Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We are also under attack

"my part of the world is not immune to the attacks on truth"

When you are afraid to speak some truth and offer dissent, you are under attack.

That is unless you are part and parcel of the attack itself.

Let's see here, we have a massacre going on and when it comes to our political leaders they are silent or else cheering on the cowboys against the indians.

Obama is silent.

Congress is silent except for Dennis Kucinich and he wants to go to the UN, follow the web of procedures, waste a lot of time and end up doing nothing. Dennis is very controlled whether he's in on it or not.

Bribery and blackmail. That will always get you somewhere.

So what did you expect? A special session of Congress called to address the issue of genocide?
Right before New Year's Eve?

The timing of the attacks could not have been better. You have to give to the land thieving, ethnic cleansing Israeli 'victims.' They know a plan when they see one.

At least the whole world is not like our congressional leaders. It looks as if millions of people around the world, even though they too are under attack, are speaking out about the premeditated murder of hundreds of dispossessed people. A good number are taking to the streets and getting exposure.

Our new president and the incoming Congress are going to continue the same old Israeli/zionist line. They have no choice. The blackmail and the fear see to that.

Once again, the solutions to any of the problems of war, economic calamity and the vast array of social problems fall to 'We the People'.

We are under attack and we are the only defense.

What are we going to do about it?

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