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Quotes for Today - Nov. 21, 2008

History's greatest conspiracy theories

1. September 11, 2001 - Thanks to the power of the web and live broadcasts on television, the conspiracy theories surrounding the events of 9/11 - when terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington - have surpassed those of Roswell and JFK in traction. Despite repeated claims by al-Qaeda that it planned, organised and orchestrated the attacks*, several official and unofficial investigations into the collapse of the Twin Towers which concluded that structural failure was responsible and footage of the events themselves, the conspiracy theories continue to grow in strength. Telegraph

*(I don't know of any proven claims such as this. All appear to be Mossad, CIA and other 'intelligence services' fabrications. Those Brits, just can't trust their media either. k)

Full Fathom Five
In this segment of the 1994 painting, Full Fathom Five, most of the current "major powers" can be symbolically seen five fathoms down, as part of the ruins they shall soon become. From the cities on top to the archeological ruins of the past (now reburied); from the Great Wall of China, to the middle-ground of Washington that sits atop the Parthenon, behind the dome of Hagia Sophia supported by a black papal column and by a barren stone remnant from so many other religions that have vanished into history. This relic that commemorates the clash of various religions is constraining the rise of that 'Sun' that was once the core of all religions. Below this and to the left a structural-symbol of ancient Russia, and Russian Orthodoxy; just above the shadows that hold the shell of the Opera House of Sidney: All of this is only a small portion of what will soon find its way down to those depths that are reserved for failed empires and ruined worlds.
Jim Kirwan

20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama’s White House

"U.S. policy is not about one individual, and no matter how much faith people place in President-elect Barack Obama, the policies he enacts will be fruit of a tree with many roots. Among them: his personal politics and views, the disastrous realities his administration will inherit, and, of course, unpredictable future crises. But the best immediate indicator of what an Obama administration might look like can be found in the people he surrounds himself with and who he appoints to his Cabinet. And, frankly, when it comes to foreign policy, it is not looking good."

Jeremy Scahill via Revelations

Carl Jung, George Bush and 'White Heat': The Psychopathic 'Will to Power' and World War

"No one has yet made a psychopathic killer criminal movie quite like 'White Heat', a 1949 classic starring James Cagney. To paraphrase statements by Condoleeza Rice about the intentions of 19 alleged Arab hijackers, 'no one could have foreseen' that George W. Bush would come so close to a reprise of Cagney's searing, most memorable performance. For as long as Bush occupied the Oval Office, almost everyone could imagine George Bush, as Cody Jarrett, figuratively climbing on board a nuke, declaring himself on top of the world as he blew it all up!

Many so-called primitive tribes make a ritual of ostracizing a member who has breached the most sacred shibboleths.Bush has been shunned by his peers. The loss of their respect might have required his ritual suicide in some eastern cultures. Just recently, Japanese and British commanders were expected to shoot themselves."
Len Hart

Media Gone Gay and Ga-Ga About Obama
"And it’s not just MSNBC. Oh, no. All the liberal Jew media is now out in full-force propagandizing Obama into some kind of hero of the ages, even when he’s done JACK! One of the Jew’s many organs, Time magazine, has come out comparing Obama to FDR and even to good old Abe Lincoln himself, when the man has yet to even spend one lousy dam day in office! Can you believe the utter BS, anymore, people? I mean really."
Incog Man

Al Walid
"Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is a member of the Saudi Royal Family.
In the 1990s Al-Walid bought shares in Citicorp. His holdings in Citigroup reportedly comprise half of all his wealth
Reportedly Al-Walid has made investments in such companies as AOL, Apple Inc., Worldcom, Motorola, News Corporation Ltd.
As of 2008, there are plans for the $10 billion construction of the Burj Al-Meel a skyscraper to one mile (1600m) in height.
Reportedly, Al-Walid is on the board of directors of the Carlyle Group. (Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG))"

Is Hillary Clinton the "Queen of Sleaze"?
"If I had young children, I would not leave them alone with Hillary Clinton."
Steven G. Erickson

Gutteredownarung: Notes on a Book You Won't Read
"Unless BIG MEDIA and its enablers (Oprah, NYT Book Review etc.) decide you’re THE NEW ONE (usually a good-looking woman, preferably “ethnic” or Jewish, under 40), you’re at best, in the back stacks at B&N “The World’s Largest (and ONLY) Bookstore” like Pynchon, James Baldwin, Ken Kesey, Kathy Acker, et al."
Adam Engel

US missiles strike deeper inside Pakistan

"Missiles launched from an unmanned US drone killed at least five people on Wednesday in the Pakistani village of Indi Khel. The attack is the first outside the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) that border Afghanistan.

The provocative strike marks a further escalation of US operations against alleged Islamist militants inside Pakistan. By extending its targets beyond the semi-autonomous FATA region, Washington threatens to destabilise broader areas of the country."
Peter Symonds

"Al-CIA-Duh" Has outlived Its Usefulness
That's the impression I got from this article.

The MSM must know we are on to them and their propaganda.

While not contradicting intelligence assessments suggesting that Al Qaeda remains a major threat with a strong presence in the tribal areas of Pakistan, the report says that the group "may decay sooner" than many specialists have assumed because of severe weaknesses: "unachievable strategic objectives, inability to attract broad-based support, and self-destructive actions."

World leaders refuse to shake Bush's hand
"Not only do the world's most powerful leaders refuse to shake the POTUS' hand, they also seem to refuse to even make eye contact. Heckuva job, Bush. Heckuva job.
I think I speak for the entire world (well, everyone other than the 20% dead-enders) when I say January 20th can't come soon enough." (with video)
via Strike the Root

Jana Shakarian or How to Bomb for a Ph.D.

"Some weird terror scare is constructed in this: Somali Pirates' Successful Business Model, Trade with Terrorists: UM Researcher

The Somali pirates are growing their business - expanding their area of operation, managing public relations, reinvesting in the enterprise - and appear to have a growing relationship with militant Islamic groups, says University of Maryland researcher, Jana Shakarian, who monitors political, social and security conditions in Africa.
Al-Shabaab is suspected to entertain relations with Al-Qaeda. ... Al-Shabaab seems to profit from the piracy business ..."

Moon of Alabama

A Perfect Storm? Obama and the Zionist Power Configuration

"See this for yourself. Obama clearly promises to do the neoconservatives’ bidding for Israel, as Israeli peace advocate Uri Avnery noted. Obama’s appearance before AIPAC, he wrote, was an appearance that "broke all records for obsequiousness and fawning."

Bush took the nation to war against Iraq because, as Petras argues, “The Zionist elite in the Bush regime invented the pretext and the propaganda for war and most important, successfully designed and operationalized the US invasion of Iraq.” Now Petras can point out that Obama’s top advisers “have long and notorious links to the top echelons of the principal Zionist propaganda mills.” Members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations wrote the speech Obama gave in front of AIPAC and “formulate his Middle East policy.”

Due in large part to Jewish Lobby control over the Democratic Party, an unmistakable message was given to the country: “the strategy Bush actually committed to was that which was in line with Israel’s ‘strategic interest’ of extending its power and domination in the Middle East.” When new Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi hinted at holding back funding for Bush’s war, the Lobby sent a clear message against it, and Pelosi “swallowed the frog in silence.”

Edmund Connelly via atheo's blog
"I had a dream. Al Qaeda captured Bush and well......cooked him"

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