Sunday, December 28, 2008

Are White People Stupid or What?


Since the holidays are all but over and the relatives have departed the premises, including your conservative, FOX news-loving Uncle Josh, with whom you had that “healthy” debate before turkey dinner and your sister-in-law from Vermont, the one who gave you that fierce look when you said Obama was not even Constitutionally qualified to be prez. Now may be a good time to ask this hard to ask question.

It’s tough, because of what it means to racially awakened Whites who thinks of these things, often he or she gets frustrated, listening to the usual holiday blather, when they know all the serious stuff “going down.” So this question must be asked. We hope that Whites, over-all, are not this stupid — not this oblivious to the reality of where this country is headed. Or are they?

Just think about all the interracial sex pushed in the media over the last few years – what could be the end result of that? What about allowing non-White immigration into the formerly White countries of the West? Don’t White people ever put two and two together about all this kind of thing? Yeah, one may very well think that Whites are stupid to ignore what is being done and allowing ourselves to be turned into minorities.

If you’re a White person who has read so far and are concerned with current events, you need to ask yourself some serious questions and find some way to divorce your personal, local ”world view,” so as to see the “big picture” going on today for our race. It behooves you to read on and think hard about these matters before you.


Whites are now the monsters and evil characters in a Jew-controlled Hollywood, while the heroes are anyone but.

Unfortunately, we know that everyday Whites have some serious problems in critical thinking which has brought us to this point. For example: When you talk to a White person about any of these subjects often the first thing out of their mouths is “I know such and such person and he’s a pretty nice guy!” So by inference, if the one person they know is nice than all of them must be. Oh sure, they’ll admit some can be bad — just like anybody else!

That’s the problem. American Whites through-out history have always been for the “little guy.” We don’t like to see evil oppressive powers enslaving innocent people. This has all been part and parcel to the American psyche since before the Revolutionary war — hell, it’s the whole reason we had the damn Revolution in the first place!

But this has been used by some very smart and racially devious people. And yes, I’m talking about the Jews here, of course. But the truth of the matter is that Jews are not a monolithic block, i.e. all of them are not on the same page and same wavelength. That would pretty much stand out like a sore thumb (besides being pretty freaky), something Whites would surely notice. Some are indeed nice people and believe the exact same things we do (well, not everything you see here!).

But on two different, but mutually compatible fronts this mostly cohesive, alien race has totally distracted and divided up the White race and all quite purposefully. We’ve been snowed people!

Now, one of the questions that frequently comes up is the news media and who owns it. Whites can easily see and understand that if an alien force controlled the media than they would likely control us. This is why we get in all these complicated debates about who owns and controls what, etc. But the basic building block to thought control is already within us. They’ve created the social/political boundaries which has placed blinders on all our heads — including the people working in the news media. That’s right. They’ve created the ultimate in censoring mechanisms through race politics. Simply put: They’ve used the American sense of “fair play for the little guy” to reject any possible thought that we, ourselves, are the real target. It’s quite diabolical when you think about it all.


Jews brag about running Hollywood.

And no, there is no playbook being passed around by Jewry to accomplish all this. General Jewry is left in the dark just as much as we are. Sure, many Jews do take part in all this, but this is just a reflection of the Jew’s inner fear and loathing of the White race. You can easily see this in movies from Hollywood today.

A typical screenplay nowadays might go like this: Cute, young White girl in college makes friends with the nerds, gays and blacks. She’s treated like hell by the stuck-up beautiful blond White girls, but eventually overcomes their treachery. All the outcasts become the winners due to everyone saying they’ve had enough of the evil White girls. The various minorities (including specifically Jewish-looking students) and the hero White girl (who ends up with the handsome but far-sighted White guy) live happily ever after. The Aryan-looking Whites, once again, got their comeuppance! But the trick here is to make sure enough Whites are in the mix on the “good side” so as to identify with. These are the ones who have seen the light and, most importantly, do not group themselves in homogeneous all-white group.

Now, we all know that there probably isn’t any top-secret instructions going out to the screenwriters to do the above. That would be too prone to discovery. No, this is an expression of the over-all social “screenplay” written for us in the Politically Correct world.

