Friday, December 26, 2008

Bottle Rockets vs. Israel

Fox News and other MSM are reporting that Israel is close to invading Gaza to prevent the rocket attacks on its settlements.

Quote: "Israel is losing patience. "

They are also reporting that the border with Gaza has reopened on Friday to allow deliveries of humanitarian aid.

How nice to give a last meal.

And thanks Israel for not starting the war on Christmas day and interrupting America's dinner.

About those rockets. They kill more of their own than Israelis, which so far is zero since the truce ended.

One projectile fired by militants landed short of its target and struck a house in northern Gaza, killing 5-year-old Hanin Abu Khoussa and her 12-year-old cousin, Sabah Abu Khoussa, Gaza Health Ministry official Dr. Moiaya Hassanain said. Three other young people were wounded. source

Some are even thinking the rockets are not even fired from Gaza but from within Israel.

Kawther Salam writes:
If the firing of these rockets from Gaza can be doubted, from where else could they have been fired? From within Israeli territory perhaps? Could it be that the firing of these rockets is a propaganda campaign implemented by the IDF in order to “justify” a long-planned massacre against the people of Gaza?
- Could it be that the IDF is using the inhabitants of Sderot, Asqelon and other places around Gaza in order to construct a justification for genocide against a people who are already half hungered to death? hat tip

This accusation is not new. It's been reported a long time. War by deception and all.

Other middle east reports are that the green light has been given for a Gaza operation.

From Al-Manar TV:
The Israeli defense establishment is currently preparing for a military move against Hamas targets in Gaza after it received the green light Wednesday from the Israeli Cabinet.

During a cabinet meeting about the situation in and outside the Gaza Strip, a senior Israeli occupation army officer gave ministers in attendance an overview of the potential retaliatory moves that the defense establishment is planning against Hamas' regime. A media blackout was declared on the deliberations.

By late morning Wednesday, the Magen David Adom rescue service declared its highest level of alert.

An Israeli official told Israeli daily Haaretz that Israel's response will go beyond the air raid, "Our response will be substantial and painful to Hamas," the official said.

Most strikes will come from the air and be aimed at facilities believed to be of strategic importance to Hamas' political and military leadership. However, the officer said that weather conditions are currently preventing the air force from launching the raids.

According to officials in Tel Aviv, the overview also included a special reference to the possible implications of attacking Hamas.

"We are not eager to strike, but we will not hesitate to act," one official said. "If Hamas is looking for noise, we will make Gaza very noisy."
hat tip

It's inevitable that an attack will take place soon rather than waiting until after Obama's inauguration. That way there won't be any administration debate. After killing over a million Iraqis, what's a few starving Gazans.

The domestic media will be on the side of the Israeli 'victims' as always. The spin will place all the blame on those bad Arabs. Iran will be implicated as an accessory to incitement and ratchet up the call to attack them. An attack on Lebanon may not be too far behind.

Israel is good at killing. Also very good at blackmailing America, spying on everyone they want to, manipulating financial markets and controlling the media, all with help from allies in the good ole USA.

Stay tuned. The bloodbath is premiering soon. Children included.

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