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Thoughts for a Thursday Morning
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The Twelve Editorial Rules for Middle East Reporting

1) In the Middle East it is always the Arabs who attack first and always Israel that is defending themselves. This defense is called a reprisal.

2) The Arabs, Palestinian or Lebanese have no right to kill civilians. That is called “terrorism.”

3) Israel has the right to kill civilians. That is called “legitimate defense.”

4) When Israel kills civilians en masse, the western powers claim that it is more measured. This is called “reaction of the international community.”

5) The Palestinians and the Lebanese have no right to capture soldiers of Israel inside military installations with sentries and combat posts. This is called, “Kidnapping of defenseless people.”

6) Israel has the right to kidnap anytime and anywhere as many Lebanese and Palestinians as they want. Currently there are more than 10 thousand, 300 of whom are children and a thousand are women. No proof of guilt is needed. Israel has the right to keep kidnapped prisoners indefinitely, even if they are authorities democratically elected by the Palestinians. This is called “terrorist prisoners.”

7) When the word Hezbollah is mentioned, it is compulsory in the same sentence to contain the words “supported and financed by Syria and by Iran.”

8) When you mention “Israel” it is forbidden to make any mention of the words “supported and financed by the U.S.” This may give the impression that the conflict is uneven and that Israel’s existence is not in danger.

9) When referring to Israel, expressions that are prohibited: “Occupied Territories,” “UN resolutions,” “Violations of human rights” or “Geneva Convention.”

10) Both the Palestinians and the Lebanese are always “cowardly,” they are hidden among the civilian population, which does not want them. If they sleep in their homes, with their families, that gives them the name of “cowards.“ Israel has a right to destroy with bombs and missiles the neighborhoods where they are sleeping. This is called a “precision surgical operation.”

11) The Israelis speak better English, French, Spanish or Portuguese than the Arabs. Therefore they and those who support them must be interviewed more and have more opportunities than the Arabs to explain the present Rules of the Editorial Staff (from 1 to 10) to the general public. That is called “journalistic neutrality.”

12) All those who are not in accordance with the Rules of Writing above are “highly dangerous anti-Semitic terrorists.”

from Adamite via Zanjabil's blog


Those who want to bump off the witnesses of the slaughter

The criminal website invites people to kill the few volunteers who are providing health treatment in Gaza under Israeli bombs. They are Americans, Spaniards, Australians, Italians and other volunteers who report us what news they can about the real impact of the Israeli aggression in Gaza. Amongst them there is Vittorio Arrigoni, human rights activist.

What we have here is pure incitement to killing, furnished also with the photos of those “wanted”. It’s really unconceivable that the site is still online. We demand that the Italian Government and Foreign Office take steps right now to call for it to be immediately closed and to bring those responsible to court. "Wanted"
more - Palestine Think Tank


"Dizzy With Success": Running Out of Graves in Gaza

While Barack Obama was dining with rightwing agitators and Hillary Clinton was glowering with menace toward "non-state actors" (her curious -- not to mention ignorant -- term for the democratically elected government of Palestine), the killing in Gaza kept grinding on. So many have died in such a short space of time that "there is not tomb and continent enough for the slain": the Palestinians are running out of graves.

An embarrassing incident, to be sure, but of course it didn't stop both houses of the U.S. Congress from declaring their nearly unanimous and totally uncritical support for the massive Israeli military incursion into densely packed cities and refugee camps in Gaza. Nor will the latest reported atrocity -- the cold-blooded murder of Palestinians waving a white flag -- cause even the slightest ripple of concern among the American political elite, now busy picking out their glad rags for the upcoming inauguration blowout.

Many more will die in the coming days, and not just from the American-supplied military hardware and the chemical weaponry being unleashed on the imprisoned Palestinians in Gaza. Death will also come in the form of disease and deprivation.
more Chris Floyd


The Rewards of Loyalty
When Obama assumes as 44th president, the problems facing him will be immense, even more so than the ones facing Bush II today. On the domestic and economic fronts, it is to be doubted if the new incumbent will have the means to effect anything resembling a coherent policy. Quite likely, like most so-called decision makers today, he will be pulled along by events, but try to make it look as if he is in control. There is only one area where the new ruler will have some margin for maneuvering: foreign policy. There will not, however, be a major change in US foreign policy. It will proceed along lines set out by earlier administrations, especially the Bush II administration.

Like his immediate predecessors, Obama has already and repeatedly affirmed his unconditional loyalty to the state of Israel, stating its continued existence to be a “vital interest” of the United States. Hence it is clear that the special relationship with Israel will be a cornerstone of US foreign policy, like it has been since the Six-Day-War of 1967. Further US support for Israel will continue creating anger, confusion and frustration in the entire Muslim world. Nor will the Palestinian question thus be brought nearer a solution.

