Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hebrewnomics — Helping To Expose The Jewish Exploiters



SO IT TURNS OUT THAT ONE OF THE LARGEST PONZI SCHEMES IN HISTORY was run by the Jew Bernard L. Madoff. Who knows how many billions were transferred out of the country to Israel, Switzerland, or some Caribbean island before this wicked scheme came crashing down. At least we can take solace in the fact that many of his Jewish family members, friends, and coworkers will be well cared for during his stay in prison: “Madoff said he had about $200 million to $300 million left and planned to distribute money to select employees, family and friends before surrendering to authorities in about a week, the government said.” Quite hilariously, Madoff was a major benefactor and supporter of the Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University (he was the treasurer of the board of directors there…what chutzpah The Chosen have!), though his name was promptly removed from their website once the scandal broke; however, it’s still viewable in the cached versions of some webpages or by highlighting the blank spot where his name once was.

This is in no way surprising: Jews are disproportionately white-collar criminals and have comprised the highly exploitative hypercapitalist class in every single country they have ever settled in (there used to be a whole lot of Jewish blue-collar criminals too…maybe there still are?). They move fluidly between the role of predator, parasite, or scavenger depending on their overall situation in the host country. At any given time the individual Jew or groups of Jews in a society are playing one or more of these different roles, but there is always an elite core of ultra-plutocratic Jews who manage to claw, cheat, steal, deceive, and/or kill their way to the top of the economic food chain at which point they commence to vampirically bleed the country dry of as much money as they can and begin to hoard it for themselves and the Jewish community.

Many of these plutocratic Jews do indeed give much money to charities, but the vast majority of these charities ‘just happen to be’ Jewish charities which support Jewish enrichment activities even though Jews are already one of the wealthiest and most successful ethnic groups in the world (i.e., they hardly need any charity). In addition to these organizations related exclusively to Jewish education, Jewish business endeavors, Jewish health issues, Israel/Zionism, etc., a whole lot of wealthy Jews also send many billions per year to support legions of highly unproductive Talmud scholars and other Yeshiva bochers (all of these schools are registered as tax-free nonprofits, of course) which serves to sharpen the collective Jewish mind at the expense of non-Jewish money; the most learned and intelligent scholars also tend to have the most children in these communities, which eugenically enriches the overall Jewish gene pool with very intelligent (but so often devious) DNA. Along with the billions given to them by their wealthy co-ethnics, these Talmudic parasites also manage to collect lots of government welfare because they often officially fall below the poverty line due to their very large families and lack of employment (because of their extreme non-assimilation within the wider society). To make matters worse, a lot of money is laundered by these Talmudists for the very wealthy secular Jews and they cooperatively deal in various black-markets: illegal tax-evading diamonds (along with precious metals), expensive jewelry, drugs, rare art works, valuable archaeological artifacts, and other high-priced but easily hidden and transported goods are constantly traded hands under the table amongst these people as they seek to avoid government tax collectors (many of who are actually, SURPRISE!, Jewish).

Unfortunately, a fairly large amount of these Talmudists eventually leave the ghettoized Yeshivas (or their kids do) for the secular world (recent examples include Chertoff, Mukasey, Shalom Weiss, etc etc.) and commence to use their sharply analytical, highly suspicious, hyperintense, and greedy-scheming-materialistic minds to figure out even more ways to economically rip-off non-Jews and/or worm their way in to high-paying and influential positions in the arenas of business, the media, and government with the help of their ethnic networks — thus these Yeshivas often account to nothing more than breeding grounds (remember, they are largely funded by the money of ripped-off Gentiles) for generation after generation of hucksters, swindlers, con-artists, schemers, fraudsters, and criminals of all stripes…in short, new generations of corrupt bankers, lying lawyers, unjust journalists, Occidental-hating professors, dishonest politicians, and so on. This allows them to further cement and centralize their control over an already prostrate society.

Here’s another article: read it but do not weep — instead, read that article (noting all of the Jews found therein) and get very angry over the greed and hubris of the most materialistic, scheming, and avaricious group of human beings to ever walk planet Earth. Next, take a few minutes and learn how various peoples and nations in the past rewarded them for their economic terrorism.


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