Monday, January 12, 2009

Thoughts for a Monday Morning
Smoke billows from the Gaza Strip following an Israeli air strike on Monday.

Remember Gaza - One of History's Terror Bombing Victims
History's terror bombings. This article reviews some of the most infamous:

-- Guernica - 1937;

-- the London Blitz - 1940 - 41;

-- Dresden - 1945;

-- Tokyo - 1945;

-- Hiroshima and Nagasaki - 1945;

-- North Korea - 1950 - 53;

-- Southeast Asia - 1964 - 73;

-- Iraq - 1991 to the present;

-- Serbia/Kosovo - 1999;

-- Afghanistan - 2001 to the present;

-- Lebanon - 1982 and 2006; and

-- Gaza - 2008 - 09.

Strategic bombing involves destroying an adversary's economic and military ability to wage war. It targets its war making capacity and related infrastructure. Terror bombing is another matter. It's against civilians to break their morale, cause panic, weaken an enemy's will to fight, and inflict mass casualties and punishment.
more - Steve Lendman

Visionary Outrage: Piercing the Blue Smoke on the Potomac
...It now appears that the response of the Obama administration (and of most of its already dedicated defenders) to the horrors of the past eight years will be what I have predicted all along -- the response that is, in fact, necessitated by our corporatist-authoritarian-militarist form of government: a return to "camouflage" and better public relations, and a return to "plausible deniability." And the torture will go on, as will the wars of aggression.
more - Chris Floyd
Israeli soldiers chanted slogans before entering Gaza on Sunday. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel was closer to its goals.

Interactive - The Israeli Attacks on Gaza - Guardian UK

Watching Streaming Middle East TV including Press TV

Unusually Large U.S. Weapons Shipment to Israel: Are the US and Israel Planning a Broader Middle East War?

It is highly unlikely that the bulk of the weaponry included in these two large shipments, scheduled to arrive in Israel in late January, is intended to be used in Israel's military operation in Gaza. The GBU-39 is lightweight (130 kg). The entire shipment of GBU 39s (1000 units) would be of the order of a modest 130 tons. In other words, the specifications of the GBU 39 do not match the description of the "unusually large" and "heavy" shipment of ordinance.

Whatever the nature of these large weapons shipments, they are intended for use in a future military operation in the Middle East.
more - Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research

S.L.C. ziostan moves to exclude Arab minority from knesset - Some Democracy huh!

Kadima party decided Sunday to support a proposal to disqualify Israeli-Arab Balad party from the election race on February 10.
"The goals of Hamas and Balad are the same: to destroy Israel," said Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman MK Avigdor Lieberman. "The difference between them is that the Hamas is outside of Israel, in Gaza, whereas Balad is not only within Israel, but sits in its parliament."

This is great timing, right when the ziostan propaganda machine is in full tilt "We're the only Democracy in the middle east " mode.

Any illusion of a multi ethnic state is gone and it's only a matter of time before the native Semitic Arabs in ziostan get marched off to a Bantustan or exterminated Gaza style.

Claymoremind's blog at WUFYS

911 Commissioner Slips Up: Pentagon Struck by Missile
Tim Roemer has let the cat out of the bag, referring as did Donald Rumsfeld to a 'missile that struck the Pentagon. In addition, there were the early news reports before 'officialdom' was able to insist that the media report ONLY the official conspiracy theory. Those early reports consisted of anchors like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings talking about 'controlled demolitions', field reporters declaring that no airliner had struck the Pentagon, and, of course, the famous BBC report that WTC7 had fallen even as it was seen still standing behind the reporter.

9/11 commissioner slips up: Missile hit Pentagon

more - Len Hart
While the European Right in power gloats, today’s Left reality is indeed sad. Disarray reigns in most every party of the Left, in European and also especially the American Left—Socialist, Social Democrat or Communist movements. Disarray also in just what the Left idea is. Too many ambitious leaders some places, too few in others, while Anarchists deny the necessity of leadership at all. Insane concept for the Left! For people do not act alone. Or, left to their own doing, they go off in many directions. One needs a direction. One needs leadership. In Europe the situation is clear: the result of the lack of unity and leadership is before our eyes: decomposition of the Left into more and more splinter parties and groups.
more - Gaither Stewart at Thomas Paine's Corner

The message emerging from Washington is clear. Pakistan is now seen as the hub of the problem that any campaign against terror must address.
US vice-president-elect Joseph Biden’s Islamabad trip just days before the Obama administration comes into office bears testimony to this.

more - There are No Sunglasses

Is the Theory of the 'Final Confrontation' with Iran Going to Become a Reality?

