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The End of Hypocrisy: Crime's Gleeful Abandon in Gaza
More and more, comment on Israel's savage attack on the people of Gaza seems superfluous. The facts -- even the modicum of facts that can be gleaned through the deadly wall of Israeli censorship and the perverse and sinister distortions of the American media -- speak loudly, with horrifying clarity, for themselves. We are witnessing monstrous crimes, committed with cold deliberation: a bloodthirsty spectacle of unbridled terrorism, openly celebrated by the political and media elites of Israel and America.

This is, of course, the same kind of moral insanity that has raged around the American terrorist attack on Iraq for many years. It is the same moral insanity that guides the actions of power in many lands, in increasingly brazen and unapologetic ways, with less and less of the shamefaced furtiveness that once surrounded such abominations as military aggression, torture, "ethnic cleansing" and other crimes of power down through the centuries. This furtiveness was hypocrisy, of course -- but in hypocrisy there remains some vestige of the morality it falsely purports to uphold, some awareness that an evil thing is being done which must be hidden or disguised.

But now the masks are falling away -- or rather, they are being flung aside with gleeful abandon. America's top officials -- including the president and vice president -- openly admit to ordering torture...and they are praised for it, even held up as shining examples for future leaders to follow. Vast swathes of the corporate media labor mightily to justify the ancient evil of the water torture, and other "high-end interrogation techniques," to use the diabolical terminology of CIA Director Michael Hayden. The escalation of the on-going American war crime in Iraq -- the so-called "surge" -- is lauded as a "success beyond our wildest dreams" by the new, "progressive" manager of the empire, Barack Obama. (Imagine calling an action that allowed a known serial killer to extend his spree for years into the future a wild, dreamy "success.") Citizens of the "liberal democracy" in Israel -- the "light unto the nations" -- gather in safety and comfort on open hillsides to watch, cheering, as bombs fall on the trapped and helpless civilians penned in the Gaza ghetto. These macabre celebrations are echoed across America, where bitter partisan foes put aside their differences to come together in their unstinting, uncritical support of child murder across the sea.
more - Chris Floyd


Rare 1920s video footage: Arabs & Jews - friends to enemies
Watch here Lord Balfour addressing European Jewish immigrants in Jerusalem and get a real sense of how the 100-year-old Arab-Israeli conflict all started. Don't listen to fairy tales from either side, see history in the making with your own eyes.

Thank the foresighted French Jewish photographer and financier Albert Kahn for capturing the spirit of the times. (15 minutes)

When I'd met the extended Abed Rabu family, before the ground invasion began, they had just had their house bombed by an F-16. Their area has been occupied by Israeli tanks and soldiers since the ground invasion began. Medical workers cannot reach the injured there, and those who have managed to escape testify to imprisonment in their houses, abuse, point-blank shooting (to death), and a number of dead not yet known. It's an area Israel views as strategic, lying just hundreds of meters from the eastern border to Israel, a key entry point for invading troops. Past invasions have meant entire families and neighbors being locked into a room of a house for a day or days. Supposition among journalists and those with two cents here is that Israel's intense bombardment of, and destruction of houses in, the area is to both decimate any resistance and to create an alternate "road" for tanks and troops to roll in on, meaning houses in their path are leveled to the ground.

That day, Abu Mahmoud Abed Rabu had related the events of his house demolition. "A person called me saying he was a spokesperson for the Israeli army and that we had seven minutes to leave the house before it was bombed. I begged for 10, told him seven wasn't enough to collect possessions and get our children out safely. He said seven," Abed Rabu explained. His family made it out in time, avoiding the death sentence that has been given so many here, without warning.

He said he'd just stood away from the house and watched as it was bombed, watched 20 years of his life be erased, with everything inside it. "I'm just a working man, not Fatah, not Hamas. Just a man. Why did they bomb my house?" he asked. "There were four families in here, at least 25 children," he added.

more - Eva Bartlett at wtcdemolition


Amnesty guaranteed for all army deserters, our true heroes!

