Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts for a Tuesday Morning


Blood on His Hands

Well, Obama now has blood on his hands. He reportedly ordered (or authorized) predator drone attacks inside Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Both strikes are reported to have resulted in civilian deaths.

The attacks on villages, and the (protested) attacks inside Pakistan, reflect that Obama is going to continue the disastrous policy of George Bush. Namely, that “collateral damage” is acceptable in the pursuit of “terrorists,” and that the U.S. will engage in preemptive strikes inside another nation - even if that nation is reputedly an ally.

The result is that non-combatants are dead, and that this blood stains Obama’s hands. It also signals to the world that Obama seems more than willing to continue the policies of U.S. military imperialism in pursuit of its goals.

It makes no difference to the families of the dead that Obama is an icon of “change” and “hope.”

It makes no difference to a teetering Pakistani government when a new President is as cavalier about acknowledging its sovereignty than the old President. It sends the same message.

In both views it serves the interests of those opposed to U.S. policies and intervention, and will certainly recruit even more to the cause of those labeled as “terrorists” and “Taliban.”

more - Rowan Wolf


The psychos and the boycotts

One of the peculiarities of Jewish psycho racist extremist eliminationist supremacism is that World Jewry will not react rationally to boycotts or similar actions. Their mental illness renders them incapable of understanding the reactions of decent people to their violent craziness. Instead, they will label it as just another example of the ubiquitous 'anti-Semitism', i.e., an example of the moral failings of their accusers, and not of their own moral failings. The short-term effect of boycott-sanctions-divestment will be a paradoxical hardening of the positions of Israel and World Jewry, as they will see the increase in 'anti-Semitism' as an excuse to act even more insanely than before.

That is not to say that boycotts aren't morally necessary (the true status of Chomsky can be seen in his continued resistance to boycotts, as he prefers to wait for his socialist-anarchist paradise to save the world from the problems caused by . . . the Americans). They will have the effect of continuing the legitimacy crisis in Israel for those Jews who aren't insane, will increase the phenomenon of sane Jews leaving Israel, and deter sane Jews outside of Israel from moving there. They will also increase the expense to the Jew-controlled American government of paying for the continuing Jewish program of slaughtering. Most importantly, however, the whole boycott program will serve as the rallying point for world-wide resistance to the Jewish eliminationist program. One of the main problems decent people face is that the total Jew-control of politicians and the media - as definitively proven by the utterly shameful reaction of all Western politicians and media to the Gaza slaughter - seems to make it impossible for decent human beings to do anything in the face of such powerful and overwhelming blood-dripping-from-the-fangs Evil. Boycotts can start us on our way.

More important than boycotting Israel, however, will be our efforts to punish those who are under Jew-control, to make it clear to the sycophants and power-followers that there are powers greater than those of World Jewry. For example, punishing the shameful BBC executives who censored a charity appeal for Gaza - just how fucking evil can you be! - by firing them and making sure no one else will hire them - except, of course, the Jewish Billionaires! - will start to send the message that we the decent and sane will no longer put up with the evils of Jew-control. It is the boycott and punishment of the enablers of Jewish evil that will have the biggest long-term effect at stopping it and establishing one Palestinian state in the Middle East.


"The Obama Change - Only More Power For Israel"

When and if that “CHANGE” ever happens then you will see the greatness of America return. We cannot afford Israel’s demands and arrogance a day longer. Our country is crumbling beneath our very feet and she can’t take much more. If our children and grandchildren are allowed to live the American dream, “CHANGE” must come now. A very wise man, George Ball, once said if Israel can get by with murdering Americans on the USS Liberty, then they can get by with almost anything. Well the truth is this–THEY ARE. Look at the heavy loss of life in the Gaza, all with American arms, money, and support. That’s not “CHANGE”.That is out and out complicity to murder. I, as a patriotic, combat wounded veteran who loves America, want “CHANGE” now as all Americans deserve. No more wars for Israel, not more money, no more arms.

more - Phillip F. Tourney at USS Liberty


The capitalist market and Obama's stimulus plan

Even before the Obama administration's economic stimulus package comes to a vote, the rapidity and scale of job losses in the US makes it clear that it will be woefully inadequate. On Monday alone, corporations including Caterpillar, Pfizer, Home Depot, SprintNextel and GM, announced 74,000 new job cuts.

