Thursday, December 18, 2008

Primal Scream

Are we near the point where as a society and culture we collectively break out into a 'primal scream' to release the internalized demons that have been externally forced upon us?
primal scream by Gail Trunick

Primal Therapy is not just making people scream. It was the title of a book. It was never 'Primal Scream Therapy'. Those who read the book knew that the scream is what some people do when they hurt. Others simply sob or cry. It was the hurt we were after, not mechanical exercises such as pounding walls and yelling 'mama'."

Arthur Janov

The psychotherapist Arthur Janov created primal therapy as the means of eliciting repressed pain and trauma. Janov claims that in primal therapy, patients would find their real needs and feelings in the process of experiencing all their Pain. The capitalized term "Pain" refers in primal theory to any general emotional distress and its purported long-lasting psychological effects.

Janov claims that therapeutic progress can only be made through direct emotional experience, which allows access to the source of psychological pain in the lower brain and nervous system. In this view, psychological therapies which involve only talking about the problem (referred to as "Talking Therapies") are of limited effectiveness because the cortex, or higher reasoning area of the brain, Janov claims has no ability to affect the real source of psychological pain in other areas of the brain. This is emphasized throughout Janov's writings.

Janov believes that there is only one source of mental illness (besides genetic defects) - imprinted pain. And Janov believes that this unitary source of neurosis implies that there can be only one effective cure - re-experiencing. source

Collectively we may be nearing the breaking point of neurosis and mental illness brought on by a societal system based on deception, greed and downright lies.

Religion, education and the various forms of manipulations of the masses through media and advertising have resulted in a polarity of our minds. A schizophrenia where whatever ideals we may have are distorted and non-functional. A disorder that has allowed us to sit idly by while a relatively small number of psychopaths have taken control of most aspects of our lives.

As long as we have a little money, TV and entertainment, good food, drugs, alcohol and a few personalized materialistic items of diversion the mental disorders are repressed.

Take those things away and the pain of an off-kilter mind comes to the forefront.

Now it appears that these diversions are being taken away and the pain is increasing daily.

Survival is just too tough, not only for individuals but for our society.

We don't know what to do, how to act.

Slowly as the repercussions of a mentally disturbed society hit our front door, the pressure that has built up for so long has to come out.

What form will it take?

Individual depression or individual action?

Collective despair or collective action to undo what has been done?

To use the Janov analogy, perhaps it's close to the time for the masses to let out a great primal scream.

A scream so loud that the pain can be released.

A scream so loud that it puts fear into the hearts of the manipulators of our lives.

A scream so loud that it can only be followed by action and truth.

Or perhaps we won't scream at all, only whimper before we die.

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  1. I've been screaming for years (and I know many much, much longer). Is a scream heard if masters and serfs are deaf?

    Oh, I gotta go... my show's on.