Beyond you, a whole word needs to be saved. We are at war. This war is illegal. Our leaders are being prosecuted for war crimes against humanity. This genocide has been accomplished by soldiers who were following orders. It has screwed their mind up, they can no longer live with their own conscience. So, when they decided they had enough of killing people and faced being killed for no reasonable justification, and that they simply walked away and decided to face either the electric chair or a seven year hard labor sentence, we have to consider them the real heroes of this war. We need to give them amnesty. We would have done the same, just to be able to live with our own conscience.

more - Roland Michel Tremblay at The Peoples Voice


Evidence For the Upcoming Trial Against Foreign Subversion of American Government

This document, signed under duress, is a public admission of the inordinate power of the Israel lobby to extort concessions from the US government, in effect, proving that some extreme claims about Jewish power, which were formerly known as “canards,” are true. Jewish money does control the US government and the “free press.” Bush and the ever faithful “Democratic Congress” are obedient lapdogs, delivering the Palestinian people into the jaws of the Zionazi beast, and the power to wage war on Iran into Olmert’s bloody hands. In the following report Livni, Rice and reporters dutifully follow standard procedure when speaking publicly about terrorism and international gangsterism, American and Israeli actions are never “terrorism,” even when we detonate car-bombs and missiles on crowded streets. All blame belongs to the Arabs. It was Hamas rockets which “broke the truce,” not the Nov. 4 IDF attack which killed 6 Palestinians.
more - Peter Chamberlin



This is an excellent summary of the mechanics of how the Lobby works. One of the chief weapons of World Jewry against those who try to uncover their scheming is the very implausibility of how groups representing 2 or 3 percent of the American population can be leading the entire country to its obvious and complete ruination. Their sheer psychopathic ruthlessness helps, as does the fact that they are 'one issue guys'.

I'm wondering about the importance of Jewish votes and Jewish money. There aren't many Jewish votes, except in a very few areas, and the amount of dollars we're talking about is sometimes as low as a few thousand. How does World Jewry have so much influence? Obviously, we have to factor in the importance of utter Jew-control of the entire media, but we still don't have enough of an explanation for what amounts to the suicide of one of the world's great empires on the pyre of Jewish nationalism.

It has to be blackmail. We must be witnessing the largest blackmail operation in the history of politics.


It's not rocket science: stop the fucking bombing

Image - Carlos Latuffi think that it is a miracle that people in lebanon and palestine are not entirely psychotic having to deal with the deja-vu of israeli terrorist aggression again and again and again. i’m reading, watching july war 2006 all over again. once again the world—with far louder cries and screams from the streets now compared to then—demands that israeli terrorists stop their aggression. the united nations general assembly passed a meaningless resolution—except that it express the will of the world—and the motherfucking israeli terrorists whine and complain that the world is ganging up on them. yes, and your problem with that is? as well they should. but no one can do anything but express themselves through language, documents. and then no change. and once again they ignore united nations resolutions. once again they massacre with impunity, without any care for international law. okay, you say, that is normal this is how israeli terrorists behave, this is the very definition of the racist ideology of zionism.

more - Marcy Newman via Detain This


From Bush to Obama: On the eve of a "seamless transition"

Three days before the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States, the distinctions have largely been effaced between the outgoing and incoming administrations.

George W. Bush is, as even the corporate-controlled media admits, the most hated and despised president in American history. Barack Obama is, at least according to the opinion polls that measure popular moods, the beneficiary of a temporary honeymoon period in which hope outweighs experience and many are inclined to "give him a chance."

Far more decisive than these illusions are the policies of the Obama administration. There is ample reason to believe that popular opposition to Obama will grow rapidly, and that anger and outrage over the gross deception involved in the electoral process will add fuel to the fire. While millions voted for the Democratic candidate in a repudiation of the Bush administration's program of war, repression and favors to the wealthy, the actions of Obama demonstrate the fundamental unity of the two big business parties, which are both instruments of the same corporate ruling elite.