Even if the White House were to achieve its aim of creating or saving 3-4 million jobs over the next two years, it would not make up for job losses that could be twice as large by the end of 2010. The pace of job-cutting has sharply accelerated since the end of 2008—a year that saw 2.6 million jobs lost, the highest number since 1945.

The overriding principle of Obama's plan is that nothing will be done that impinges on the wealth and prerogatives of America's financial elite. He made this clear in his inaugural address when he hailed the "free market," saying its "power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched." Meanwhile, the new president has dropped any mention of his campaign pledge to rescind Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy

more - Jerry White at wsws.org

Also see: Bloody Monday: 74,000 layoffs announced in one day


First Blood: Pictures From Life's Other Side

Already, Gaza has faded from the front pages of the Western press. Already it is yesterday's news, yesterday's massacre, just another in a long, long, endless line of human debauchery. After all, the Western press, the Western establishments, indeed, Western popular opinion, have often countenanced -- even championed -- far worse atrocities. The establishments and power structures of most Arab nations are also hastening to forget, to downplay, to bury, once again, the suffering of the Palestinians, in the interests of political gamesmanship, both domestic and diplomatic.The reality of the actual human beings in Palestine who have been inflicted with horrific suffering matter no more than the reality of the human beings in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Somalia, or Kurdistan, or Chechnya, or Colombia, or Sri Lanka, or Burma, or the Congo, or anywhere else on the far-flung earth where the machines of power wring the blood and terror that is their fuel from the flesh of men and women and children. (And this geography of suffering includes the sacred Homeland itself, of course, where, for example, more than two million citizens are now held in cages, most of them for the "crime" of temporarily deranging their senses to escape the pain of the world that power has made.)
more - Chris Floyd


Don't Drink The Obama Kool-aide

Most Left-wing authoritarianism regimes revolve around a "Cult of Personality" ie: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Kim Jong-Il., where the glorious leader is considered to be "god-like" in his ability to run the country. A cult of personality or personality cult arises when a country's leader uses mass media to create a heroic public image through unquestioning flattery and praise. Cults of personality are often found in dictatorships.
It'll either be the "carrot" or the "stick" soon. Either you join your neighborhood Obama youth cadre, or block watchers, or you'll be "criticized" - "I find your lack of faith disturbing"- ack *gag*! and shipped off to a government-funded make-work program/re-education camp, where most of the unemployed will be sent to anyways.
"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."
- Obama, on his call for "Service"
"It's time for a real Patriot Act that brings out the patriot in all of us. We propose universal civilian service for every young American. Under this plan, all Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training."
- Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff

more - the Psychedelic Tourist

Obama Won't Probe Bush War Crimes

Why would they?

The new administration is going to be carrying out the same
policies and tactics.

Leading GOP senators demanded that Holder commit to not launching criminal probes of intelligence operatives, lawyers, and high-level Bush advisers who took part in debates over warrantless wiretapping and detainee interrogations.... it remains unclear whether Obama and Holder will have the appetite to devote scarce prosecutorial resources to exploring the politically sensitive allegations. At his Senate confirmation hearing Jan. 15, Holder said that "no one is above the law," but he hastened to add that he was not interested in "criminalizing policy differences"

So DON'T GET YOUR HOPES up for any war crimes trials, folks.
more - Rock the Truth - MSM Monitor


The Israeli's in your PC and Cell Phone

Taken all the needed precautions to keep hackers and crackers from invading your computer? Might all be for nought, if your computer is running on an Intel chip. Anyone think that Israel wouldn't stoop so low as to put spyware into the chip's code better think again.

Israel has a long and sordid history of spying on the U.S. and wouldn't stop at spying on individuals, such is the level of their paranoia.
If you don't act subservient to that nation of racist bigots or have the audacity to ask questions about Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, then you are an "existential" enemy of Israel and will be treated as such.