Like Bush II, Obama has been warning Iran not to pursue its nuclear project any further, threatening the use of force to prevent it. For some years now, the US administration has been claiming Iran is trying to get the technology and the materials to build nuclear weapons. There is, of course, not a single shred of evidence for this assertion, but by repeating it over and over, it has gained some sort of truth-like validity. A lie masquerading as truth. Amid the persistent stream of rumors as to US and/or Israeli plans to destroy Iranian nuclear installations by military action “before it is too late,” a disturbing question springs to mind: what are the true US policy objectives?
more - Hans Vogel - Pravda


Al Jazeera release their footage of Gaza conflict under Creative Commons License

Jan 14, 2009 - Al Jazeera announced today that they would release Arabic and English language broadcast quality footage under the creative commons 3.0 license attribution which allows for both commercial and non-commercial use. You can see the press release on the creative commons website here. Mohamed Nanabhay, who headed New Media at Al Jazeera and launched the project, stated: "As one of the only international broadcasters in Gaza, our coverage of the war has been unsurpassed. The launch of Al Jazeera's Creative Commons Repository means that our Gaza footage will be made available under the most permissive Creative Commons license (CC-BY). With the flexibility of the license, we expect to introduce our outstanding coverage to an even wider audience across the world. This means that news outlets, filmmakers and bloggers will be able to easily share, remix, and reuse our footage."

World Prout Assembly


Army suicides rise as time spent in combat increases
FORT LEWIS, Wash. — Josh Barber, former combat soldier, parked outside the Army hospital here one morning last August armed for war.

A cook at the dining facility, Barber sat in his truck wearing battle fatigues, earplugs and a camouflage hood on his head. He had an arsenal: seven loaded guns, nearly 1,000 rounds of ammunition, knives in his pockets. On the front seat, an AK-47 had a bullet in the chamber.

The "smell of death" he experienced in Iraq continued to haunt him, his wife says. He was embittered about the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that crippled him, the Army's failure to treat it, and the strains the disorder put on his marriage.

Despite the firepower he brought with him, Barber, 31, took only one life that day. He killed himself with a shot to the head.

"He went to Fort Lewis to kill himself to prove a point," Kelly Barber says. " 'Here I am. I was a soldier. You guys didn't help me.' "

more - USA Today


Canada becomes a colony.

Canada used to have an independent parliament.

It has lost its independence and become an ignorant little colony of a fascist-gangster state.

"Canada is all sewn up for Zionism.

"You’ve got both major party leaders, a controlled and compliant media, and you’ve used your influence to make sure that all Canadians hear are the Israeli Press Release version of the news."
more - aangirfan


9/11 Commission docs released

The national archives on Wednesday released records from the 9/11 commission, the bipartisan panel established by Congress in 2002 to asses the circumstances leading up to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

According to the Archives, more than 150 cubic feet of records have been released that include information on terrorists, past terrorist events, al Qaeda, and other related subjects.

The records are scheduled to be available on the Archive’s Web site after 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

from Facts not Fairies


Geopolitical Time Line: War, Natural Gas and Gaza's Marine Zone
In the late 1990's the British Gas Group (BG Group) discovered a vast deposit of natural gas under the waters off Gaza: Over 1 trillion cubic feet equal to 150 million barrels of oil was estimated to be there. A significantly smaller deposit was also found in nearby Israeli waters.
more - David K. Schermerhorn at Global Research


The Monkey Wrench Ganglion Nexus

If we deliberately as a group of a few billion people, just decide that we’re going to screw up what needs screwing up and flag everything else on through, we could change the world almost overnight. The thing you have to realize is that the bad guys are already doing this to you in reverse. You can easily think of many examples of this right now.

False terror threats… False Flag operations… Ponzi schemes… Phony intel… all the lying, double-dealing shit you see every day from the governments and corporations and religious industries, are glaring evidence that they are already doing this to you so… why not? Why not?

more - Les Visible


Hillary Clinton touts "smart power" in pursuit of US imperialist aims

At her confirmation hearing Tuesday, Senator Hillary Clinton offered few specifics as to the policies that she would pursue as the Obama administration's secretary of state, but suggested that she would pursue the same objectives as those that have driven US military aggression over the past several years, albeit with some largely cosmetic modifications.

She also made clear that her espousal of the importance of diplomacy did not imply a reduction in military violence. "We will lead with diplomacy because it's a smart approach," she said at one point. "But we also know that military force will sometimes be needed."