Of course, there are many other type of movies saying the same thing: Beet-faced White cavalry soldiers massacring helpless Indians in the West (many, in fact, were Black troops but that’s never shown), Evil White Southern Rednecks, going KKK on helpless Blacks. And then the usual Nazis goosestepping in Europe and heartlessly killing the Jews. Even the Sci-Fi monsters in Hollywood movies now have White skins and the heroes and computer hackers are all Black. White people do see all this but just ascribe it all to being “Politically Correct.” And they take the small examples they see on a daily basis and say to themselves it’s only this little thing – it doesn’t mean much — we can live with it and are big enough to not sweat the small stuff!

But that’s exactly how brainwashing works — you’re fed small stuff on a constant basis, so that you’re not supposed to notice very much. But it all adds up over time. What do you think the word “tolerance” means? If your body ingests small enough doses of poison, you will tolerate it and survive – in a seriously weakened state — ready for the final finishing spoonful. Think about it.

They do this kind of brainwashing all the time in product advertising. Let’s say you see your hero is having himself a cold beer in this action movie. Companies will pay serious bucks to make sure that hero is drinking himself a Budweiser. Or the housewife using Tide detergent in a scene. It’s little things out there that subtly prod you to buy certain products. They also seed target markets by hiring out of work actors to tout their product on the street, pretending they are just like regular people.

Now, getting back on topic, these same people have been using mass marketing techniques to shift the American consciousness in a “leftward” direction. This “Multicultural” direction shields them and their efforts from exposure and scrutiny. It is thought control, via social change, brought on by advanced propaganda techniques.

The first level is in our heads with all the Politically Correct business. But they also have a secondary protection that works in conjunction with the psychological efforts over the years. This is where media infiltration comes into play, making sure that the one danger of an altruistic belief system does not find a home in some inconvenient way — like with the Palestinian issue. They have to make sure that they are ignored, blacked out or replaced by the Israeli side’s excuse of fighting “terrorism.” Understandable, right?

There is an old Polish saying that goes like this: “A Jew cries out as he strikes you.”

You might see something on the Palestinian problem in the US media, but it always carefully worded and balanced out so that the Israelis are seen as victims and all of it is just them defending themselves. Americans are always “down” with the idea of defending oneself.

Inconvenient facts are invariably left out. The Palestinians might shoot a few primitive, unguided rockets into Israel, usually exploding harmlessly on some plot of land. Sure, they might kill an Israelis or two. If that happens, the Jews go completely off the Richter scale, being God’s Chosen Ones and all. The resulting, unreported, amount of retaliation is insane — the Israelis may massively bombard the Palestinians with 105 mm artillery and F-16 cluster bombs – killing dozens, maybe hundreds of Palestinians, even children.

Palestinian "collateral damage" from a US Hellfire missile.

Palestinian "collateral damage" from a US Hellfire missile.

Nor are we told that the first puny rockets fired from the Palestinians are retaliation to begin with, such as when one of their political leaders, conveniently deemed a “terrorist,” is blown to bits by a Hellfire missile fired out of the blue from a Predator drone sold or given to the Israelis by America. We are never told this side of the story.

Jews are indeed the modern-day “Nazi” of the world. They’ve so managed to flip-flop things around that, instead of them, Peaceful, pro-White people are slandered as “Nazi.” We’re not only being taken for a major-league ride by these people, we are also paying for their actions (above right) with our tax dollars, inflation and even outright theft! No friggen lie.

The Palestinian problem is but one area that’s considered too hot for the media to fully cover and investigate in detail. But sometimes stories do get covered, usually only when things are just too big to ignore — like the Bernie Madoff 50 billion dollar Ponzi heist – yet the “Jew” part is verbotten to mention. After-all that would be politically incorrect, right?

All these people on the news shows from hosts to pundits, producers and writers, know full well not to talk critically about any “people of color,” Gays and, of course, the ”eternally victimized” Jew. Which is the real idea.

White people who pat themselves on the back and say they are “conservative” because they watch FOX news are just as much at the mercy of these same kind of things. If you tell them that FOX news is really not much different from the other cable news, they may look at you like you’ve uttered some kind of crazy talk and may be turning into a MSNBC Obama freak.

