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Thoughts for a Saturday Morning

Biggest Full Moon of 2008! by Lynn  Roebuck.
Wow, the biggest full moon in fifteen years! It was a cold night to be taking photo's but well worth it! ;-) December 12, 2008 by Lynn Roebuck

Can you guess who wrote this?

The funny thing is, the report is titled ”Administration unwilling to see automakers fail,” as if they aren’t already failures — as if allowing inept and inefficient businesses and CEOs to suffer the consequences of their own actions, by refusing to loot the rest of us, is something to be ashamed of. As if the U.S. Constitution gives the president, Congress, or any federal entity the authority to do any of this crap in the first place.

“Constitution? What’s that?”

AP = Assisting Pillagers.

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FDIC Head Catching Flack for Trying to Help Homeowners

Sheila girl, you've gotta get with the times and use the FDIC to bail out the Big Boys of banking, not struggling homeowners! Just like the FDIC was used to bail out S & L's in the 1980's, to the tune of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

Back then, "Poppy" Bush helped oversee the looting of the S & L's, now days, Junior's helping cart off the loot for the Wall Street banksters, like the GREENBERGS, Abraham FULD and "Abe MADOFF.

"Attention, attention everyone, champagne and caviar now being served in the Ben Gurion lounge."

The little people, they get tossed overboard, while the fat cats scoop up the gravy and the band plays on.

more - Greg Bacon

Army Brigades Train For Homeland Response Mission

"While Obama and his team are making it sound as if they will use the military in a non-combative roll, part of the training being conducted is in urban warfare," claims political strategist Mike Baker.

"Obama appears oblivious to Posse Comitatus and to the US Constitution when it comes to using the military against civilians within US borders," he added.

The division will conduct the mission for a year, rotating its six divisions through escalating readiness levels, explained Army Col. Roger Cloutier, who commands the 1st Brigade "Raiders." After that, the mission will pass to other Army brigade combat teams, Pentagon officials told

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Homeland Security Chssief Chertoff Can't Even Keep Illegals Out of His Home
I find it absolutely hilarious that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had illegal aliens working for him inside his home. This guy is suppose to protect our borders and he cannot even protect his front door.
I would think immigration status would be pretty important when dealing with the Homeland Security boss. But it just goes to show that the government really does not care at their core who is coming into this country, nor what those illegals are up to. I’m pretty sure that entering this country illegally is still a crime, but I could be wrong when it comes to King George
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Fake Truthers Struggling to Spin ISI Official's 9/11 Truth Stance

Ha! See, for the longest time (until everyone caught on) people like Jon gold have been trying to push a LIHOP version of 9/11 truth that included Pakistan as the facilitators of the hijackings that we now can say quite definitively did not happen. Now with Gul coming out and saying that both 9/11 and Mumbai were false flag attacks they are having to come up with some way to make this somehow make sense in the context of their bogus claims against Pakistan. The whole idea of the LIHOP Patsystan agenda was to enable 9/11 truth to morph into something completely unrelated to the real truth, that cenetered around the demolition of the WTC, the central importance of which Jon Gold and those like him have always denied. While I can't speak for Gul's intentions, CNN clearly thinks that linking Mumbai skepticism to 9/11 skepticism they will help the false case against Pakistan in the Mumbai false flag attack, but the strategy is likely to backfire since both will simply serve to sink each other. This is why we, the real truthers, will win in the end. The liars of all stripes are just painting themselves into absurd and impossible to believe corners...
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Freedom, Reason, Cults...
What happens when we apply dictionary definitions of "cult" to mainstream institutions? Freedomain Radio -
video - via Strike the Root

Partners Google share price November 2007 - $747

Google share price December 2008 - $315

Google hit by economic slump
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The Crucifixion of Ahmadinejad

I am always amazed at the effectiveness of our hasbara and the stupidity of the goyim who go along with it. It doesn't seem to matter what we the Jewish people do, because the goyim have been trained like docile dogs to see us as the victims.

Even when we are managing to starve to death a million and a half Palestinians, more than half of them children, in front of the whole world, in the greatest concentration camp on Earth!
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Hypocrisy With One-World Impunity
For any nation to have a future its people must have real and growth-oriented jobs; along with job protection and benefits that do not drain the money that employees can earn. This principle has been under attack since the Tri-Lateral Commission held its first global meeting in 1973.
What is at stake now in the current battle over the continuation of the big-three automotive giants is not about the viability of their products but rather this concerns the imbalance between the failed leadership of those corporations, supported by the criminal- enterprise of government in league with the One-World Order, that is designed to eliminate real wages and benefits for those that produce the vehicles, while rewarding the corporations and the boards of directors for their complicity in bringing down these last remaining manufacturing giants in a place that is now devoid of the remaining home-grown jobs that once offered real possibilities to their employees.
more - Jim Kirwan

Who is Bernard Madoff?
"It's all just one big lie."
- Bernard Madoff to his sons about his $50 billion "Ponzi" scheme

Fraudster Bernard L. Madoff was national treasurer of the American Jewish Congress and Yeshiva University. So where did the $50 billion go?

