Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Iraq War is Dead - Long Live the Iraq War
Will someone please explain to this Afghani man and child how occupation and death equates to freedom? Perhaps an Iraqi could do this as they know that the US will never leave their country and dammit it's for their own protection.

Chris Floyd is one who doesn't believe that we will ever end our occupation of Iraq.

It would be superfluous in us to point out that a plan to "end" a war which includes the continued garrisoning of up to 50,000 troops in a hostile land is, in reality, a continuation of that war, not its cessation. To produce such a plan and claim that it "ends" a war is the precise equivalent of, say, relieving one's bladder on the back of one's neighbor and telling him that the liquid is actually life-giving rain.

But this is exactly what we are going to get from the Obama Administation in Iraq. Word has now come from on high – that is, from "senior administration officials" using "respectable newspapers" as wholly uncritical conduits for government spin – that President Obama has reached a grand compromise with his generals (or rather, the generals and Pentagon poobahs he has inherited -- and eagerly retained -- from George W. Bush) on a plan to withdraw some American troops from the country that the United States destroyed in an unprovoked war of aggression. Obama had wanted a 16-month timetable for the partial withdrawal; his potential campaign rival in 2012, General David Petraeus, wanted 23 months; so, with Solomonic wisdom, they have now split the difference, and will withdraw a portion of the American troops in 19 months instead.

But the plan clearly envisions a substantial and essentially permanent American military presence in Iraq, dominating the politics and policy of this key oil nation – which was of course one of the chief war aims of the military aggressors in the Bush Administration all along. By implementing his war continuation plan,
Obama will complete the work of Bush and his militarist clique. read more

In a head
line, Troops to Leave Iraq in 18 months, officials say, the AP misleads us.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is expected to order all U.S. combat troops to leave Iraq by August of next year, administration officials said, closing the door on a war that has led to the deaths of at least 4,250 members of the U.S. military.

"Combat troops" leaving but further down in the article...

The emerging plan now leaves Obama two months off his campaign pledge, and with between 30,000 and 50,000 troops still in Iraq to advise and train Iraqi security forces and to protect U.S. interests.

The residual force would include intelligence and surveillance specialists and their equipment, including unmanned aircraft, according to two administration officials and a Pentagon official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the plan has not been made public.

The complete withdrawal of American forces will take place by December 2011, the period by which the U.S. agreed with Iraq to remove all troops. more

I won't hold my breath until all the troops come home. I have a feeling it will be closer to McCain's statement during his designated losing campaign to Obama that "100 years in Iraq would be fine with me."

The British don't want to release the information of talks before the invasion of Iraq. The lies need to be kept buried so any debate on troop withdrawal and ending the occupation will be stifled.

LONDON (AP) - Britain's justice secretary overturned an order on Tuesday that would have forced the government to make public the formal minutes of two contentious Cabinet discussions held before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

The minutes detail a Cabinet's consideration of advice it was receiving on the legality of the Iraq war, and the order by Justice Secretary Jack Straw to keep them private set back a long-standing effort to seek insight into one of the most contentious periods in recent British history.

In the case of the formal minutes from the Cabinet meetings on March 13 and 17, 2003, Britain's Information Tribunal said in its decision last month that "maintaining the confidentiality of the formal minutes of two Cabinet meetings at which ministers decided to commit forces to military action in Iraq did not ... outweigh the public interest in disclosure."
see more

Israel does not want us to leave Iraq so that's that. Keeping the Middle East divided, weakened and occupied gives Israel a sense of security as they plan their next genocide.

Greg Bacon doesn't think Israel is our friend.....

Existential threats? That means a threat doesn't have to actually exist, but if Israel thinks it does, then it's "Bombs Away."

Like the "threats" Israel saw in those Gaza gardens and planted fields which Israel either bombed or destroyed with bulldozers. And the Gazan health care clinics and hospitals the IDF bombed? Or those Gazan ambulances strafed by IDF jets?

If a family member became as crazy and violent as Israel is, the other family members would have the crazed one committed.

Israel is that crazy, out of control family member, but instead of having access to a 12 gauge shotgun, it has 300 nuclear weapons on hand and the ability to deliver them anywhere in the world.

Who will confront this maniac? more

Between the war profiteers and Israel, it may be that our Iraq adventure/occupation is still in the early stages. Only 95 or so years to go.

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  1. Why does the cynic in me think that around the time we start withdrawing combat troops from Iraq, the shit will start heating up again?

    More of those CIA/MOSSAD trained suicide bombers will start blowing themselves up and more IED's will start popping off, killing more US troops, forcing Obama to make the difficult decision to increase troop strength in Iraq.

    You know, so we can "honor those American troops" who sacrificed their lives in that immoral war by getting more American kids killed.

    And the world's noisest DEAD MAN, Bin Laden, will again rise from the grave, issuing solemn threats against America around this time, forcing Obama to make this grave, but much needed decision to keep us in Iraq for decades to come.