I have for over two years now argued through this blog and elsewhere that a great conflict that I have called the Final Confrontation will eventually unleash itself in the Middle East whereby Israeli and US extreme right-wing hawks will manipulate the geo-political situation that exists between the Israelis and the Arabs, particularly the Palestinians, in order to defeat, once and for all, Israel’s enemies; Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and most importantly for them, Iran. Once these enemies are defeated, resistance to Israel’s quest for a Greater Israel consisting of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and even, so they hope, south Lebanon up to the Litani River, will crumble.

I have also hinted that Israel may be prepared to use, or at least threaten to use, its ultimate weapons in order to achieve their Greater Israel. I have written many articles that predict that Israel will build up to its Final Confrontation with Iran via wars with Iran’s so-called proxies; Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria. I have come to these conclusions by simple virtue of asking myself what I, if I were an extreme right-wing Israeli Zionist, would ultimately want, within the bounds of possibility, for my ideal nation. When I say ‘within the bounds of possibility’ I mean to say a Greater Israel that could actually be feasible today. Forget the ‘Nile to the Euphrates’ dream of the original forbears of Zionism; I mean something that is actually achievable in the twenty-first century.
more - Damian Lataan

The Federal Reserve has been pumping hundreds of billions of newly created dollars into “the economy.” Much of that money has been sent to Wall Street to bailout large, struggling firms. But that’s just the beginning. President-elect Obama says that since he needs to “stimulate the economy” we can look forward to trillion-dollar budget deficits for years to come. Even before the financial turmoil began, the deficit had approached $500 billion. (Not to worry, though–Obama says deficit spending will impose “fiscal discipline” in the future.)

Of course, when the federal government spends more than it taxes, it has to get the extra money somewhere. Therein lies the treachery. The government’s vendors and other beneficiaries demand to be paid on time. So it borrows from the credit markets by selling Treasury securities to investors. The Federal Reserve in turn monetizes the debt by buying Treasury securities in the marketplace. It pays for those securities by creating bank reserves–money–from nothing, or as John Maynard Keynes suggested, by performing the “miracle … of turning stone into bread.”

Since we, like the rest of the world, have long lived with a fiat-money system–that is, a system in which the paper money is not backed by anything–there is nothing remarkable about this for most people (if they are aware of the procedure at all). But before long, they will pay a steep price whether or not they know who the culprit is.

more - Sheldon Richman via Strike the Root

A "Missouri Plan" to contract the Debt Bubble

Patriotic Americans should desire this result, because someone must pay the piper for the present financial mess into which the bankers, the low lives in the world of high finance, and their “public servants” (for the latter are not common Americans’ “public servants”) have thrown this country. And if America has to choose between saving her people and salvaging the bankers—and perhaps suffering the imposition of a paramilitarized police state on this country in order to bail out the bankers and their friends—she must always choose her people and their freedom and prosperity above all other considerations.

To be sure, the necessary reforms will require more than simply declaring specially privileged Federal Reserve Notes to be unconstitutional, and loan-contracts to be void when made by banks within and through the Federal Reserve System in those Notes or bank-credits payable therein. America will also need to employ an alternative sound and constitutional money, to put into operation new financial institutions, and especially to promulgate rules for revaluing outstanding contracts that should not in justice be held void.
more - Edwin Vieira, Jr.

Welcome to the new era of eugenics

So now we have a new era being unleashed where babies born with the BRCA1 gene are going to be considered "defective" while babies born without the gene will be considered "superior."

This is leading us into a dangerous new mindset where babies will be condemned as second-class citizens from the moment they're born simply because they carry a gene that the corrupt medical system mistakenly believes is a causative factor for some disease.

The next class war could very well be based on genetics, and parents will fret over the genetic makeup of their children, choosing to abort babies that don't have the "right" genes, even if those babies are perfectly healthy. And then we'll have medical companies offering to manipulate the genes of the fertilized egg, promising to give parents a baby with blond hair, or a high IQ, or a thin physique...

It's just what we need, huh? A whole society of genetically-selected supermodels running around society, thinking they're superior because they've been genetically designed by scientists who think they're God.

Obama - Calderon
So on Monday, President-elect Obama will be visiting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. I don't expect much of real value to come from this meeting.

But still, the lede in the AP story appearing in papers all over the country was depressingly, yet unsurprisingly, incoherent.

