Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Follow the Leader: 30 Years Ago and Today

http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/blog/images/jonestown.jpg http://www.thewe.cc/thewe_/images_5/___/afghanistan/touches_body_of_boy.jpe
Jonestown, Guyana 1978.......................................... Afghanistan 2008

In 1978 the phrase 'drinking the kool-aid' gained notoriety, essentially meaning following the leader or going along with crowd, idea or system. Damn the consequences.

Nothing much changes. Going along with the 'leader' often means death, millions of them, more than can even be accurately counted.

Thirty years ago today over 900 people led by Jim Jones committed murder and suicide in a cult ritual sacrifice.

Today, innocents and children die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and elsewhere in a cult ritual sacrifice. We prefer to just call it war.

We follow the leader, making believe it's all justified, God's will or some other delusional concept.

See the sign in the photo above. Do we ever remember or conveniently forget, hoping someone else will take care of the problem and clean up the mess?


It should be named our national drink.


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  1. Glad thhe Jim Jones followers are dead. Darwin at work. If we could only serve kool-aid in congress.