Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trench Composting


The easiest way I've found to utilize kitchen wastes and other organic materials is to trench compost. Dig a hole or trench eight to ten inches deep, fill it halfway with the waste products and backfill with soil. I use straw on top to hold moisture and that's it.

The technique works well in small garden areas, especially raised beds. It's something most everyone can do.

Organic waste materials do not grow anything in a land fill, unless that land fill is right in your backyard.


  1. I've been reading up on the various types of composting since I want to try it in my home. I think trench composting is for me. It's simple and low maintenance. And it increases organic matter in the garden. I won't have to buy garden soil anymore I think. Is that right?

  2. I suppose that depends on how large a garden you have and how much organic material you have or can get.

    Here's a little more info on a similar technique. Compost beds.

    Although you don't have to wait to plant until everything is completely broken down, it does help. If it's not, manure tea (horse, cow or chicken) is great for a boost.

  3. Hey thanks for the info! You seem pretty adept at this already. My land area's pretty limited so I think I'll have to go for a deep and narrow trench for composting purposes: probably a two square feet hole that's about 4-5 feet deep (if I can dig that deep).