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Thoughts for a Monday Morning
Rense & David Dees

Who's who in the Obama cabinet

Economic and budget policy

We are here posting the first in a series of profiles of the major appointees to the cabinet and top White House staff of Barack Obama.

more - Patrick Martin at

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Inauguration Day, 2009: A Day of Mourning

For the victims of future wars, and for our old republic.

Having long ago morphed into Jefferson's worst nightmare, the closer we get to the end, the more glamorous our inaugurals become. The poorer we are, the more millions we'll throw at a ceremony that is really the crowning of a monarch – and not just any old king, but an emperor bestriding the globe.

The Obama cult has imbued our new president with superhuman powers: they expect and enjoy the spectacle. Yet the relentless lionizing of this messianic figure is ironic, because here is an American chief executive who will doubtless become aware of his own limitations rather quickly. America is a bankrupt empire engaged in two overseas wars, with troops on every continent and bases ringing the globe. It's unsustainable, and our ruling elites know it.

In the age of Obama, what the late, great libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard dubbed the welfare-warfare state will take on gargantuan proportions, just as it did under LBJ, both at home and abroad. This is bad news on every front. An inaugural celebration? Not for me, thank you. I'm going into inaugural mourning: all black to mourn the victims of Obama's wars, and the death of our old republic.

more - Justin Raimondoat antiwar


Abraham Delano Messiah Obama?

The political Left (which includes almost all journalists in America) just can’t make up its mind over whether Barack Obama most resembles Lincoln, FDR, Jesus Christ – or some combination thereof. All during his campaign many of his supporters kept referring to him as "The Messiah"; there is much talk of how he will immediately propose the re-adoption of many of FDR’s government interventions (that only made the Great Depression worse); and we are told (constantly) that he intends to make use of Lincoln’s rhetoric, especially in his first inaugural address. He has been studying Lincoln’s speeches, we are told by his handlers. If so, we are in for a lot of doubletalk and lies bordering on the psychotic.
more - Thomas J. DiLorenzo


I regret to inform you...

A scotoma is a blind spot surrounded by a field of normal or relatively unimpaired vision.

I will tell you a truth. Some people will have certain scotomas cleared when they see strangers being killed. Others will wait until they see their compatriots being killed. The very stubborn ones wait until their loved ones die. Some cling to their scotomas unto death.

I will tell you another truth. Some people want you to have scotomas. Some people will go way out of their way to ensure that certain scotomas remain in place at all times. If your empathy for other people doesn't kick in to clear them, the scotomas will remain in place as the danger to your compatriots increases. The longer you cling, the more people die; until finally, your turn arrives. Or perhaps your child's turn. Or your mother's.

Will you then forgive yourself for clinging to lies? Will you forgive those who told you lies? Or will you turn in bloodthirsty revenge toward those who caused your agony?
more - A. Peasant at Twelfth Bough


We told you so: centrism can't cure shit

The Great Prevaricator strikes again : now in blackface. Obama, the silver-tongued opportunist, is a worthy member of the Centrist cabal in the power establishment. On Jan. 20, with his inauguration, America is likely to enter a long and painful period of extremely dangerous demagoguery. And, as all bright demagogues, he’ll work the symbols while betraying the substance.

As we anxiously await the debut of the Obama administration, we hear more and more about the incoming president’s “post-partisan” instincts. He has filled his cabinet with relics of the centrist Clinton years. He has engaged the evangelical pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. And according to Politico, he wants 80 Senate votes for his stimulus plan — a goal that would mean winning a majority among Republicans as well as Democrats.

And through it all, centrism bills itself as the most transgressive sort of exercise imaginable. Its partisans are “New Democrats,” “Radical Centrists,” clear-eyed believers in a “Third Way.” The red-hot tepids, we might call them — the jellybeans of steel. The reason centrism finds an enthusiastic audience in Washington, I think, is because it appeals naturally to the Beltway journalistic mindset, with its professional prohibition against coming down solidly on one side or the other of any question.

Centrism is a chump’s game.
more - THOMAS FRANK at The Greanville Journal


The U.S. Economy is being Marched to the Gallows

The scariest aspect of this is the speed at which this 18 wheeler disaster is being driven toward the rabbits in the headlights. We haven't yet seen any senators or reps being threatened with the imposition of martial law, but we have seen Obama treathen to veto his own fellow democrats if they do not rubber stamp the proposals he has been instructed to deliver. Nobody has even taken a vote yet and already the gloves are off. Bailout Bill One and the Patriot Act were pushed just as hard. The only legislation that gets the hard sell seems to involve either stealing the taxpayer's money or their rights. Judging by his actions so far, Obama has done absolutely nothing but continue the transfer of wealth from the American taxpayer to his Wall St. campaign contributors. There has been absolutely zero positive impact on the real economy as the increasingly horrific indicators continue to mount and the prospect of an unprecedented Depression continues to rise over the horizon. Economic reality was left on the back burner and the capital that could have paid for Obama's fantastical "stimulus" plan 5 times over has been wasted on the imploding financial sector, who no doubt will be back for more.
more - Andrew Hughes via The Peoples Voice


Did I hear this right? CNBC Exposes the illuminati Manipulating the Economy

20 sec.

via Fem's blog


NAIS: Bad for America, Opt Out

The NAIS or National Animal Identification System is evil. Another putrid government program that must be halted. It is nothing more than another out of control government agency run by foolish Americans who will do anything they're told to keep their paychecks: the USDA.