Those cell phone conversations you have with your loved one that might get a bit steamy? Also monitored by Israeli Intel chips made in their Petah Tikva development center and the Haifa R&D center, to be stored and used for possible future blackmail, as events dictate.
more - Greg Bacon


ADHD Drugs Cause Hallucinations in Children; Psychiatry Pushes Hallucinogenic Drugs for Profit

New research published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that the ADHD drugs prescribed to millions of children are causing them to experience frightening hallucinations. Children on these drugs hallucinated that snakes and bugs were crawling all over them, says Reuters, and some kids taking the drugs experience other bizarre psychotic side effects such as thinking they ran into a wall and falling to the ground even when no wall was present.

ADHD drugs, of course, are powerful psychotropic mind-altering chemicals that are often molecularly identical to street drugs. The industry of psychiatry is virtually owned by Big Pharma, which hopes to drug every child, teenager and adult with at least one mind-altering medication.

I'm just going to come right out and say the obvious: These children are tripping out on hallucinogenic, mind-altering street drugs. This isn't "treatment" for some genuine health problem; it's a legalized mass-drugging campaign that's permanently harming the brains of children while earning sick profits for Big Pharma.

The psychiatric pill pushers have managed to turn a generation of children into druggies who are now demonstrating the same symptoms as a street junkie burnout. And rather than trying to get kids OFF these drugs, the FDA, Big Pharma and modern psychiatrists are doing everything in their power to put MORE kids on these dangerous, hallucinogenic drugs!
more - Mike Adams at Natural News


Sanjay Gupta: Big Pharma's Pageboy

http://conspiracyplanet.com/images/sanjay.jpg more - Conspiracy Planet


Abortion: The Kosher Slaughter

“Murderous monster Simone Weil a so-called former Auschwitz “survivor” and French health minister led the drive to legalize abortion in France and was quoted as saying: “We are out to destroy the family. The best way to do that is by attacking its weakest member, the unborn child.”
more - (very graphic photos) News From the West


“The last eight years have been hell for us because George W. Bush stripped away the facade and gave the world a glimpse of what American power really is, not what its liberal supporters pretend it is.

"Now, thank the Lord Obama, humanity will be once against distracted from the truth...” - John Pilger on Timothy Garton Ash on Obama

more - aangirfan


Iran: No Change in Obama's Diplomacy?

“Focusing on diplomacy”. The words sound good. But Obama, Hillary, Biden and ‘Zipi’ still appear to be following Bush”s policy on Iran. The articles below illustrate NO CHANGE for Iran. The ‘diplomacy’ looks more like arm - bending pressure for America’s ‘special interests’ - with the help of AIPAC. Belonging to the WTO, which exploits the poor, is not a priority for many countries. Is Hillary already stabbing Obama in the back? Why does ISRAEL/ 'Zipi' have to be involved in Obama's "diplomacy" in Iran? Was Israel's war on Gaza a forerunner to Iran?
more - Sarah Meyer via The Peoples Voice


'Assault weapons' ban jewel in Obama crown

We've been exploring President Obama's designs on our guns--the ones he and his apologists in the Democrat party and media say he doesn't want to take away.

To do this, we've looked at the words from his own "Urban Policy," as stated on the White House website. Note that contrary to assurances, such policies will apply whether one lives in Chicago or Cheyenne.

Come we now to the jewel in the crown, the centerpiece of Obama's gun policy, a valued prize for gunhaters everywhere, and what they certainly see as saving the best for last (at least in this term):

They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.

"They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.” [Emphasis added]

Interesting. Add that to presenting a nationwide permanent ban as an "Urban policy," and presenting it further as the way to "Address Gun Violence in Cities," realize that in spite of this it will apply to all Americans everywhere, and you start to wonder why the guy feels compelled to misrepresent, to misdirect, to omit...
more - David Codrea at Guns Rights Examiner

The JFK Assassination: Defending the Gangster State

Much of history is a chronicle of immense atrocities. Whenever surplus wealth accumulates in any society, whenever people emerge from a cooperative subsistence economy, some portion of the population will do everything it can to exploit the labor of the rest of the people in as pitiless a manner as possible. This is true whether it be the slaveholders of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the antebellum American South; or the feudal aristocracy of medieval Europe; or the financial moguls of modern capitalist society. Today, throughout much of the capitalist Third World and increasingly in the United States and other industrialized nations, people are being driven into desperation and want, made to work harder for less, when able to find work.