more - Patrick Martin at


Another photo collection from Palestine
much more at Truth Rocker


False Assurances and Reality

After the Westland Hallmark 143 million pound “beef” recall in 2008, many people were (and still are) relieved the #2 supplier to the school lunch program was busted and that such unethical despicable behavior has been halted. Don't be fooled. Nothing has changed. Cows are still being fed ground up cows. The meat and dairy industries will do what they want. It was (and still is) against the law to drag cows around with forklifts, yet they did it anyway. Laws are a waste of time. Attitudes change the times, and then laws follow. Trying to change the law first rarely works. Attitudes change laws. We have had laws on the books since 1906; yet, they are not followed and are only in place to appease those who don’t have ice running through their veins from objecting.

more -Dave Warwak at Vegan School 101


Nutritionist Stephen Heuer Arrested by Federal Marshalls in FDA Raid

Both the FTC and FDA are turning up the heat on nutrition-oriented companies and websites, resorting to arrests at gunpoint to enforce "nutritional illiteracy" across America by imprisoning those who accurately describe the health benefits of nutritional products they sell.

It was only days ago that the FTC attacked a church over its dietary supplements. NaturalNews covered the legal battle in a feature article ( and an exclusive audio interview with health freedom attorney Jim Turner (

The latest victim of this state-sponsored oppression and censorship agenda is Stephen Heuer of Cocoon Nutrition ( who advertised natural health products as treatments for depression and other health conditions. It remains the position of the FDA that there is no such thing as an herb, vitamin or superfood that has any ability to prevent, treat or cure any disease or health condition whatsoever. (In other words, the FDA ridiculously believes foods and herbs are chemically inert.)

Anyone who accurately describes the biochemical effects of their herbal or nutritional products is immediately branded a criminal by the FDA and subject to arrest at gunpoint.

Effectively, it is illegal in America to tell the truth about nutritional products that you sell.
more - Mike Adams at Natural News


FDA Pulls DMSA and Hope From Children With Autism and ADHD

Random acts of violence are usually considered methods of the weak, but a long history of FDA political violence directed against public health safety and our freedom to obtain dietary supplements reveals something more calculated and oppressive. The results of FDA actions are obvious: Our right to choose safe health care alternatives and abstain from questionable medical practices is increasingly met with fierce opposition. The consequences are equally obvious as we helplessly witness a relative epidemic of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ravaging our children.

Destitute of any original purpose, the FDA is deeply immersed in its filth of corruption catering to the special interests of the Pharmaceutical Cartel and the AMA. It is specifically called to intimidate, oppress, and eliminate any significant public awareness of and access to specialized dietary supplements, nutritional health information, qualified independent scientific studies, and alternative therapies that could undermine pharmaceutical profits and public confidence in conventional medical treatments. If you think this is an exaggeration consider then even many of the FDA’s own scientists are in disgust over their corrupt managers who “coerce FDA experts to modify their scientific views, conclusions, and recommendations in violation of law.”

more - Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu at News With Views


200,000 War Veterans Homeless in US

200,000 War Veterans Homeless in US (Jan 16, 2009) 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans file disability claims with US federal government.

For six years of war in Iraq, the Bush administration has done absolutely nothing to take care of the hundreds of thousands of wounded veterans coming home, said Aaron Glantz, a journalist who has been covering the stories of US military vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We've had people brought into the VA, turned away, who have committed suicide after coming back from the war with post-traumatic stress disorder. We've had people redeployed to Iraq, even after they were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. We have 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans coming home with traumatic brain injury, physical brain damage. We have 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who have filed disability claims with the federal government," Glantz told Democracy Now! on Thursday.

"In many cases, there is no medical services at all, because remember that many people serving in Iraq and Afghanistan come from rural communities where the VA doesn't even have a hospital," he explained.

"On every night, 200,000 people who have put on the uniform and served this country sleep homeless on the streets," said Glantz.

more - Democracy Now via Conspiracy Planet


The 43 Who Helped Make Bush the Worst Ever

Thanks to the folks who write The Progress Report for compiling this list of GwB's Worst Cronies before he exits the White House. Is there any doubt he must be Impeached? It's not too late for the US House to file charges, naming all who can cover for him, including these 43, so that he cannot legally pardon them according to Article II, Section 2 of the US Constitution, compounding his ongoing list of horrors.

