, gave their highest ratings to mortgage-backed securities whose risks were later acknowledged to be grossly underestimated.
Mortgage companies, with Alan Greenspan's endorsement, began to offer more Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), loans that would reset at much higher rates in future years." (2)
The point behind consolidating all the trade and monetary policies of the planet under a huge global protectorate was not designed to enable a better world: No, this was designed to force the bulk of the world into complete surrender to a shadow-government of ancient criminal dimensions that have always hungered for a Global-Empire where all resistance would be futile!
This is reminiscent of that children's nursery rhyme:
Humpty Dumpty sat on the Wall.
Then Humpty-Dumpty had a Great Fall,
And all the Kings Horses
And all the Kings Men
Could never put Humpty together again!
In this case; Wall Street should be walled-off and the egg-shaped World of Humpty-Dumpty, should be returned to their individual states and nations with international fire walls that keep them all separate forever. That way nations that have no rules, no oversight and no standards for clear values of properties or investments, need not be allowed to infect those states and people that do have oversight protections and actual international standards for loans and investments that can be easily understood and tracked.
This would assure investors and others that they need not fear that what they thought were sound investments might suddenly just go up in smoke.
Since this crash was fostered and promoted as much by Corporate States, as it was by the scheming connivances of the Money-Changers and their pawns: perhaps it's time to subject The Corporatocracy to new rules-rules that would limit their lifetimes and rules that would add new corporate responsibilities to their sole purpose; which is to make money without any consideration for anything else that might directly limit or effect their illicit profits.
Ordinary people are not allowed to just "make money" to the distraction of all else: so why not limit corporations to the same set of responsibilities that people have put up with, which includes an end to life as well. (In theory corporations can now live forever).
If the world does not begin this process, then the Corporate States will certainly win if there is a next time, and we will lose everything to them because they are like infants in the crib that worry about nothing except their single-minded purpose: In this case, "making money!"
Imagine how different the world would be if Corporate Charters had to include percentages of shared profit with those that work for them, as well as having to pay for the resources they currently use for free, and then pollute, until they kill the land the water and the air, wherever they chose to place the mini-prisons of their offices and factories. We jail people that are anti-social, or who trash the communities they live and work in: why not do the same to corporations?
The government ought to use some of those taxes we pay to give the public real health-care. Then we could end all those extortionate insurance companies and the medical industry that lobbies congress on everything from health care to medications. This government has taxed this nation to death; and we have nothing whatever to show for all that money except two failed wars, and millions of tons of bombs, bullets and no-bid contracts. And believe it or not this is almost entirely due to the rarified air of the Corporate-climate in America!
Unchecked Capitalism is a cult and needs very careful watching because it is no friend to ordinary people, or even to those that work for them. But "Hey-it's just business." If that's a good enough explanation to us, for their treatment of those who are not part of their upper-crust; then it ought to be the 'standard' by which corporations are judged, when it comes to the terms under which they are allowed to do business in any community.
Workers should enjoy some of the benefits that they have produced for the company. That's not Socialism; it's called ROI, a fair return on investment. People rent their lives for a portion of each week of time, and what exactly do they get in return: and why should that return not be reflective of the success they have helped immensely to create? Money has no "owner" it is only valuable when it is used.
While key executives might be very influential in assisting a company to maximize their profits: the same has to be said for those who actually do the work and make the products that make the corporations rich. Employees are expected to be "good citizens" within their communities, but has anyone else noticed that corporations have no ethics at all. Corporations certainly feel free to dump the cities, counties and states that enabled them to rise to greatness, whenever they get cheaper labor outside the country, hell the government even rewards this behavior with corporate welfare-in addition to seeing to it that the corporations pay no taxes once they are safely offshore and making billions more than ever before. This too is "just business!"
What about the American workforce that those offshore moves kill outright-why is there not even a fine for doing that to people that in some cases have invested their entire lives working for one of these psychotic giants! When one of their 'employees' fails a drug test, or is found to be doing less than he or she is "capable of" then there are retributions and possibly termination. In fact there is usually a long list of things that any 'employee' can be fired for: yet there are no hard and fast rules for firing upper- echelon executives, for anything. When the Corporation commits a crime, against the population or the planet, then that crime is usually reduced to nothingness, or ended with a miniscule fine: And if there is a conflict with an employee the Corporation seldom has to pay for what they've done-because "Hey-it's just business!" (3)
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