MEXICO CITY -- With violence spilling over the Mexican border into the U.S., President Felipe Calderon should have little trouble securing support for his battle against drugs when he meets U.S. President-elect Barack Obama on Monday.

Even ignoring the nonsensical "battle against drugs," there's quite a disconnect in this sentence. Note that AP writer Alexandra Olson didn't say "Given Obama's pro-prohibition statements, Calderon should have little trouble securing Obama's support for his drug war." That would be depressing, but factual and reasonable.

No, she says "With violence spilling over the Mexican border into the U.S. as if it was the fact of the violence that should, obviously, mean that Obama would support the drug war. and that makes no sense at all.

In the meantime, just in case the violence "spills" into the U.S., Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, known for supervising such tactical masterpieces as the U.S. response to Hurricane Katrina, and the banning of shampoo on domestic flights, is prepared to provide a "surge" (whatever that means), which will include bringing in the military.

Yeah, that'll end well.

more - Pete Guither at Drug War Rant

We're the Only Ones proving Being Disarmed is Safer Enough

The Orleans Parish coroner said Grimes was shot 14 times, including 12 times in the back...

Family members said they want to know why officers descended on a young man with no criminal record, who graduated from one of the most prestigious high schools in the city...

Grimes did have a gun. His family and the lawyer, Jenkins, said he had a legal permit to carry the weapon. [More]
See? What more proof do you need?

Forget his assailants were plainclothes officers, indistinguishable from street thugs.

If only the "Only Ones" had guns, this wouldn't have happened.

David Codrea at The War on Guns

The Rise of the Jewish Empire in North America

America may have lost the war against Vietnam but it has never been invaded or conquered by external forces since its declaration of independence. But since the second world war and, in particular the establishment of the terrorist state referred to as Israel, it has been conquered from within. Wasps no longer have any significant control over american politics or its foreign policies

The israelis in america control the republican party and the democratic party and even the green party. They control the left wing of american politics (noam chomsky, stephen zunes) almost as much as they control the extreme right wing.

Israelis own and control the american media. They compose the largest group of billionaires in america who fund a vast network of political research organizations which determine the views of america’s jewish owned media and america’s jewish funded politicians.

The israelis have even transformed christianity in america. There are now tens of millions of so-called christian zionists who have come to believe in the zionist god of vengeance rather than the christian god of forgiveness.

There is not the slightest doubt that the american military is by far and away the most
formidable military power in the world. But who controls that military is an entirely
different matter. The american politicians who dictate military policy are not wasps but
israelis - agents of the jews-only state in palestine. So, in effect the jews-only state
controls american politicians who control the american military which wages war for the
sake of jewish world domination.
more - Bob Finch via Revelations

Israel's Gaza Atrocities Recall America's Atrocities in Vietnam
As we hear the horrifying and sickening reports of the atrocities in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and as ardent Israel backers predictably justify each one or contest the facts it’s worth reading a new book ("The War Behind Me: Vietnam Veterans Confront the Truth about US War Crimes"), by a former Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington bureau investigative reporter of the LA Times named Deborah Nelson.

The conclusion can only be that these atrocities--things like just herding 20 women and small children into a ditch and machine gunning them, and then calling them all VC "killed in action"--were really just the tip of the iceberg, and that many many more such incidents were simply never reported by anyone. In Vietnam, atrocities and massacres of civilians by American forces were not aberrations, they were part of the battle plan.

Of course there are atrocities being committed in Gaza by the IDF. That is the point of the invasion, which is to terrorize the 1.5-million people of Gaza into turning against Hamas. It is the same policy as the American “pacification” program in Vietnam. It didn’t work there, and it won’t work in Gaza, but in the process, many, many innocent civilians, including little children, will die horrible deaths.
more - Dave Lindorff

Suicidal Terrorist: Book of Judges and Talmud Hero, Samson

samson-2He killed a lion and wiped out an army with a jaw-bone (insurgent?)…. and …. he destroyed a temple, in Gaza, killing thousands of civilians. For what you ask? They took his eyes. That’s it.

Then Samson prayed to the Lord, ‘O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.‘ (Judges 16:28).” Wiki

“Samson said, ‘Let me die with the Philistines!‘ (Judges 16:30) Down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more as he died than while he lived.” (Judges 16:30).

Look at how the people run as the Temple falls on their heads. This is a Hebrew story, told to little children. Nice, huh? How a Jew became a hero by killing thousands of civilians in Gaza.

