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Obama rehires aide who wants to invade Israel (Mumbai/Pak link)) Samantha Power

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Ed. note: Rockefeller has heavily subsidized media such as Counterpunch to promote the US government's 9/11 conspiracy theory and belittle critics. September 11 was the causus belli to launch the military industrial complex's full spectrum dominance plan. Congress is just showbiz to keep the folks infotained. The mil runs the new Amerika.

The Mumbai-Israel Connection

A sketch of a sketch on the big picture surrounding this issue follows,


Obama rehires advisor who wants to invade Israel

An activist emailed me his article today to which I responded,

"good piece,[edit]. the terrorists as individuals were only in
> part motivated by poverty. they are being manipulated. they
> are primarily indian and hindu(plus maoists from other
> nations), but more importantly maoist. all maoist
> insurgencies have been financed by rockefeller/rothschild
> since way back with the technical assistance of
> mossad/israel'etc and now US mil intel/ private mercenary
> companies.china is a backroom supporter/weapons and intel
> supplier coordinated by rockefeller pal maurice strong whose
> pal paul desmerais, frequent canadian PM maker,sits on the
> boards of 6+ rothschild banks. china has purchased large
> chunks of rothschild banks in the last year alone. old money
> rockefeller is cordinating with obama's handler
> [Brzezinski]. together they will force india to step up the

> attack on pakistan. [Brzezbama's] handlers want imposed
> peace on israel/palestine and securing of israeli nukes as
> part of the package. old money doesn't want the
> increasingly
> political and religious rightward moving, increasingly
> extremist idf to control nukes any longer. old money wants
> iran brought into the "family" of nations and a
> caspian pipeline through iran plus pulling it out of
> russia's orbit. brez has always had a hate on for
> russia. (have you seen the wearechange crowd dogging him on
> 9/11? videos on youtube. hilarious seeing brez put on the
> spot among his sycophants. watch for india/pakistan to lob a
> nuke or too. joe blow usa will basically be distracted from
> these shenanigans by US currency
> devaluation/depression,false flag attack.the perfect
> economic storm has yet to hit, even as more more of the US
> economy is nationalised and corporatism sets in further.
> watch for major shnanigans to start on or very near to
> presidential inauguration day, a day and ceremony right out
> of the masonic bible.and of course the major players are
> unseen and mostly unknown and/or ignored. that's another
> story i intend to cover for
> folks. trying to get a web radio dealy up by end december.
> my techie jammed so i'm stuck having to follow written
> radio manuals which are basically geek/greek to me. print is
> way too slow to respond to what's coming and soon.
> best
> marc
> crimes and corruptions of the nwo news


Live & Learn: Maurice Strong

Andrew Wahl From the December 8, 2008 issue of Canadian Business magazine - Cached

The NWO and Maurice Strong


Flashback: India falls in love with Israel

Mumbai Photographer: I wish I'd had a gun, not a camera. Armed police would not fire


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