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The Precession of the Equinox and 2012

Rather than offer any general advice where each reader’s situation is different according to location; family, occupation and viewpoint, I would rather extend that timeless exhortation, “seek and ye shall find”.

The dissolution of outworn forms is necessary for what is coming. As much as many will look with horror on what is coming, I submit that there are some numbers of us who will look on it with hope and an encouraging industry, brimming with focused purpose. You can think of it as a death rattle or you can think of it as birth pangs. It’s going to look differently to different people depending on how they are looking at it and what their intentions are.

I’m reminded of the admonition seen in the side window of an automobile, “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. Everyone always imagines that there’s going to be some kind of a reasonable warning period …while having ignored the repeated and increasingly more obvious warnings all along. Take it for what it’s worth.

more - Les Visible


The Great 2009 Bank Rescue Plan and Coup

Allen L Roland

Barack Obama's multi-trillion dollar rescue plan for the banks shows all the signs of a carefully orchestrated third world coup where the country stays in debt and under the thumb of the global banking elite. If you're not outraged, your on life support : Allen L Roland

It was Amshall Rothschild who wrote ~ " Let me issue and control a nations money and I care not who writes the laws." and we are currently witnessing the truth of these words in the great 2009 Bank Rescue plan and coup.

Richard Moore brilliantly exposes this coup and states ~ " The fact is that financial control trumps political control. Financial control can come in the form of debt, as in the third world, or more directly in the form of a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve. In either case, the power of governments to pursue agendas depends on their ability to finance them, and the purse strings of their treasuries lay in the hands of private bankers " which explains why the Obama Administration is pledging up to $2.5 trillion in support for the troubled U.S. financial system, while 56% of Americans oppose giving bankers any additional government money or any guarantees backed by the government. ( Rasmussen Polls ~ 2 /11/09 )

The people no longer have a voice in this coup ~ the bankers are in control and they won't let go unless they're forced to.

Think of America as a third world country that is about to be imperialized and devoured by the global banking elite and you're close to the mark.

more via The Peoples Voice


'Tooth Fairy Economics'

The primary fallacy of the tooth-fairy economics at the heart of the stimulus is the very idea that economic health is the product of government spending, which is financed either by borrowing (which leaves private businesses with a smaller share of the pool of savings for them to borrow from), printing money out of thin air, or direct seizure from the population. Whatever government spends the money on is necessarily arbitrary — government lacks the profit-and-loss feedback mechanism that keeps the private sector from squandering resources and employing factors of production in ways that do not cater to consumer wants. It can seize its resources from the people without their consent, and it makes no difference to government whether or not people actually want or wind up using the things it produces. Meanwhile, the economy loses the goods that would have been produced by the voluntary sector had the government not seized these resources for its own use.

more - Tom Wood via Detain This


The Perestroika Deception

Without going into background on Trotsky in this article and the overthrow of the Tzar of Russia by the International Bankers - just know this: The Soviet Union was established by the same people who own the Federal Reserve and virtually every other central bank in the World. The Soviet Union was created to be an antithesis to capitalism (thesis). Besides making tons of money over the eventual conflict these two opposing dialectics would have on each other, they are the pro-genitive elements that would eventually lead to the preconceived "New Order" for the world. A synthesis of Capitalism and Communism, the China model if you will.

If the singular source of funding is not enough of a factor to sway your cognitive reasoning, then you perhaps should look at the fact that the New World Order is set to be a global socialist totalitarian form of government.

more - Jon Baker via Matthew Jarvie's Dissecting The New Age


A New Afghanistan Nightmare Commences


When US envoy to Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke met with Afghanistan’s ‘democratically’ installed President Hamid Karzai in Kabul on February 14, he may have just learned of the historic significance of the following day. February 15 commemorates the end of the bloody Russian campaign against Afghanistan (August 1978-February 1989).

But it is unlikely that Holbrooke will absorb the magnitude of that historic lesson. Both he and the new US President Barack Obama are convinced that the missing component for winning the war in Afghanistan is a greater commitment, as in doubling the troops, increasing military spending, and, by way of winning hearts and minds, investing more in developing the country. That combination, the US administration believes, will eventually sway Afghans from supporting the Taliban, tribal militias, Pashtun nationalists and other groups. The latter is waging a guerilla struggle in various parts of the country, mostly in the south, to oust Karzai’s government and foreign occupation forces. While Kabul was considered an “oasis of calm” – by Jonathan Steele’s account – during the Soviet rule, it’s nowhere close to that depiction under the rule of the US and its NATO allies, who had plenty of time, eight long years, to assert their control, but failed.

more - Ramzy Baroud via Thomas Paine's Corner


They don't even try to hide it anymore

All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind. - Joseph Conrad

District's Carlyle Senses a Profit in Toxic Bank Assets

Seeking to jump-start the economy, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner last week said he will seek private-sector help for the banks, offering loans at favorable rates and putting up government backing to reduce the risks to investors like Carlyle.

With $40 billion in cash on the sidelines waiting for the right play, Carlyle could find many profitable deals in the financial sector.

Two of the firm's co-founders, William E. Conway Jr. and David M. Rubenstein, have been saying for months that there is a role for private equity in the bank bailout and that there's money to be made.

"Private equity has a lot of experience buying assets at distressed prices, and we expect to see a lot of attractively priced assets," Rubenstein said in a September interview. "It's likely that private equity will be a big investor in this area. It's good that private-equity firms are in good shape and have the resources to buy some of these assets and help the system."