This has nothing to do with mad cow disease or ensuring the safety of our food. The only mad cows are those implementing such lunacy and causing so much pain, misery and financial hardship to Americans. Numbering animals. Chips in animals. Massive data bases being kept on you and me. Next, mandatory bio chips into our bodies. Those who think I drink Kool Aid are the useful idiots populating this country. What's in your child's food at school?
more - Devvy Kidd


Imperial Pageantry for Moronically Idiotic Idiots

I'm sure that other empires in their final phase of decline exhibited similar signs of complete intellectual collapse, combined with ungraspably trivial sentimentality that would embarrass a four-year-old of average intelligence. But the determined refusal to face facts, including the foundational fact that Obama is a singularly dangerous fraud, in tandem with Americans' love of political philosophy and ideas in general as expressed in a Hallmark card may well be unmatched in history.

To those of you so devotionally intent on celebrating this historically historic moment in history, as you accuse those few of us who are still capable of speaking in full sentences with actual referents of being "cynical" and shockingly lacking in what you so irresponsibly and reprehensibly call "idealism": Have a moronically good time, morons.
more - Arthur Silber


Finkelstein's Photo Comparison of 1930's Germany and Modern Day Israel

Norman Finkelstein has done an interesting photo mash-up comparing 1930s Germany to modern day Israel. Below are just a few of the comparison photos. You should check it out.




from American Everyman


Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist

The Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist documentary from The Corbett Report deals with the founding and funding of what we know as al-Qaeda.

see the videos at Facts Not Fairies


When The Orders To Attack Iran Come...Will The Mutiny by Our Armed Forces Be Justified?

When it first became clear that Apartheid Israel was complicit in the attacks on America on 9/11 my view of America and the world changed completely. Neither our President, our Congress, or our Department of Justice responded. It was then clear that we could no longer rely on our elected representatives bought and paid for by special interests(and one in particular) to protect our country or defend our Constitution. It was also clear that a free press once relied upon to expose political malfeasance, corruption and treason was little more than a Zionist controlled sham serving no real purpose but to stifle criticism of those very people seeking to undermine our democracy and divert our nations human and economic resources for their own purposes and benefit.

But the carnage in Gaza will pale in comparison to the catastrophe that awaits us if we allow this insanity to continue. Iran of course is the next target of the Zion-fascist State and their treasonous collaborators walking the halls of our government and those of corporate media. As our Zionist media rails endlessly about the support that Iran provides to the unarmed Gazans in the midst of their slaughter, rest assured that they do so according to plan. It wasn't enough that Israel's treachery on 9/11 caused us to reign hell on two Muslim countries. We must now destroy Israel's only remaining opponent vying for power in the Middle East.

So when those orders come from the servants of Apartheid Israel my advice to America's military...Just say no.

more - Liberal White Boy


My Life - January, 2009 - Nairobi, Kenya

This is Nairobi, Kenya, a place where just a few months ago people were in the streets slaughtering each other and burning homes in the wake of their national elections. Now there is relative calm and the country has taken on a new national image after Barack Obama won the U.S. presidency.

I have been here about 10 days already and have been a bit on edge since my arrival. An angry protest over the situation in Gaza passed me in the streets and all was well until one of the protestors screamed that I was Israeli. In a split second about five protestors were running at me at a full clip, fists clenched and with wooden sign stakes in hand. A group of locals watching the protest intervened, tackling a couple of the protestors and temporarily subduing the rest as another good Samaritan grabbed me and ran me down the street to safety.

I thought it was a bit of an over dramatization and said I thought I would be ok if I left right away, that it was probably just an isolated incident. My new friend looked me in the eyes, with one hand on my shoulder and said, “They killed a man by kicking him to death one block away from where they found you, please stay here until I come for you. You are in danger.”
more - Zoriah Miller


George W. Bush: War Criminal in Chief

George Bush is worried about his legacy. At his last press conference, he acknowledged that he made mistakes and suffered disappointments. "I think it’s a good, strong record," he said of his eight years in office. The most disgusting thing about Bush’s last press conference was how he aggressively defended his baby, the war in Iraq. But because Bush’s war is aggressive, unnecessary, unconstitutional, senseless, immoral, unjust, and even worse, his legacy, at least for those of us who treasure liberty and peace, will be that of a war criminal in chief.

But before Bush leaves office I want to make one thing perfectly clear: George Bush is just as responsible for turning Iraq into a killing field as the U.S. troops who invaded and occupied the country. He is the war criminal in chief and the chief war criminal.
more - Laurence M. Vance


Once upon a time some rockers were anti-war and anti-imperialist

Now some just jump on the bandwagon for 'change.'


Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama vs World Leaders

I know that World leaders are fully accustomed to conducting business with all manner of criminals, terrorists, dictators and other illegitimate “leaders” of Nations.

But Obama may be different, as no one knows his real name, his place of birth, who his true parents are or even his actual birth date.

Every relationship must contain an element of trust. Without trust, marriages, business relations, families and friendships are destroyed. At the least, constructive progress is stymied.

America is said repeatedly, to be a “Nation of Laws”. It is not. It is a Nation under the control of mob rule. When the American public understands that, America will be a Nation of Anarchy.

more - Mark S. McGrew at Pravda


Inside Gaza: Israeli troops have vanished but the damage is plain to see

Gaza Zeitoun Israel Salmi destruction

Men of the Salmi family salvage some belongings from the rubble of their home in the Gaza City district of Zeitoun. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis) Photograph: LEFTERIS PITARAKIS/AP

more - Guardian UK


Operation Unpunished Lead

To justify itself, state terrorism manufactures terrorists: it sows hate and harvests alibis. Everything indicates that this slaughterhouse of Gaza, which according to its perpetrators is for finishing off the terrorists, will achieve boosting them.

more - Palestine Think Tank


Destroyed homes greet returning Gazans - 18 Jan 09

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