Monday, December 29, 2008

5 Girls, Sisters, Killed in Their Sleep

Stand down 'Christian' nation.

It's not your babies.
Ethnic cleansing is not a 'sin' as long as the 'chosen ones' of Israel do it.

Support genocide.
Remain silent.


Fresh Israeli Strike Kills Five Sisters

The Israeli Army is still ongoing with its offensive against the residents of the Gaza Strip. A recent air raid killed on Monday at dawn five sisters, all children, increasing the death toll since Saturday to more than 305 Palestinians, nearly 1000 have also been wounded.

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Palestinian medical sources reported that the Israeli Army shelled the house of Anwar Ba’lousha, in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, killing five sisters, all children, while the rest of their family remain under the rubble, others were hospitalized.

The sources added that the daughters of Anwar Ba’lousha “are now at the morgue and under the rubble”.

Rescue teams and medics managed to locate the bodies of Sama, 4, and Samar, 24 months, and later on located the bodies of the three other sisters who remained unidentified until the time of this report.

Gaza City, 29 Dec. (AKI) - Five sisters, aged from four to 17, were among the civilian victims of Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency said on Monday. The UN agency's Christopher Gunness told Adnkronos International (AKI) that at least 57 civilians had been killed in three days of Israeli attacks and the number was expected to rise.

"It is a tragic illustration of what happens when you use massive means against a densely populated part of the world," Gunness told AKI.

Gunness said the five girls had been killed in an attack on a refugee camp overnight. He called for a full investigation of the civilian casualties to determine whether there had been a violation of international humanitarian law.

"We need to be absolutely clear of what happened," he told AKI. "It is very tragic indeed."
A Palestinian mourner shouts as he lifts the body of one of the victims of five members of the Balosha family, including three children and two teenagers, who were killed in an Israeli missile strike.


  1. The Israelis are not involved in offensives. Offensive is a military term; what we are witnessing is not a military offensive, but premeditated mass murder using military hardware provided by the US government. In plain talk it is genocide. There is nothing Christian about it, and it goes against all what Christianity stands for, but of course, it is fully consistent with Rabbi Rosen's brand of hateful Judaism.

    Please do not say that the present US administration has anything to do with Christianity, it is run by rabid Zionist genocidal maniacs. The White House actively fights the use of Christian symbols but happily instals a kosher kitchen and a big menorah on its grounds. The White House and adjacent buildings have in fact been become a Jewish community, an Eruv, which allows its staff to freely move about planning and implementing genocide without being limited by the Sabbath rules! What way to observe the Law!

    The leadership of the Axis of Evil of Washington and Tel Aviv must be brought to justice in the Hague. Until that happens pressume must be applied in the form of an open ended general strike in the US. The change of president makes no difference - Obama has already demonstrated that he has no intention to give the US back to its American people!

  2. For a people who claim to be taking "rational pursuits in life" and dot every i , they sure donot come across as such.

    They must have calculated the response they would receive from the world at large. But, they control America by "proxy", hell, they control entire nations with their old [bolshevic} ways, now termed "Conservatism". Alas, they must have planned on making trouble for others if the huge blowback over Gaza doesn't simmer down.

    I would say they had installed enough conservative lead Governments, from the bottom of Mexico to the top of Canada, AussieLand, etc.. and figured the time was ripe for the harvest of souls for their true lord, lucifer.

  3. You would think that after 6000 years of jew terrorism and genocide humanity has had enough.

    But, courtesy of that #1 international terrorist called America, it goes on. But not forever.

    The final day for those eternal evil, inbred rodent, warmongering, mass murdering, cowardly jew terrorist gutter scum is coming sooner then the sons of satan think. And the abetters of jew terrorism (America, England etc.) will also pay a well deserved heavy price.

    Evil will not last forever.


  4. I live about 60 kilo meters away from Gaza city,
    The most thiing hurts me is when I hear the noise of the Israeli war aircrafts going to kill my innocent people of Gaza.