Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Traitor" and the FBI

I watched the movie Traitor yesterday. Despite the cliches, there was a hint of truth in it.

The FBI sometimes crosses the line and becomes an active participant in the terrorist activities that they are empowered to investigate.

A quick look at some online reviews of the movie didn't turn up any meaningful analysis from reviewers of how rogue elements of our government are involved in setting up patsies in the 'War on Terror.' Don Cheadle, the star, put it as having 'blood on our hands.'

The FBI needs terrorists. It justifies increasing budgets and maintaining their status quo.
Of course the main stream media is always happy to go along with the many scams.

The conviction of the Fort Dix 'aspiring terrorists' is the latest example of entrapment of some not so bright “radical Islamists” by the FBI.

Defense lawyers argued that the men were never serious about attacking Fort Dix, and that the government informants repeatedly coaxed them into making the incendiary comments recorded on government wiretaps.

The defense also challenged the credibility of the informants. One was an Egyptian-born illegal immigrant on probation for bank fraud who was paid more than $230,000 by the F.B.I. for his undercover work; the other was paid about $150,000. NY Times

Was the FBI complicit in the 1993 WTC bombing?

CBS NEWS report about FBI foreknowledge of the World Trade Center bombing.

How about FBI involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing?
see: Oklahoma City Bombing Was A False Flag Attack

The FBI was heavily involved in the Branch Davidian fiasco in 1993.
see: The Waco Massacre

The FBI destroyed evidence at Ruby Ridge after murdering Randy Weaver's wife and son.
see: Massacre at Ruby Ridge

The FBI's hand in domestic 'terrorist' incidents should always be looked at with a critical eye and they are only one piece of the puzzle. The CIA, Mossad and other outlaw elements are also heavily entrenched and play a big part.

At least the jewish Hollywood establishment occasionally gives us a glimpse of the inner workings of elements of our criminal government but I doubt if the majority of viewers of 'Traitor" will even catch the hints.

Blood on our hands indeed.


  1. The FBI sometimes crosses the line..


    I can recall a story in the KC Star I read after 9/11, when the trial against the 20th hijacker, Moussaoui was going on. Moussaoui wanted to depose the head of the FBI and put him under oath to testify that the FBI had personally helped the hikackers make it into the country and move about the USA, unhindered.

    Shortly after that story broke, tales about Moussaoui being crazy started appearing in the MSM.


    Sounds like that man knows what he's talking about.

  2. Yeah,
    The crimes of the FBI and the media cover ups go on and on.