Friday, January 23, 2009

Leader of the Pack

If you have ever watched "The Dog Whisperer" you have seen how proper training can result in a well behaved dog. The key concept behind Cesar Millan's techniques is to not project human traits onto the animal. A dog must learn who the pack leader is. Through a series of often small steps, especially when the dog is neurotic or even psychotic, involving firm actions and relaxations, the dog is brought into submission.

It's sort of like how our new president will have to deal with the 'dogs' that surround him. Government officials, lobbyists and foreign agents can often be seen as animals lacking in basic human traits and must be controlled.

Being the 'leader of the pack' will take dedication and a continuous pulling on the leash followed by some 'slack' but always letting the underdogs know who is boss.

Will Obama be the 'pack leader' or will he allow himself to be pulled around by the leash that he should be controlling? Will he delegate the authority to say, Rahm Emanuel?

Yesterday Obama showed a little of the pack leader training mentality in a photo op with Joe Biden.

"Obama asked Biden to swear in senior members of the White House staff during a press conference Wednesday.

Biden may have had a senior moment instead, forgetting momentarily what he was supposed to do.

Obama: Joe, you want to administer the oath?

Biden: Am I doing this again? Oh! For the senior staff. My memory's not as good as Justice Roberts' ... Chief Justice Roberts.

Obama, not looking amused, gave Biden a tap on his back with his right hand in an attempt to get his VP back on track."*168/bidenlead.jpg

With no smile, a slight shaking of his head signifying no and using his hand instead of a leash, Obama attempted to reign in his second in command dog.

Judging by the hoards of 'wild ass dogs' that surround Obama, it is apparent that he will have a tough time staying in control.

Perhaps he should call in Cesar Millan for some training help.

We could call that show "The Criminal Whisperer."

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  1. Maybe that type of training will work, maybe not.

    Unfortunately, there are numerous packs of feral dogs roaming about the DC area.
    One of the largest of these pack's lair is in the American Enterprise Institute, the other, at AIPAC.

    More than a few people have testified that these feral dogs have been seen with foam around their mouths.

    And we all know there's only ONE way to deal with a dog with rabies.