Each cable news venue has their own “flavor” but all of them have the exact same “No-Go” zones on what they can talk about on-air. It does not take much beyond the over-all Politically Correct framework to enforce all of this. Plus, the talking heads on the air are usually following a teleprompter or hearing something in their ear pieces, from copy written by a producer who knows the score and is more likely to be fired than the talking head. Then you have video editing on canned reporting where tricky issues are removed from the broadcast version.

Basically, if people don’t see it, then it will never exist in the minds of the viewing public.

Whites are also infected with the same Politics early on in Education. This has been going on since the fifties, or even earlier. The real people behind the curtain, like the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIF), have been behind the funding of education through groups like the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie Mellon endowment and the British-based group, specializing in population manipulation, called the Tavistock Institute.

They have expended billions in our universities, colleges and even in the high schools pushing liberal agendas on formative minds. These efforts have been clearly recognized in the past, ascribed to an unseen “Communist Conspiracy,” yet laughed-off by the general public as “right winger” talk. But the fact of the matter is that these efforts have been and are quite real, to this day.

Even our religions have been targeted by these people. Which on the face of things is incredibly stupid for Whites to ignore. Jews hate Christianity and are always subtly and even openly attacking it, yet the corrupted TV Evangelicals preach that we need to support the State of Israel. Our schools even have “Christian Zionist” groups openly funded by a foreign government (Israel) and the Jew Anti-Defamation League (ADL) provides strategy handbooks to combat on-campus anti-war protests that have the temerity to bring up Israel or Zionism.

This ”invisible Jew” business is why you see so much blind hatred of Bush and Cheney. White activist liberals know the war in Iraq, etc. is a total lie, but stupidly ignore the Jew and intensify the blame on a politically OK target — evil White men. That’s not to say that some on the left don’t recognize Zionism, but they get little public traction since the “progressive” leadership is often Jewish. “Conservative” Whites are equally retarded, swallowing the whole Neocon, Israel-First, “War on Terror” viewpoints hook, line and sinker.

Now, let’s say you are a “liberal” or a “conservative” who has read this far. Unfortunately, most people take a quick look at something and dismiss it out of hand, without even reading and thinking about it. People are too busy, so they rely on initial impressions to save them effort and time. Plus, it scares them to consider that such things could be possibly true. They don’t want to hear it! Unfortunately, it is. It is the only “World View” that fits all the inconvenient facts now facing White America today.

White people are not stupid — they just don’t get the information from the public domain to consider and make conclusions, except on their own. Also, a White person may be a brilliant engineer or something, but when it comes to subjects like this, he or she may lack the personal bravery it takes to come to this understanding. Way too often, he’ll simply dismiss whatever comes his way as “conspiracy” nonsense. Which is just another form of thought control.

Whites are secretly afraid of being called Nazi by friends and family.

Whites are secretly afraid of being called Nazi by friends and family.

Talking about any race issue is socially dangerous to White people and when they do, it’s usually in a whispered form, in case Blacks are nearby. Or it might get a liberal White family member upset, causing them to loudly curse you as a Nazi or Klansman, running off crying about what an evil bastard you’ve become and you’re the reason the whole holiday dinner is now ruined!

Anything that cannot be combated with real facts, is then relegated to “conspiracy theory” or “black helicopter” and “tin-foil hat” talk. This is another embedded social constraint and has worked to keep Americans silent about race or anything to do with 9/11 Truth or the increasingly obvious phoney “War on Terror” pysops programs, because of where it might lead. No one wants to be considered a nut case by friends and family!

Another form of thought control is describing people who do talk about such things as ignorant and inbred. This is popular with those who have a vested interest in the situation, the other races of course, but also including Whites who have a self-image as being intelligent, fair and good. And they are not always whom you would call “liberal,” either. If you bring up a subject that may cast their “World View” in error — what they have bought into – they will attack you by calling you stupid, thus preserving the fact that they are and always have been right about the matter, hence smarter than you.

This is usually accompanied with a narrowing of eyelids, tightened lips and dismissive waving of hands. They are fearful that you might make a point that will put a crack in the social edifice they’ve built-up around them and instinctively take the fastest and safest way out — by turning to a stereotype created for them by the very people supposedly so against stereotypes!


