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Damian Lataan

In an interview with a Japanese television station Bush said that ‘Saddam was an enemy of the United States and a lot of people thought he had weapons of mass destruction’. What Bush neglected to mention was that a lot of people thought Saddam had WMDs only because they were deliberately lied to by Bush personally and many officers of his administration personally who told the people that Saddam had WMDs knowing full well that they had been destroyed in 1991.

When Bush says ‘a lot of people thought he had weapons of mass destruction’, he doesn’t include himself amongst them. Bush, Cheney, Powell and others in the administration were very much aware of the true status of Saddam’s ‘WMDs’ because Saddam’s son-in-law, Hussein Kamel, who had defected in August 1995, had told them that while Saddam Hussein had had WMDs, he no longer had any because Kamel, who at the time was a General in the Iraqi Army and in charge of Iraq’s weapons and their procurement, had ordered them to be destroyed.

Bush and his cohorts all knew this. Bush, Cheney, Powell and Stephen Hadley, who at the time was Deputy National Security Advisor and number two to Condoleeza Rice, all personally alluded in various documented utterings directly to Kamel’s debriefing in which he said that Saddam had had WMDs but they had since been destroyed. Bush, Cheney, Powell and Hadley all spoke of Kamel’s defection and Kamel’s statements about Saddam having WMDs but all neglected to add that Kamel had also said they had been destroyed.

There is no way that Bush or any of his cohorts can plead ignorance in this matter. All of them deliberately lied to world and the UN and knew long before invading Iraq that Iraq had no WMDs and, therefore, was any threat at all to any nation, least of all the US, the UK or Australia.

As a direct result of these lies an entire nation has been physically all but destroyed, hundreds of thousands if not over a million people have lost their lives, millions more have been driven from their homes, thousands of American and allied youth have perished directly in the war while thousands more have since succumbed to their wounds and mental scars.

Even as Bush prepares to turn his back on the shattered lives of millions he just can’t help himself – he is compelled to perpetuate the lie in the face of overwhelming evidence. The world should drag this criminal and his cohorts to the international courts where he should answer for his crimes against humanity. Waging unprovoked war against a sovereign nation is a war crime. Bush should be made to answer the charge.

posted by Damian Lataan

Comment from the source:

G'day boys,

I see 'cognitive dissonance' being deployed; I've recently read the most apposite "Nineteen Eighty-Four" and if you need a refresher, you could try here and here.

Propaganda is by definition a distortion of reality, when not outright lies[1]. (See "The Big Lie.")

We know who does it (the so-called 'élites'), why (to rip us, we the sheople® off), and how the rip-off is being done - murder for spoil; US murder for oil in Iraq (also see "Economic Hit Man"), I/J/Z-plex murder for land and water in and around (now sadly mostly ex-) Palestine - but note that there's nothing élite about such filthy criminality. In order to order mass-human slaughter, the order-givers (as the order-takers) have to act in essentially inhuman[2] ways; such people are true psychopaths[3].

We know that it's not 'just' the so-called 'élites,' they are channelled and often actively assisted by the mostly corrupt and venal MSM (main-stream media, including some public broadcasters like AusBC & SBS. Boo! Hiss!)

So far nothing much new about all this - for we who have observed and thought about it, as I started to do in the run-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq, now been morphed into a brutal occupation, each vile act more murdering than the other. It's been going on a looong time; I start my narrative of US/Israeli evil with the '45 A-bombings and '47/'48 I/J/Z-plex move to occupy the Palestinian homelands.

That's the situation, and as pointed out in here, the lies, stealing - and killing - continue, as do the threats, like "Bomb, bomb Iran!" Obama, (as Rudd) is yet to prove himself; we can hope - but I have no great expectations; better than any hope is people everywhere to actively, loudly and continuously demand that Obama (as Rudd) effectively performs: "Do the correct thing!"

What is relatively new to me, is that the propaganda is being scientifically designed, and the originally conceived purpose (to 'save' mankind from itself) is being (criminally!) subverted, to see what I'm indicating start here with Bernays. The perpetrators driving this propagandising are the true monsters; refer to "hanging offence."


Then, to a very big Q: How do the traitorous *facilitators*, like in the NYT (Judith Miller, say) or in the Age (Tony Parkinson, say) - and especially in the public broadcasters (the breakfast bag, say) - how do these people a) get recruited, and b) solve their own 'cognitive dissonance?' These people are so-called news-professionals; they *must* know what's really going on - and yet they 'project the propaganda,' making themselves culpable in the process.


