Friday, January 30, 2009

Wild Russian Rumor - Obama to take down Federal Reserve

Too good to be true. From a source that possibly is disinformation. Regardless, it is still what needs to be done.


Obama Tells Putin US Ready To ‘Take Down’ Federal Reserve, Warns Of Violent Unrest

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

A startling report is circulation in the Kremlin today stating that President Obama’s top aide, and his only official representative at the Davos World Economic Summit, Valerie Jarrett, was instructed by the new American leader to ‘inform’ Prime Minister Putin that the United States is in its ‘final phases’ of ‘taking down’ the powerful private European banking systems known as the Federal Reserve System that has controlled the US economy since 1913, and is currently attempting to destroy it.

According to these reports, President Obama’s plan to destroy the Federal Reserve System involves the creation of a new National Bank of the United States that would be completely owned by the US Government and would begin its new role by acquiring the home mortgages of American citizens, now called ‘toxic assets’, from the corrupt European Banking Empire run by the Rothschild Family after which it would then Nationalize all US Banks.

Leaked reports from Davos are further confirming this astounding news, and as we can read as reported by the CNBC News Service in their report titled “All Big US Banks Must Go to Fix Crisis”, and as we can read:

“The creation of a government bad bank to buy toxic assets is necessary, but then the government will need to take control of and restructure major banks to fix the system, one economist at the World Economic Forum in Davos told “They have to do a bad bank,” Harvard Economics Professor Ken Rogoff said. But “if that's all they do then it's idiotic.”

Institutions like Citi and Bank of America will have to go, boards will have to be fired and equity stakeholders will be wiped out, Rogoff said. The plan could mirror the one Sweden implemented, where all troubled banks were nationalized, their balance sheets were cleaned up and the good parts of the businesses were sold to the private sector.”

But, to the most shocking revelations made in this report about the new Obama Regime was Ms. Jarrett’s directly stating to Putin that the new American President was ‘going after all of the Zionists’ in his country, a reference to the most radical element of the Jewish peoples many hold responsible for the destruction of the morals, educational and family structures, and the economy of the United States for their own corrupt gain.



  1. if it is true that the Federal Reserve is being removed from its prominence, it is interesting and a hopeful sign. I've been going through some of the writing about the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve on

    The line you wrote about Obama "going after the Zionists" frankly is too good to be true. That would mean that he not only go after the Federal Reserve, AIPAC, the Israeli lobby, and scores of powerful, but also that he'd have to purge his own cabinet.

  2. Speaking of being "conned," Sorcha Faal appears to be one of the bigger cons on the 'Net.

    Last Fall, Faal had Obama meeting with Iran's Ahmadinjad in Hawaii while Obama was there visiting his sick granny.

    Sorcha Faal

    Posturing as a scientists associated with the Russian Academy of Science, this newcomer raised many eyebrows:

    Who is Sorcha Faal? It seems this person has appeared out of nowhere and is now issuing all of this information forth from David Booth's web site. ( Who is he/she? Has he/she been around for a while and I just missed it? Is he/she connected with
    And from another:

    A search of the Russian Academy of Sciences website for Sorcha Faal brings up "not found".

    Obama going after the Zionists? If he gets assassinated, then we'll know that Obama did try and go after the monster that has America by the balls.

  3. Thanks Greg,
    I had seen some of the wilder Faal posts in the past but couldn't pass on posting this one just because it was such wishful thinking. I was hoping my disclaimer at the top would keep anyone from taking it serious.

    Yes, Obama wants to live and will do nothing about Israel, the zionist disease and the Fed.