Whites showing racial solidarity in any form is considered evil and blindly attacked by the media as “White supremacy.” Many Whites, liberal or otherwise, will call these Whites “ignorant” when the direct opposite is true — racially aware Whites often have a firm grasp of history and are much more insightful of geopolitical realities and political influence, than those who merely parrot liberal slogans. They are the real modern-day patriots and enemies to the war-mongering, Zionistic power structure now afflicting Western countries.

One thing that often surprises Whites coming to their senses racially, is that Whites whom they once considered as ”racist” and dismissed as “ignorant” are far from stupid. They are actually very intelligent and knowledgeable about many subjects like history.

This has been aided by the Internet, since they can’t make judgements based solely on what a person looks like. You could have some guy who looks like a NeoNazi skinhead with biker tattoos and the whole nine yards, discourse quite expertly on the details of the Dual Monarchy in Austria-Hungary before World War I and how this led to conflict. Hell, this guy could do rings around your typical White FOX or MSNBC news viewer.

Racially aware Whites have seen right through today’s bull and have the critical thinking skills necessary to form their own judgements, not what the mainstream news has trotted out for them.

Whites indeed have some serious Achilles heels, racially-speaking, and the Jews have used these things against us. One race weakness is the sheer inability to conceive of another race, who happens to look like them, working in concert with one another to further their own race. Whites just don’t have a clue!

Most Whites think Jews are White. Too bad they don't.

Most Whites think Jews are White. They sure as hell don't think so.

They also don’t see the fact that Jews consider themselves a separate and superior race to begin with — only thinking Jews have a different religion, related to Christianity. Even the fact that most of them are atheistic, doesn’t seem to register.

Another real weakness of Whites is the inability to see bigger trends outside of their own little local sphere of the world and extrapolate out on what it means for them and their children down the road. They may base their political views on a media that has no problem keeping them in the dark about becoming a minority, right along with inferring Whites as evil — causing them to internalize the message to the point where they actually welcome these very attacks on their own race!

Whites even go so far as to think the White race doesn’t exist, when the other races think otherwise. Whites will tell themselves that they are “cool” and “with-it” and then trip all over themselves to keep from saying the wrong thing which could be misconstrued as “racist.” This is often a source of humor for other races and leads to disrespect and, like children, further spoiled militancy.

To conclude: Whites are not dumb per se, but have been confused and manipulated on two different fronts without consciously understanding the real deal. One front is from self-hating Whites and Jews in our media. The second front has been a silent long-term assault in the education arena and in political processes financed by the unimaginably rich Globalist Jew Criminal Network, the International Banking cartel which controls the lifeblood of this country via the private, monopolistic Federal Reserve.

All these things can readily be researched over the Internet, for now. It is entirely up to you to look into it and decide for yourself. If you are waiting for someone like the friendly Charlie Gibson on ABC’s World News Tonight or the feisty Bill O’Reilly on FOX news to tell you of these things then you can just forget it and roll over like a dog and take it. It just will not happen.

White people are indeed smart. Our average IQ level is the highest on the planet, but we’ve been relentlessly brainwashed for the last few generations to confuse and divide our race in so many devious ways that it’s difficult for the regular White to grasp the totality of it all. They may suspect they don’t get the full story, but that’s about it.

In the end, when Whites figure out the real deal, we’ll come out swinging. When Whites get mad and organized, then our real brain power and talents come to the fore and woe unto those on the other side of the equation. It’s this very prospect that most scares the people behind all of this and is the real reason they’ve done this as stealthily as possible. They don’t want the White race coming to our senses, putting a screeching stop to their devious agenda and then making America number 80 on the hit parade of countries which gave them the big boot!

– Phillip Marlowe



  1. I am not sure what to think!

    At one point, the author claims that Hamas fires "a few" missiles into Isreal. That statement is true only if there is a "cease fire!" Hundreds of missiles is not usually deffined as "a few."

    Hamas must be destroyed and Isreal is doing the right thing.

  2. Wow. All I can say is this site has gotten a lot better since 2008. Less white supremacism, divide and conquer,fake victimhood bullshit and more focus on Israel,9/11 and warmongers in general. Very good.

    Fuck Incogman and all racist trash hasbara trying to destroy movements from within.

  3. Oh, and Anon@12:15,2008, not that you'll read this but for posterity-Israel literally never does the right thing.