Perhaps the most striking feature of the confirmation hearing was the studied indifference to the most explosive ongoing international conflict—the war in Gaza.

Neither Democratic nor Republican senators showed any inclination to probe her views on the unfolding catastrophe in Gaza. Those who expressed any opinion—including Clinton herself—uniformly supported the Israeli onslaught against the 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in the impoverished territory.

Like Obama, she indicated that US troops withdrawn from Iraq would be redeployed to Afghanistan, adding that Washington would press other NATO members to boost their own contributions to the occupation force.

On Iran, she refused to specify whether the incoming administration would engage in direct negotiations with Teheran. Instead, she echoed the Bush administration's allegations that the Iranian government is engaged in the "sponsorship of terrorism" and the "pursuit of nuclear weapons" and repeated twice its standard warning that "no option is off the table," including US military action against Iran.

more - Bill Van Auken at


How to Steal Billions in Plain View: Bernanke's Robber Banks

The Federal Reserve is living up to its purpose, which is to enrich bankers at the expense of everyone else. Ben Bernanke, who chairs the Federal Reserve Board, is to be congratulated for his open call for the banks under his tutelage to receive billions more of our tribute.

The Fed’s attempts to bail out its clients are worse than futile. They are blatant theft.
more - Michael S. Rozeff


The five P's
Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Responsible ownership of a firearm requires not only adequate training in its use, but also a mental mindset capable of formulating and implementing a plan should that tool ever be required. Irresponsible use of a firearm often provides opponents of the right to keep and bear arms a useful weapon, especially considering their willing accomplices in the congress and the media.

Training with your chosen firearm should occur frequently, weekly if possible, at the very least, monthly. Always practice on silhouette targets and not bull’s-eye targets. Reality is a must in training. Devote quite a bit of practice and ammo on headshots. Criminals frequently wear body armor. Train diligently to become ambidextrous in the use of your firearm in the event your strong side should become incapacitated.

Train hard; train often; train in realistic scenarios; your life and the life of your family may depend on it.
more - Michael Gaddy


How Israel can have so much control over the USA government

Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, the original director until his death(over 40 years) kept classified files on EVERY MEMBER of Congress and many other individuals that he deemed possible "security risks" to the United States. Most of these files had nothing to do with security, but instead included personal information that could be used to blackmail these people. EVERY President that Hoover served under was afraid of what Hoover might do with this info and it has been claimed by several authors that this is what kept Hoover in as FBI Director for so many years- the threat of blackmail. Read "Official and Confidential" by Anthony Summers to get a good picture of this situation. Ironically, Hoover himself was in all likelihood being blackmailed because he was a homosexual!

Currently, we have US "leaders" bending over backwards for a nation that has been committing egrerious war crimes for 60 years and ignoring UN Resolutions, thanks to blind support from these same "leaders". What gives? Here are some very possible scenarios that are currently in place-

1) Blackmail- Using the same techniques as J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, Israeli spies/moles are collecting info on anyone who might seek public office, info that can be used as leverage(sex life, past hidden crimes, kealth records, etc.). When these people are "under control" because of this damaging material, they are then funded and guided by Israeli-connected interests. The threat of revelaion has to be terrifying to someone whose political life depends on a good clean public image!

2) Financial/media backing of candidates/politicians that espouse pro-Israeli policies without the need to blackmail.

3) Threats- when people like Paul Wellstone, John F. Kennedy, Jr, Mel Carnahan, Vince Foster, etc. die in suspicious circumstances and the questions surrounding these deaths are not answered but covered up, you have to consider the possibility of the threat of physical violence to sway politicians.

4) Taking on Israeli lobbies is bad for your political heath. We have seen what AIPAC can and does do to politicians who don't tow a strict pro-Israeli line. Money is given to their opponents and the compliant pro-Zionist media does all it can to destroy a candidates/politician's credibility.

With all of these things in mind, how can anyone take seriously Israel's claim to be the only democracy in the Middle East. It has been in the process of subverting what democracy there was in the United States for the past 60 years! Unfortunately, the only way to fight this strategy is to vote AGAINST any candidate that shows signs they ARE being intimidated in some way, and even this strategy may eliminate people who could have done some real good for this nation! It's time to get the "termites" out of the foundation of the American government!

Poor Richards Blog via WRH


Stealing Truth: The John Fund Back Story

If the media had followed the clear rules they had written for themselves, would we now be on the express down elevator to a meltdown of global proportions? Likely not. We would have problems, but we would have seen them more clearly. We needed the truth. We did not get it, for perhaps as many reasons as there are individuals in journalism.