PS Apart from the criminal perpetrators, any who actively assist make themselves accessories and must be considered equally guilty. Then there are the apologists, including lying trolls, also effectively accessories. Any person who realizes the vast extent of the crimes under way, and does not do all they can to halt the crimes and bring those responsible to justice, are actually aiding the criminals. The criminals must be stopped; save our once jewel-like planet!



[1] lie2 —n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. —v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [POD]

[2] inhuman adj. brutal; unfeeling; barbarous.  inhumanity n. (pl. -ies). inhumanly adv. [ibid.]

[3] psychopath n. 1 mentally deranged person, esp. showing abnormal or violent social behaviour. 2 mentally or emotionally unstable person.  psychopathic adj. [ibid.]


"Dream Team" for the Banksters and Imperialists!

by Cindy Sheehan

I had CNN on yesterday listening to the financial show they have on every morning here in the PST. I don't know which of the "brilliant" analysts that was speaking, but she said two things that made me pick up my ears: Firstly, she said that Obama's economic team is a financial "Dream Team;" then she said: "I wonder if the Constitution can be amended so Obama can be sworn in earlier than January 20th?!"

As to the "Dream team" that Obama has chosen for his economic team, it is only a "Dream" if you are a Bankster salivating over ill-gotten and not earned or deserved gains or part of the Wall Street cabal. Citigroup was just given billions more in a "rescue" package that has little to zero accountability or protections for the average tax-paying American citizen.

Timothy Geithner, Obama's pick for Secretary of the Treasury, is currently the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (red flag) and has been working very closely with the Wall Street Banksters and Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke in "solving" the current financial crisis! "Good job, Timmy!" It seems that incompetence and criminality will continue to be rewarded in a new Obama regime. Geithner's checkered past includes a stint with Kissinger and Associates…'nuff said? The Reserve banks only exist to enrich the establishment elite by creating easy money and "bubbles" where the rich can get richer as the bubble expands and be protected from risk when the bubble bursts. Timothy Geithner is about as much a Washington "outsider" as Dick Cheney is.

Larry Summers who will lead the White House's economic office is an Economic Hitman and is also directly responsible for the mess we are in today. Summers, SecTreas during the Clinton administration, was instrumental in repealing Glass-Steagall, which created the companies that were "too big to fail." If a company is "too big to fail," then obviously, it is "too big to exist." Summers also has the additional baggage of thinking that women are "naturally" less intelligent than men and that we should be dumping first-world pollutants on third-world nations. Another profound member of the Bankster party who first worked in Reagan's administration under a "supply-side" guru who was very pro-deregulation as his protege, Summers is.

With the news that Obama desires to retain Robert "The Surge" Gates, his foreign policy team, which includes Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden (all Hawkish) is moving even farther towards the right and away from the anti-war base that pinned so many hopes on the President-Elect. With Reaganomics proponents and neo-Conservative empire supporters, nothing about Obama's appointments are engines for "change" but represent, not a 3rd "Clinton term" but an "8th Reagan" term.

Secondly, I ran against Nancy Pelosi because she refused to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. Then and now, Pelosi and CNN and other MSM outlets deemed my position for impeachment "extreme and divisive." Proposing an amendment to the Constitution is not extreme? How long would it take to change our Constitution to allow Obama to move into the White House sooner than 56 days? Well, Congress is on their Thanksgiving break and will soon be on their Christmas/Hanukah break, and then the New Year's break, so amending the Constitution is probably out of the question this year.

Many hours after I heard the dazzling solution of amending the Constitution to get rid of George Bush sooner, I turned the TV back on and Larry King was interviewing establishment hacks: Bob Woodward and David Gergen who were extolling Obama and his "Dream team," and I was saddened to recall how CNN, Fox and NBC collaborated with the Bush regime to not only jam these bailouts down our throats, but also to lead our country into wars that killed my son and hundreds of thousands of others. Millions of people are displaced, wounded or otherwise oppressed and we are still supposed to believe that CNN has anything true or relevant to say? When my TV becomes obsolete after the first of the year because it doesn't have the digital thingama-jiggy, I am not going to replace it or get the converter doo-hickey because there is very little worth watching in what has increasingly become an even vaster "wasteland." Why bother?

Obama will keep troops in Iraq as long as he is President and he will increase troops to Afghanistan in what the Democratic leadership is now calling the: Real War on Terror (which shall now be known as the "Democratic Real War on Terror" or D-RWoT).

Yes, Obama is putting together a Dream Team for the corrupt wealthy establishment class, but a Nightmare Cabal for the rest of humanity.


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