Monday, January 12, 2009

Fed Talk "What are the poor folks to do?"

Dennis Kurinich along with Ron Paul are the only two in Congress that even begin to speak about relevant information regarding the economy, the constitution and the crimes of the Federal Reserve.

A democrat and a republican.

The party balanced 'token dissenters.'

They both seem to be above reproach and I can't say say that about too many more in Congress.

They get their 5 minutes of floor time, CSPAN broadcasts it, the video goes to youtube and some on the internet talk about it.

That's about it. It doesn't produce any change.

The rest of Congress and the outgoing and incoming administrations are not challenged by a couple of 'truth tellers.' They know who controls what and what their place is in enabling the schemes. Proven quite well when they told their constituents to go to hell in the bailout vote.

Obama's 'stimulus plan' with its at least $1 trillion per year deficit is only a part of the scam to put untold future generations in tax debt which is the latest form of slavery.

The war machine will add significantly to that debt, not only in treasure but in lives.

There's not a chance that the Obama administration and Congress will dissolve the Federal Reserve, end fraudulent wars, restore constitutional rights, prosecute government war criminals or do anything else that 'we the people' might feel was the right and necessary thing to do.

What are the poor folks to do?

ucinich: Federal Reserve No More "Federal" Than Federal Express!

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