Large media (and non-media) corporations have swallowed up newspapers and other media outlets during the last few decades with alarming speed, with the goal being the use of these outlets as an extension of their control. Individual journalists did not have to cooperate – but they did, in large part. The lack of dispassionate, objective reporting in journalism morphed the profession towards use as a perpetual public relations service for those in power. The question became not "What is the truth?" but "What do you want the truth to be?" Power and profit became the unassailable be-all and end-all of corporate journalism.
more - Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


"It's not just a police problem. It's not just a social services problem"
It's no secret that Nashville's top players in the homeless services arena have been considering establishing an officially sanctioned homeless encampment long before the issues of Tent City came to the forefront.

This isn't a radical idea; many cities have designated encampments that are controlled and orderly, clean and neat, safe for the residents and those who work with them, and frankly serve as impromptu and often only affordable transitional housing available for people who cannot afford or access, for whatever the reason, traditional housing.

What's so iimportant in this particular piece is who is advocating for the camp. It's no surprise that a homeless advocate would cheerlead the effort and I certainly do, right alongside the vast majority of my colleagues and peers.

But when a well respected and well-liked police lieutenant comes out in favor of an official camp, people sit up and take notice.
more - Stone Soup Station


The Year Ahead: 2009, Part 2

Now remind yourself of the $trillions in new-from-thin-air bailout money and the $trillions still to come; think about America's $10 trillion official national debt, our skyrocketing federal deficits and our $100 trillion (or so; estimates vary) in unfunded federal obligations for Social Security, Medicare, pensions, and so many other things; consider the trillions of dollars held overseas by investment funds and central banks and individuals, all worried about whether it is time to spend their dollars back into the system in favor or Euros or Yuan or gold or, heck, a lifetime supply of vodka.

The most immediate problem with food supplies will soon be lack of cash, among the American public and many others around the world, to pay for the next meal. This will be true across much of the planet, and the UN estimates that for the first time ever, a billion people will go hungry this year. For the most part, this won't be caused by food shortages – the global harvest was better than expected; a record, even – but will happen "because people are becoming too destitute to buy the food that is produced," according to an article in the December 28 London Independent. As you would imagine, the global financial crisis is making the situation worse in several ways. For one thing, food aid is drying up just as the need for it increases dramatically.

Mankind continues its quest to turn the Earth into a toxic waste dump populated largely by cockroaches and bacteria, fueling what is widely acknowledged as the sixth great mass extinction on this planet since life began. We have only begun our work, but already some believe we will ultimately be more successful than any of the previous causes of mass extinction. Heck, mankind hasn't yet even unleashed more than a tiny handful of its zillions of nuclear bombs and missiles – just wait until we get serious about wrecking the biosphere. We're number one! We're number one!

Poor attempts at humor aside, the biosphere is fragile (and possibly unique or at least exceedingly rare in the universe) and we are fouling the nest. I continue to be concerned that government "problem solving" in this area is doing what it always does: making things worse while crowding out non-government efforts that might actually be effective. In particular, global warming advocates have become an entrenched, government-financed special interest in science, government, politics, non-government organizations, and some business sectors – hampering, and often openly opposing, evidence and commentary that refutes or questions the global warming dogma. Given how quickly new scientific evidence can overturn accepted scientific belief (global cooling was the big worry about 30 years ago, for instance), government's propensity to back one side of an issue – which then soon becomes a protected and well-funded special interest – is exceedingly dangerous in an area such as this one.

more - Glen Allport at Strike the Root


Has Hamas taken over South America?

Oy, these meshugeneh espanol socialists really don't like us.

And with all that hot blood flowing in their veins, they won't even queue for my chicken soup recipe.

Someone should take them aside and tell them that Marxism and Bolshevism is a Jewish thing, they cannot just take it from us without giving something in return. And I'm not talking about a handful of coca leaves to chew on in public.

For one thing it wouldn't be kosher.

United against South America

Meshugeneh — a crazy person
Auntie Ziona


UN building hit as Israeli tanks push into Gaza

UN sources said the blaze was started by Israeli shells containing white phosphorus, the controversial material used to create a smokescreen for advancing troops.

Eye witnesses said the tank advance led to thousands of civilians fleeing on foot, some seeking shelter in the nearby al-Quds hospital.

Under the rules of war, white phosphorus can only be used in open spaces away from large civilian populations.

There have been repeated allegations in Gaza that civilians have suffered disfiguring burn injuries after being hit by white phosphorus.

The UN compound housed the headquarters and logistical centre of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the group that feeds and supports about a million refugees inside Gaza.

more - Telegraph UK

more photos: Telegraph UK

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