Sunday, November 16, 2008

Idiocy of Independents and how They Helped Kill America

by Mr M

If Independents actually act independent, instead of play-acting as such, we wouldn't be in this mess.


I listen to those that say they’re Independent, and indeed, there are now more of those that call themselves such than there are Democrats or Republicans, yet, when it comes to voting, these so-called “Independents” in vast majorities vote either Democratic or Republican.

Does anyone else see a disconnect here?

If those that called themselves Independent actually voted such we wouldn’t keep falling into the same old trap that is set for us. But I guess a propaganda machine that was born of Edwin Bernays and perfected over years, and our addiction to television and all the lies it spews, is too much for so-called independents feeble minds to overcome and function.

So it is that we find ourselves with another Democratic administration that is a mirror image of policy of the last 40 years.

Bush signs an agreement that says troops will be in Iraq for the next 3 years, and pundits say Obama will be hard-put to overturn this agreement.

Do they think we’re stupid? Obama if he wished could do as he pleases. But getting us out of Iraq isn’t one of those things. So he’ll play the shill and say his hands are tied and the killing will continue, and all you damn so-called “Independents” will be fooled again because you didn’t actually vote independent at all, you voted for shills for a New World Order that uses America’s military might as a tool for our down-fall and continued world depopulation.

It’s too late now. You so-called “Independents” blow it by not actually being independent. And thanks to you we may never get another chance to right this wrong.

Because you see, we’re heading into a whole new phase of the likes this world has never seen. We’ll be lucky if we ever see another election, rigged that they are, and it’s for certain that if we do it will be far more a farce than ones already experienced.

With the coming world economic collapse, food riots, homelessness, most likely another “false-flag” attack and expansion of wars, we’ll descend further into the grip of a New World Order that doesn’t include peace in it’s platform, at least not until 80% of us are dead.

You phony Independents are going to get one more chance to do what’s right. But because of your cowardliness and short-sightedness I doubt you’ll have the brains nor will to figure out what you’ll be asked to do or the courage to do it.



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