The latest massive financial scandal is the giant $50 billion pyramid or "Ponzi" scheme run by a New York Zionist Jew, Bernard Lawrence Madoff. How can anyone lose $50 thousand million? Where did the $50 billion disappear to? Israel?

Madoff told two "senior employees," i.e. his sons, Mark and Andrew, at his apartment the night before his arrest that the Madoff hedge fund and his investment advisory business was "basically, a giant Ponzi scheme," according to court documents. His investment fund business was insolvent, and had been for years.

Many of Madoff's victims were fellow Jews looking for consistent returns on their investment, which his "Ponzi" scheme had been able to provide until a large number of investors tried to withdraw some $7 billion worth of funds in November. As the Wall Street Journal reported:

News of money manager Bernard Madoff's alleged fraud sent shock waves through upscale communities in the New York area and Florida where wealthy individuals had entrusted billions of dollars to Mr. Madoff for decades. Ira Roth, a New Jersey resident, who says his family has about $1 million invested through Mr. Madoff's firm, is "in a state of panic."

"This is going to kill so many people," said a current investor in Mr. Madoff's fund. "It's absolutely awful."

...Many of his clients knew Mr. Madoff personally but had little understanding of his investment strategy, which reported remarkably consistent returns of some 1% per month. They often referred to it as a "black box."

Madoff also allegedly said that the losses from the fraud were at least $50 billion, according to the criminal complaint. He told his sons that he was "finished," and that he had "absolutely nothing" and "it's all just one big lie."


So who is Bernard L. Madoff? Apart from running his "investment company" and being a former chairman and director of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ), Madoff is a very committed Jewish Zionist who has served as the treasurer of two leading Zionist organizations. Like Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers, Sanford Weill of Citibank, and Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G., the major culprits behind the $2 trillion bail-out, Madoff is another New York Zionist Jew who has committed a massive financial fraud and cheated Americans and others out of untold billions of dollars.

From the left: Bernard L. Madoff, Yeshiva University Board treasurer and Board chairman, Syms School; Sy Syms, vice chairman, Board of Trustees; and Josh S. Weston.

Madoff is a former national treasurer of the American Jewish Congress (AJC) of New York City, one of the major fund-raising organizations for the state of Israel. Founded by the Hungarian Zionist rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the AJC claims to be "the first Jewish Defense Agency to support the establishment of a Jewish state" and boycott Germany in the 1930s. Wise was a Zionist who had been trained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, where Michael Chertoff's rabbi father and grandfather also studied and taught.

Madoff is also the treasurer of Yeshiva University, a private Jewish university in New York City, where he is chairman of the board of the university's business school, the Sy Syms School of Business, which he has endowed with large donations, from his "Ponzi" scheme no doubt.

Belfer Hall is the main building at Yeshiva University.
Isn't it lovely?

Madoff has been a member of Yeshiva University’s Board of Trustees since 1996, and was elected chairman of the board of Syms School of Business in 2000. (Yeshiva University is clearly trying to erase traces of Madoff from their website, but the cached versions remain.)
At Syms, where Madoff is the chairman of the board, "Jewish tradition provides the framework for consideration of ethical issues, an integral part of the student's education." Does the "Jewish tradition" taught at Yeshiva U. support giant "Ponzi" schemes like the one run by their chairman? Is this the kind of business they teach the students at Syms? Cheat the "goyim," i.e. non-Jews, and steal their money?

That is exactly what the Talmud teaches, make no mistake about it. It is the main reason that Jews have been despised and expelled from so many nations throughout history.

Anyone familiar with the teachings of the Talmud, i.e. "Jewish tradition," will know that such anti-Christian schemes are at the heart of such an "education." This is why so many of the financial criminals involved in the current Zionist-produced "credit crisis" are Jewish Zionists who have been indoctrinated in such "Jewish traditions." The Zionist criminals involved in 9-11 and the cover-up of the truth are all tied to the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, which is a similar Zionist institution.

Yeshiva University has a branch in Israel, as does the American Jewish Congress. Madoff has been the main treasurer of both Zionist institutions during the period he ran his giant "Ponzi" scheme. If Madoff has lost billions of dollars, as is alleged, these institutions should certainly be investigated as possible recipients of stolen money. The Zionist criminal structure relies on its tax-exempt "religious" network of schools and charities. These institutions are the frame of the Zionist criminal and racist network and should be investigated and closed if they are found to be teaching racist ideologies. Jewish racism is no different than any other racism and should not be tolerated in a free and democratic society like America.
more - Christopher Bollyn

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