Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thoughts for a Sunday Morning

Israel: 'The Bernie Madoff of Countries'
Israelis steal, murder and lie.

TAKI THEODORACOPULOS, on 7 January 2009, tells us that Israel is 'the Bernie Madoff of countries' (Taki's Magazine)

Among the points made:

1. Israel has lied to the world about its intentions.

2. Israel has stolen Palestinian lands continuously since 1948.

3. Israel has done this with American tax payer’s money.

American taxpayers have 'Palestinian blood on their hands' thanks to the 'butchers' who run Israel.

more - aangirfan

Batshit Crazy

Perhaps I am unfair to expect the vast majority of Americans to have seen through George W. Bush has I did. To be fair, the millions living outside the state of Texas could not have known or witnessed as I had done the wars waged by Bush upon the environment, education, the poor, the accused, in fact, anyone not living in River Oaks, Tom DeLay's Sugarland or some other Republican cultist ghetto. The American people now know that George W. Bush can never be trusted. The United Nations is not stupid: Bush could not just “change his colors” and fool the United Nations into thinking that Bush had not committed war crimes. Bush is definitely an idiot.

more - Len Hart

Will AP ever stop lying for Israel?

In opening a scathing dismantlement of historical myths on Israel-Palestine, world-renowned investigative journalist, John Pilger, recently wrote:

“When the truth is replaced by silence,” the Soviet dissident Yevgeny Yevtushenko said, “the silence is a lie.”

When life-saving — arguably genocide-preventing — information is systematically and deliberately misreported and concealed by the world’s largest news organizations, you can safely consider it, too, an act of lying.

more - Detain This

"Why Do They Attack Us?" from American Everyman

Media bias and the Israeli-Palestine conflict

from Matthew Jarvie

Hate Bills Introduced Into Congress!

The federal hate crimes bill was reintroduced Wednesday by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. It is now titled The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, H.R. 256, and is a condensed version of the longer Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, H.R. 1592 (which failed to gain final approval from Congress last year). Jackson-Lee also submitted a new companion bill, The David Ray Richardson Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, H.R. 262. This bill will permit federal involvement in states to “prevent” hate crimes and assist hate crimes victims.

Both bills will authorize unprecedented intervention in states’ rights. H.R. 256 is the most dangerous. It will transform America into a national hate crimes bureaucracy and end free speech, as has happened in Canada.

more - Ted Pike via Incog Man

We Are Living Atlas Shrugged

As you might expect, Atlas Shrugged happens to be one of my favorite books. It was the book that turned me on to the virtues of libertarianism and later Austrian economics. I wrote about this experience in an article for the Columbia Spectator last year. Given the events of the last couple of years, it has seemed to this writer that we are living through exactly what Ms. Rand described, replete with government intervention, looting and all types of other attacks on our liberty

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Fed Scam Conspiracy: Banksters as Bailout Managers

Fed Scam Conspiracy: Banksters as Bailout Managers (Jan. 10, 2009) The USA itself has become a Banana Republic, and crony "capitalism" rules in the latest scam by the Federal Reserve and its co-conspirators on Wall Street, the banksters who engineered the current global financial fiasco.

Enquiring minds want to know -- how were the four firms that will "manage" the Fed's mortgage-backed securities purchase program chosen and what are they being paid?

more - Conspiracy Planet

Obama's Job Growth Plan Sounds Like An Auction To Me

Admit it, Obama’s job growth plan is sounding like an auction of sorts. The numbers just keep going up and up. I’m picturing Obama standing in a crowd at an auction and the auctioneer is holding up an economic plan focused on job growth (or I guess just saving jobs in Obama’s case). Obama holds up a finger and the auctioneer says, “We have 2 million jobs…anybody wanna go to 2.5 million?” And then Obama lifts his finger and nods his head - notice he is betting against himself. And then the auctioneer asks for 3 million and Obama nods the head again. Last bet made is at 4 million as of today. Wonder what it will be tomorrow? Don’t you just love how Obama plays switcheroo with numbers?
more - On Freedom's Wings

The Problem. Informally Stated
I see that our president-to-be has told George Stephanopoulos that: "Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game."

It would appear to be news to Mr. Barack Obama that "ordinary" Americans are already being fucked to death and screwed 500 ways to Sunday, all to support the ruling class in its inordinate wealth and power. But what the hell: "everybody" is going to be screwed all over again.

Not, however, the ruling class. On that point, you may be absolutely certain. Obama is the perfect embodiment of the ruling class, and he will do their bidding and serve their interests, and no one else's at all. And you will be entirely fucked over. More. Again. For the rest of your life.
more - Authur Silber

Saw it in the far off distance, a wavy haze melting the ground
My life’s work has always been the continuing pursuit and inquiry of the underlying reasons that contribute to the rampant apathy in our society. Why don’t people care? Why don’t people care that no one cares? I always cared or so I thought. Turns out the things we dislike the most in others are often just a mirror of our own demons. These irritants are amazingly hard to see in ourselves as if they were far off in the distance; but, are too hard to ignore in others, as they appear too close and personal. “So I smashed those mirrors and now the whole world is here for me to see” Jimi Hendrix

Turns out my search for the reason people don’t care is connected with the relationships between people and life on earth, as well as, addressing respect and responsibility issues within the hypocrisy of those who raised us, ignorant themselves of the legacy of smoke and mirrors that I deny as our fate. We simply had no idea, nor did our parents or theirs. It just kind of happened. The World is in a lot of pain right now and is dying fast. All attributed to the hereditary ignorance that has become the great evil in the world that most people cannot see. It is right here, right in front of us every day. It is like a wavy haze that melts the ground, like a type of fog or smoke that clouds our thoughts that starts when we are very young and grows as do we, until it becomes part of our history, part of us, part of our being. It is hard to let go of a part of ourselves especially when it is most of that we have been taught.
more - Dave Warwak, Vegan School 101

Will Barak Follow in Eichmann's Footsteps?

Oy, so many wild dreams I've been having these days, probably because of this war against the mishuggah hamasniks.

Last night, my dream was set in the future, which is very strange because we, the Jewish people, usually fantasize solely about the past.

Oi ever, this dream was set in something like 2020. Ehud'le Barak, Tzipi'le Livni, Shimon'le Peres and Ehud'le Olmert were seeking shelter overseas because of the War Crimes Tribunal. The mishuggenahs in the Hague were blaming them for crimes against humanity, can you believe this narishkeit? When all they did was to kill some arabs.

In my dream, Barak was captured in NYC, schlepping refrigerators and sofas for an Israeli moving company. This is what many Israelis do in Americe once they finish their military service.

Tzipi'le was arrested in Buenos Aires, posing as an art student and running an S & M brothel on the side, Olmert'le was discovered managing a kosher abattoir in Brooklyn, and Peres was found running a euthanasia center in the dungeons of Windsor Castle.

These hamasnik agents captured them all. In my dream, Ehud'le was put in a hand'le suitcase because he is very, very small like Napoleon, and brought back to Goyza to face justice. Barak said in his defence that he was just "following orders" just like this farshluggineh, Adolf Eichmann.

Oi, i was so worried for Ehud'le. I tossed and I turned in my bed. Nu shoin, they were about to execute him and burn him like Eichmann! I knew that for Eichmann we had built a special big oven, but for Ehud'le all they would need is a medium sized microwave, which they would be able to reuse afterwards.

At 6 am, I woke up sweating and read on Ynet that Israel is still alive and is even still killing its neighbours, so I relaxed and made myself a kleine coffee, which I had with a nice apfel shtrudel.
more - Auntie Ziona

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