1. Dick Cheney

more - Gene Messick


Say No to Cops

I am a police skeptic and a former Sheriff’s Deputy. I am increasingly ill at ease with the burgeoning police state, misbehavior of all levels of "law enforcement" and the willing complicity of united States subjects to an ocean of bad laws, both unconstitutional and foolish. What one could call willful submission to illegitimate authority. At every level of policing from local to FLEA (federal law enforcement agencies), the abuse gets exponentially worse with each passing decade and now the Wars on Drugs and Terror have literally loosened the restraints on any remaining (if tattered and threadbare) protections from police mischief. In the end, the robed government employees will, for the most part, excuse or rationalize the criminal or outrageous behavior of the thin blue line.
more - William Buppert


Barack Obama plans a 'paparazzi presidency' to speak directly to voters

But Democratic strategists say his aides have seen an opportunity in the insatiable appetite of the public for information on the new first family.

They plan to use Mr Obama's status as the world's leading "Celebritician" or "Polebrity", offering pictures of the Obama family and soft focus interviews with glossy magazines to maintain his popularity and help sell his political plans directly to middle America, starting with his plans for a trillion dollar stimulus plan to kickstart the economy.

Using his celebrity to appeal to the public over the heads of his opponents in Congress is just one way Mr Obama hopes to change politics in Washington. He is also planning to mobilise his vast network of supporters, and the database of 13 million email addresses he gathered during the campaign, to build pressure on Senators and Congressmen to push through his ambitious agenda.

The so-called Obama 2.0 network will ensure that those who oppose his plans are lobbied hard by their constituents, uniting the President and his most aggressive supporters to circumvent the traditional limitations on a president's power.

more - Telegraph UK


The Inauguration By the Numbers


This weekend, America's capital city will welcome thousands of government officials and dignitaries from the U.S. and around the world. Over 10,000 buses will carry 500,000 riders into Washington, D.C., doubling the city's population. On Inauguration Day, the Metro is expected to have a 17-hour rush hour. District bars will be open 24-hours a day for five straight days.

To manage an event of this scale, the District of Columbia will spend a mammoth $47 million. It is not enough.

Obama's Inauguration is expected to be the largest inaugural event in American history--and the most challenging to orchestrate. A committee of local elected officials estimates that ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in the festivities will cost over $75 million
more - Forbes

Also see: 'Emergency' declared for inauguration


Fresh evidence of Israeli phosphorus use in Gaza emerges

Fresh evidence of the firing of white phosphorus weapons by Israeli forces in Gaza has emerged from witnesses heard by the Guardian and first hand accounts by human rights groups of their use against civilians.

Graphic descriptions of attacks by Israeli forces near the Gaza town of Khan Younis are contained in footage shot by Fida Qishta for the International Solidarity Movement and obtained by the Guardian.

A woman described how on Tuesday Israeli forces "started to fire phosphorus bombs against the people, of course, they are civilians ..."

A man added: "A fire broke out and we have to leave out. Fires broke out on the top of the houses. We all jumped out with our women and daughters put off the fire. They were doing that, to help the special forces to occupy the houses. after we put off the fires, they started to shoot towards us. Then they started to raze the houses".

He said the fires were caused by phosphorus bombs and missiles.
Israeli artillery also fired white phosphorus shells at Gaza City, Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch, said yesterday
more - with video - Guardian UK


Behind a Storm of Blood

A genocidal tsunami, a Jewish, Zionist tsunami of violence, arrogance, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, racism, apartheid, oppression, repression, brutality, bestiality, tyranny, terrorism, sociopathy, psychopathy, evilness, moral depravity, hideousness, savagery, barbarity, backwardness, inhumanity and you can add your own...add it to the list.

Nothing, no word, describes the deep ugliness of the Jewish state of Israel. Nothing at all...

Last week, 91% of the "chosen" ones in Israel, were in favor of the Gaza carnage, today the ratio went up to 95%. That leaves 5% of the Jews in Israel against this holocaust. So much for a Jewish conscience!
more - Layla Anwar


War on Gaza

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