Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Over His Head


The president can't do it alone. He needs help and when it comes to manipulating the country to endorse his stimulus ponzi scheme, he has Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary.

As several of Obama's appointments fell to the wayside because of tax issues, Geithner remained standing. Why?

It was, of course, because Geithner is a Federal Reserve insider, a former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York .

Congress will not go against the Fed. Of course they gave a little token criticism of Geithner but it was just for show. The Fed needed their man at the head of the Treasury and they got him.

Geithner's debut on the big stage today was underwhelming.

Emily Kaiser reports:

The first question that new U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner faced on Tuesday after delivering his plan for fixing the banking system was whether his neck was on the line.

Two weeks into his tenure, Geithner already finds himself on the defensive as he tries to convince the world that he is up to the challenge of repairing the U.S. economy without squandering public money or enriching bankers.

His first big policy speech was greeted by a sell-off on Wall Street and a series of sometimes awkward television interviews that contained almost as many questions about Geithner himself as the plan he had just announced.

Just before its interview with Geithner, CNBC ran a headline questioning whether his neck was on the line, and then asked him to respond to a commentator's assessment that the Treasury secretary was "really kind of a disaster."

It was a chilly reception for a man who was considered so perfectly suited for the Treasury job that Congress was willing to overlook his embarrassing failure to pay certain taxes and confirm his appointment anyway. more

Rebecca Christie also reports on Geithner's big day:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner laid out what he described as a “comprehensive” attack on the financial crisis, warning that administration’s strategy will “cost money, involve risk and take time.”

The key words are 'cost money' and 'risk.'

We know the current financial mess is a big scam. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Bleeding the people is a regular Federal Reserve and central bank goal.

Is the scam under control? Can Obama, Geithner and the Fed pull it off without causing an uprising against the 'money masters?'

We need an uprising. The illegal manipulations of the Fed have been going on since 1913.

We need to see to it that they do not have a 100th anniversary.

Obama and Geithner sort of remind me of an old Fleetwood Mac tune.

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