American Everyman

Narcissistic Injury and Rage, Writ Large
We are dealing with a country, Israel, whose leaders and some considerable portion of its population exhibit a severe mental health problem. Consider the opinion of a political psychologist:
Political psychologist and former deputy Mehmet Bekaroğlu can be labeled a concerned left-wing intellectual when it comes to the Palestinian tragedy. Bekaroğlu thinks the imagery being aired on world televisions will have a deep and permanent effect on the psychologies of future generations, particularly with respect to how they perceive the Israeli and Jewish identity. "You don't need to be a psychologist to see this; I assume that the Israelis have well-educated psychologists to analyze the impact of their activities on world public opinion," he told Sunday's Zaman.

Bekaroğlu thinks Israel is intentionally trying to create an impact on the psychologies of future generations. "They are trying to create a psychology of despair, a psychology of slavery. They want people to think that they can do nothing against Israel, that they are helpless vis-à-vis Israel. They realized that they cannot have the world accept their existence and ambitions with love, so they are having the world accept them through hatred and fear," he claimed.

more - A. Peasant at Twelfth Bough

Advantages of Slaughter
There are a few advantages coming out of the slaughter:
  1. Jewish apologists no longer have any possible ammunition to argue against academic boycotts, as the Israeli version of a boycott is a bomb dropped on a university or school.
  2. There is nothing bad you can say about Israel or Jewish support for Israel, no comparison you can make to the worst holocausts in history, that can live up to the blood-dripping from-the fangs evil. Israel and the Jewish people - and Jewish support for the Palestinian holocaust puts the full blame on the Jewish people - are as evil as it gets, and everybody knows it.
  3. I've been called an anti-Semite for daring to speak of Jew-controlled politicians and Jew-controlled media. No more of that. I blame the crypto-Zionist 'progressives' for much of the horror, all because they couldn't accept the truth about Jew control and wanted to show off how 'progressive' they were. When every mainstream media outlet and every major politician spouts exactly the same made-in-Israel words, words that are patently bullshit, which everybody knows are patently bullshit, and in direct contradiction to the knowledge and understanding of the vast majority of the population (less vast, of course, where decades of Jew-controlled media malfeasance have misled the people), there is only one possible explanation: Jew control. Let's shout it, unapologetically, from the rooftops. I await the abject apologies from everybody who has accused me of being an anti-Semite. more - xymphora

US Army says IDF Adapted Hitler's tactic of "Blitzkrieg"
From the Nazi Blitzkrieg of WWII to the Israeli Blitzkrieg being used against Gaza:
The Israeli War machine studied and copied the Nazi Blitzkrieg. The Israeli Blitzkrieg of Gaza is designed to foster a broad-front annihilation of Gazans and their towns.

Just like the Nazi Blitzkrieg, the Israeli Blitzkrieg of Gaza was designed to hit hard and to create panic amongst the civilian population, by killing and maiming as many as possible.

After the IDF Command had selected targets, American made F-16 fighter bombers and American made Predator drones were sent in to ‘soften’ up the enemy, destroy all of Gaza's infrastructure, targeting power stations, water treatment plants, sewage facilities, schools, mosques and health care facilities.
The Israeli Blitzkrieg was designed to install maximum terror in Gazans, since they have no way to evacuate the area, with Israel controlling ALL access points into and out of Gaza. Then came thousands of rounds of artillery shells, followed by waves of IDF Merkava Tanks, followed by Israeli Storm Troopers.
more - Greg Bacon

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  1. Israel’s quest for a Greater Israel consisting of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and even, so they hope, south Lebanon up to the Litani River, will crumble.

    The Greater Israel Project is called Eretz Israel and is shown for all the world to see in their Star of David Flag.

    The two blue ribbons on that flag represent the River Nile and Euphrates.
    Israel, along with its pet bitch, the USA, will eventually steal that land and as always, claim that the bible gave them a divine mandate to do so.

    The Bible contains three geographical definitions of the Land of Israel. The first, found in Genesis 15:18-21, is vague. It describes a large territory, "from the Nile to the Euphrates", comprising all of modern-day Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Lebanon, as well as large parts of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The proportion of current Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey included in this territory is debatable.

    And yet, Israel likes to say it's a peaceful nation.

    The only peace Israel wants is: a “piece” of Jordan; a “piece” of Syria; a “piece” of Lebanon; a “piece” of Egypt; a “piece” of Iraq; a “piece” of Saudi Arabia and whatever “pieces” are left after Israel finishes it’s genocidal extermination of the Palestinians.