The Gangster State

The state is the instrument used in all these societies by the wealthy few to impoverish and maintain control over the many. Aside from performing collective functions necessary for all societies, the state has the particular task of protecting the process of accumulating wealth for the few. Throughout our country’s history, people have fought back and sometimes gained a limited degree of self-protective rights: universal suffrage, civil liberties, the right to collective bargaining, the eight-hour day, public education, social security, and some human services. While these democratic gains are frequently violated and prove insufficient as a restraint against state power, their importance should not be denied.

more - Michael Parenti via The Greanville Journal


Why Does the World Feel Wrong?

Consider these events:

  1. 1. A president who started two aggressive wars, who bears responsibility for the loss of thousands of American lives along with hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan lives, leaves office as a free man without a felony record or any negative repercussions.

  2. 2. Meanwhile, the same populace that has intimate experience with lying politicians appears utterly smitten with a smooth-talking new president promising change and demanding sacrifice.

  3. 3. The Congress, which had an approval rate of 14% and which just passed a $700 billion bailout over the objections of a majority of Americans, had a re-election rate exceeding 95%.

  4. 4. Untold millions of Americans voice support of military troops as these very people are needlessly killed, injured, and separated from their families and productive work at home.

  5. 5. A general populace believed that buying unproductive assets, like housing, could make them wealthy, forever, without any coherent explanation why.

  6. 6. Researchers who pursue alternative explanations for AIDS and cancer get their funding cut and have the results of their research squelched, while others who try to improve life by providing healthful foods find themselves under attack.

Overt criminality by leaders and passive, unclear thinking by the proles have become the norm. The two go together, creating a symbiotic ecosystem of tyranny. Fraud, theft, and murder have become widespread, just as the scale of lies told and believed have reached new heights. Irresponsibility has become socialized while people in the honest pursuit of good get thwarted.

more - Will Groves at Strike the Root


The FBI's Mass Media Program Historically - Part 1

The FBI's Mass Media Program Historically - Part 2

read both via Bob Feldman


In need of cash, many sell old wedding rings

In this economy, the sentimental value of a ring has to be weighed against the very real-world value of diamonds and gold that's selling for more than $900 a troy ounce.

Beyond the brisk online ring trade, business is booming at Nashville-area consignment shops, gold dealers and pawnshops, too.

"I've seen some who had to sell (a wedding ring) to pay the light bill, but that's not the predominant thing," said Nashville Coin & Currency owner Mike Mouret, whose business is tucked discreetly into a bland building in a Brentwood office park — anonymous camouflage for affluent customers looking to sell off their jewelry.

more - The Tennessean


Ex-Lehman chief Dick Fuld sells $13m home to wife for $100

A car drives past the entrance to the driveway of the home of Richard Fuld, former chairman of Lehman Brother's, in Jupiter Island, Florida, US. Fuld transferred his $13.3m Florida home to his wife last year for $100.
A car drives past the entrance to the driveway of the home of Richard Fuld, former chairman of Lehman Brother's, in Jupiter Island, Florida, US. Fuld transferred his $13.3m Florida home to his wife last year for $100. Photo: Bloomberg
more - Telegraph UK


  1. Bloody Monday: 74,000 layoffs announced in one day

    This is usually the type of story that gets dumped on Friday afternoon to avoid waking the cattle or shocking the market.

    Wonder what they've got planned for the regular Friday news dump?

  2. When the companies like Caterpillar and Home Depot start the lay offs, you know there's more in store.

    The media is getting us prepared for the worst yet to come as Obama told us.

    What's next? It's anybody's guess and unfortunately, probably won't be very good.