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Quotes for Today - Nov. 23, 2008


"OBAMA'S "preference for General James Jones, a former Nato commander who backed John McCain, as his National Security Adviser and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, a supporter of the war, to run the Homeland Security department has dismayed many of his earliest supporters.

"The likelihood that Mr Obama will retain George W Bush's Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, has reinforced the notion that he will not aggressively pursue the radical withdrawal of all combat troops from Iraq over the next 16 months and engagement with rogue states that he has pledged."

Obama Will Keep Bush's Tax Cuts
"Is this really the "change" you voted for, America? Or what you thought you were voting for?

"Obama is said to be reconsidering one key campaign pledge - his proposal to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. According to several people familiar with the discussions, he instead might let those tax cuts expire as scheduled in 2011"

Gee, Obama really took you Americans for a ride, didn't he?"

The Brainwashing of American Children is no Myth
"The mythic system of the "war on terror" has been deeply programmed over decades using your own "popular" media against you.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has enormous amounts of evidence proving to an intelligent jury that 9/11 was a false flag operation of our own government. This operation requires a massive fraud employing control methods over mass media which is fully documented at the National Archives and through the Church Commission.

If you understand the issues of war and peace are largely controlled by mass media in modern society, you will begin to understand the enormity of this fraud. If such media is secretly controlled by entities within our own government, this becomes an enormously important constitutional violation."
roberts court

Clinton Pick Wins Conservatives' Approval

"So who is happy about Clintons’ appointment? NeoCons, that’s who."

Rahm the Mechanic Goes to Washington

Ok, Emanuel may not be an Israeli Citizen, even though Israeli law grants citizenship to Jews who are born for Israeli parents abroad. As a matter of fact the Israeli Law of Return" Grants Israeli citizenship to any Jew who wishes to have it. As a matter of fact many American Jews in high power positions are dual citizens. One such is Douglas Feith, who ran the Office of Special Plans at the Pentagon, and who concocted the 'Yellow Cake' theory giving George Bush the ammo he needed to invade an Arab country. Another one coming to mind is Michael Chertoff, our Director of Homeland Security whose father fought in the Bitar Brigade, a Jewish terrorist group during the Palestinian Holocaust which by the way, started way before the so-called 'Holocaust' of Europe and which continues to this very day. No doubt the reader is inclined to call me an 'anti-Semite' despite the fact that there is more 'semitism' in one of my eyelashes than there is in the whole of European Jewish community because I said the "so called" Oh well, I guess I am one of those 'self-hating' Semites.
Hesham Tillawi via The Peoples Voice

Iran Detains Terrorists Carrying Israeli Arms
The US State Department considers the PKK as a terrorist organization but has long been accused of supplying PJAK with arms to provoke ethnic unrest in Iran.

"Israeli-made weapons have been confiscated from terrorists arrested near the Iran-Iraq border, an Iranian intelligence official says.

“Four members of a terrorist organization equipped with Israeli weapons have been arrested near Iran’s border with Iraq’s Kurdistan region,” the counter-espionage director of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said on Saturday.

The official told reporters that the group had entered Iran on an assassination mission, but were arrested by Iran’s intelligence"
Press TV via There Are No Sunglasses

"Continuity" Died Today
"Timothy Geithner who comes to the Treasury from the presidency of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, together with Ben Bernanke, will kill any chance of removing the Federal Reserve from it's stranglehold over the US money supply.

Contrary to the parrots of mainstream news, Geithner will not bring continuity to anything: He will instead spearhead the seizure of virtually all that remains of the US Money Supply.
The financial universe in this country has just put up razor wire around both the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, to keep information 'IN" and the public's prying eyes "OUT," from the point of inauguration forward: Everything that shall happen as to 'How,' 'When,' 'Where,' and 'Why' our taxpayer's money shall be allocated will remain under the very closely guarded 'SECURITY,' of the un- American variety."
Jim Kirwan

Offenses Against Common Sense and Decency

"Older English ladies baking home-made cakes for hospital fundraising purposes shall cease and desist immediately. Why's that?

But what's this? NYC officials have ordered 22 churches to stop offering beds to the homeless amid freezing temperatures the week before Thanksgiving?

Speaking of that feeling....Israel continues to mete out collective punishment against 1.5 million Palestinians, more than half of whom are children, in blatant contravention of International Law. But weirdly, hardly anyone seems to notice!"
Twelfth Bough

Haaretz: 'Absolutely Everyone' in Israel Is Implicated in Sinful Settlements

"Brilliant piece by Gideon Levy--only in Haaretz--saying that the peace camp in Israel has been feckless from the start, and all are implicated in the settlers' movement. So much for the accidental empire claims of conscience. And when Levy says that Olmert says (and Emanuel too) there is no "partner for peace," which side are they talking about?

The occupation, the settlements, the police thugs and the brutality have been victorious over everything else. Never have so many people said we need to put a stop to things, and never have so few done anything about it. The Israeli occupation enterprise has never been so prosperous, sweeping up in its whirlpool all of Israeli society and a vast army of settlers, secret agents, soldiers, prosecutors, journalists, politicians, judges, doctors, engineers, builders, architects, industrialists, artists, archaeologists and average apathetic citizens. Everyone, absolutely everyone, is implicated. They speak peace, but make war; oppose the settlements, but take part in their construction; say "two states," but vote Likud; close their eyes, hide their faces and wrap themselves in the most dangerous of blankets: blankets of apathy.

But remember; no pressure on Israel from the U.S."
Philip Weiss

The core cancer of planet Earth is STILL the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict".

"It's easy to forget that the lose/lose for all concerned Israeli/Palestinian horror show has been THE social cancer that has metastasized to the entire planet.

Basically everything negative and destructive that has been happening all over the planet for several decades is either directly or indirectly related to this archetypal failure of civilized human existence."

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