Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts for a Tuesday Morning

Bush and the Menorah (Photo: Reuters)

Bush and his wife Laura presided over what is once of the last ceremonies they will hold in the White House, meant to symbolize the strong bond between Israel and the US.

ZioNazis Spoil Eid

"The upbeat mood contrasts sharply with the dismal Muslim holiday season in the Gaza Strip. Because of an Israeli economic blockade imposed in response to repeated rocket attacks, the coastal strip is acutely short of sheep and cattle needed for the Muslim feast of the sacrifice."

Of course, if the shoe (smile) were on the other foot, the AmeriKan jewsmedia would be wailing about Muslims denying the Jews their services!


Obama's defence appointee signals continuing US belligerence
The trip by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates to the Middle East over the past week provided a sobering warning of what to expect when Barack Obama becomes president next month. Far from any winding back of US militarism, Gates, who will remain in his post under Obama, emphasised that the occupation of Iraq would continue and the war in Afghanistan escalate, even as he renewed threats against Iran.
more -Peter Symonds at wsws.org

As Rates Race to Zero, Printing Presses Gear Up
When the Federal Reserve policymakers decide on interest rates Tuesday, investors will probably look one step beyond their decision, to gauge how much money will the Fed be willing to print once it is out of rate ammunition.

Rates won't likely hit zero Tuesday, but this could be unavoidable in the near future, according to strategists and market experts.

more - Antonia Oprita via Strike the Root

The Ultimate in Funny Money: Fed to Bypass Treasury and Issue Own Bills
Instead of pictures of Ben Franklin, George Washington and Abe Lincoln on the current fed funny money, we'll get pics of "great" Jewish-American heroes like Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Grinning because he knows he's pulled the wool over American's eyes again.

Between inflating the current money supply to oblivion and shoveling trillions of dollars to his banking buddies, Ben must be commended for helping loot this country in an orderly, systematic and relatively painless manner.... Unless you need to work for a living.
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more - Greg Bacon

more - Gideon Levy at Desert Peace

A Million McVeighs Now: The American-Made Insurgency in Afghanistan

The "Good War" in Afghanistan – the Bush-launched war that Barack Obama tells us we must fight and win – continues to deteriorate before our eyes. Just like every other operation in the so-called "War on Terror" (another Bush-launched campaign that Obama has fully embraced as his own), the Afghan war, now in its seventh year, has proven entirely counter-productive to its stated aims. Instead of stabilizing a volatile region and denying it as a base for violent extremism, it has of course done the opposite. The shock waves of the heavy-handed American-led invasion of Afghanistan – a country that no foreign power has ever conquered and held – have spread across Central Asia, most dangerously into Pakistan.
more - Chris Floyd

It's not just the Israelis who murder kids and steal their land

The 'good effects' of bombing a village market in Afghanistan

For very many years, the Americans and Europeans have been committing atrocities which could be described as 'Nazi-style', or 'Israeli-style'.

more - aangirfan

Flying Shoes, Bursting Bubbles

Unlike Bush, who has made four lightning-quick visits to Baghdad -- fleeting appearances under the cover of impenetrable security, during which he was spared any exposure to the gratitude of the pitiful people he "liberated" -- Zaidi lives in Iraq. He has to live with the consequences of Bush's whimsical little venture in mass murder and social destruction.
more - Will Grigg

Perhaps Gitmo should remain open
Dare I say a round up of these corrupted CEOs is in order where their rights are taken as they have taken the away so much from the American people? Should they have the audacity to ask for lawyers if we have seized their assets as we have done with funds suspected to going towards terrorists: All we have to say is, “Sorry, we can no longer afford for these public defenders to defend you.” Imagine their reaction to that statement.

This is where I can only dream and fantasize about Gitmo being kept open to receive these detainees who terrorized and will continue to terrorize millions of Americans and bankrupted our country. One has to wonder if anyone will bother coming to their aid.
more - Mary MacElveen

Bill of Rights Day, for what it's worth

Those ten amendments are a little time-worn and eroded in places ... well ... a lot of places. But they're still the best protection you have, aside from that rifle in your closet, against the predatory creatures we call government officials.

So, as we prepare for the latest passing of the imperial whip, let's put on our gloves and give the aging Bill of Rights a bit of a finger-wag to see how it's doing.
more - J.D. Tuccille

Learning from the Past

Look around how many people today know how to plant a garden, raise rabbits, chickens, tend honey bees, or set a trap line. I know very few. Today America in general is populated by a bunch of lazy whining degenerates who spend the day watching Jerry Springer or Monday night football, or looking in the mirror to see if their ass is fat.
more -

The Order to Destroy Has Been Given
'I think, this is not real. I must have walked in on a film set.' (Mats Svensson)

It is Wednesday afternoon on the 5th November. I woke up this morning and was happy. The man who repeatedly exclaimed “Change” and “Yes we can” had done the impossible, had proven that change is possible. Now seven hours have passed and I have gone to Silwan, south of Jerusalem's Old City. A house is to be demolished and the morning and the happiness feel distant, as if it had been a different time.

The questions aggregated this morning when I within myself still heard Obama's voice and simultaneously at a distance saw the violence spreading out before me.

Before I reach the house that is to be demolished, I stop for a while and look up at all the windows, at all the balconies, at all the flat roofs. People everywhere. Old, young, women, men. Everyone gazing in the same direction. I am struck by the silence. It is as if someone had said, “Silence, action.”

more - Mats Svensson – Jerusalem

Credit crisis forces rich Americans to pawn their designer belongings

In Beverly Hills, one of the nation’s glitziest post codes, so-called “collateral lenders” report an influx of well-to-do customers pawning everything from fine art to designer watches and diamond-encrusted jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A block from Rodeo Drive’s luxury shops and its extravagant Christmas displays - Baccarat Crystal chandeliers adorn the street - Jordan Tabach-Bank, self-described “pawnbroker to the stars”, is seeing “plenty of rich people” lining up for credit.

Close to upmarket Rodeo Drive lie the shops of the pawnbrokers to the stars which have been busy as the financial crisis deepens.
Close to upmarket Rodeo Drive lie the shops of the pawnbrokers to the stars which have been busy as the financial crisis deepens.
more - Telegraph UK

Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style hyperinflation

The Federal Reserve has bluntly refused a request by a major US financial news service to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from US taxpayers and to reveal the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral. Their lawyers resorted to the bizarre argument that they did so to protect 'trade secrets.' Is the secret that the US financial system is de facto bankrupt? The latest Fed move is further indication of the degree of panic and lack of clear strategy within the highest ranks of the US financial institutions. Unprecedented Federal Reserve expansion of the Monetary Base in recent weeks sets the stage for a future Weimar-style hyperinflation perhaps before 2010.

more - F. William Engdahl at The Peoples Voice

What shoes would you throw at Bush?

Steeltoe combat boots covered in blood and dogshlt, made in Commie China. White House press whore Dana Parino got a black eye! "Lips" Bush has obviously gotten Secret Service training on playing dodgeball. As head cheerleader at all-male schools I'm sure he got a lot of balls thrown his way (Victor Victoria Ashe). Too bad Amerikan journos are too busy sucking (up) to do their job. Now all journalists will be required to be shoeless.

Note how Secret Service did NOTHING to protect Bush after the shoe bomb attack. Bush just stands there like an idiot.

Just like 9/11 and the Pet Goat.

more - Pirate News TV

Thought on failure...
I do wish everyone would quit refering to the ruling junta as a failure. It may indeed be the Worst Presidency Ever, but make no mistake, this bunch succeeded in everything they set out to do. No failures.
Ten Bears

Holding The Sun

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