What system is that, asshole?

A. Peasant at Twelfth Bough


US War on Drugs brings you a possible civil war in Mexico

The story isn’t new in any significant way but I’ve noticed it is being brought up more and more. Either things are getting worse or the US government and the main stream media is looking for something to distract the people. A civil war in Mexico would be a great pro-police state propaganda opportunity. “We need to secure the border. We need (more) military personel inside the borders of the USA. We need to crack down on drug dealers and users. We need to get guns out of the hands of these people.”

Whatever form it takes… it will not be good. For the Mexican people or the USAs.

more - Blog of Bile via Strike the Root


Illinois: State Rep. Kenneth Dunkin sponsors legislation for mandatory $1,000,000 insurance policy for gun owners

Provides that any person who owns a firearm in this State shall maintain a policy of liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 specifically covering any damages resulting from negligent or willful acts involving the use of such firearm while it is owned by such person.

Read About It: Illinois General Assembly


So I'm a Supremacist - Like I Care?


That’s right. Just because I’ve always liked the damned Supremes shouldn’t be such a big deal to anyone. And, being a White guy, that would make me a “White Supremacist,” right? But that has nothing to do with me being a low-down (not down-low, please), mean SOB. I already know that. Why should I try to hide it?

Those Supremes were really something — back when Negro music had real rhythms and understandable words. Now it’s all basically Jungle Tribal chanting not worth a flying flock. Tell me that’s not true? Diana Ross and the Supremes were indeed far superior then all the Africanus American hip-hop street crap out now. And if that makes me a White Supremacist, fine. So sue me.

And I’m also a big “Nativist.” And why the hell not? The Native American peoples had a rich natural lore, living one with the environment — while engaging in spirited woodland gang warfare. I usually call them Indians, even though I know I’m not supposed to. Columbus, a Dead White Guy (even Whites in history get hell), thought he had reached the subcontinent of India and labeled them as such. You might find that one hard to believe, but back then no one had a Magellan GPS. Just another dead old White guy from Portugal.

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From Xymphora
  1. The NYT catches up with the Jarrahs. Of course, September 11 was all about stolen identities, so an Israeli hook into one member of a family would make it all that much easier to obtain an identity from another member of the family.
  2. This is all over the internet, but since the Huffington Post's corrupt protection of Zionism makes it fair game for all the mocking we can muster, the greatest apology of the year (and it is only mid-February): "John Gibson Did Not Compare Eric Holder To Monkey With Bright Blue Scrotum". I assume Arianna will have somebody killed over this.
  3. The Golden Age of Anti-Semitism is upon us: Judenschadenfreude.
  4. "eBay renames 'yellow star' after 'Nazi' complaint" If the victims of Stalin had no shame, and were trying to kill a bunch of people and steal their land, the red star would be next in line.
  5. What are the chances that Waltz with Bashir - another lamentation of how the beauty of the Jewish soul is damaged by what the Jews are forced to do (while somehow simultaneously denying that the wrongdoing was the work of the Jews!; i.e., the Jewish soul is so pure that it suffers under the weight of the wrongdoings of others) - won't win an Academy Award?
  6. Kate Winslet's figured it out: “I’m doing it because I’ve noticed that if you do a film about the Holocaust, (you’re) guaranteed an Oscar. I’ve been nominated four times. Never won. The whole world is going, ‘why hasn’t Winslet won one?’”
  7. The turd known as CanWest is circling the drain. You have to wonder whether they will follow the NYT and maintain Jewish Billionaire power by finding a Jewish Billionaire to bail them out.

The Citadel of Broken Dreams

Humanity has chosen to build its Citadel of Dreams upon the backs of those less fortunate. The weight of this impossible fantasy has turned the bulk of humanity into petrified stone, as symbolized above. The only thing left for us, is to listen to the dragon-fire of private conscience, so that we can rise again and throw off this tyrannical prison that has disguised itself as a dream of power and control.

This is what the ‘change’ was supposed to have been about in the last selection process – but because we failed to see that there were no real choices presented – all that we now have to work with is a new puppet in the Oval Office that is simply a continuation of the Cheney-Bush wars and crimes-unending.

more - Jim Kirwan


The Next Big Thing: Barter

The signs are everywhere: Barter is going to be big.

For example:

Indeed, the Wall Street Journal just wrote an article entitled "Barter Fits the Bill for Strapped Firms", which states:

As small businesses find it impossible to borrow money and customers are slower to pay bills, the barter economy is becoming a crucial way for many companies to find the cash they need to keep operating.***

In 2008, about 250,000 North American companies conducted barter transactions worth more than $16 billion, according to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, a nonprofit based in Portsmouth, Va., that regulates and provides standards for modern trade and barter-service companies.

And given the worsening depression, and the prospect of a devalued dollar, barter might become essential in the future. For example, a respected economist is recommending buying gold and bottles of booze to barter once bailout-induced hyperinflation makes the dollar worthless.

George Washington's Blog


Netanyahu: Train Wreck for Israel, Middle East; Looming Disaster for United States

The selection of rightwing expansionist Binyamin Netanyahu to form the next Israeli government is being greeted with dismay by the Egyptian government, which remembers him for having derailed the Oslo peace process in the late 1990s.

Netanyahu has vowed to abandon negotiations with the Palestinians, and says he will expand the program of Israeli colonization of the Palestinian West Bank.

Since even before Netanyahu's coronation was announced, the Israelis had been busy stealing more Palestinian land and planning more colonies on the purloined territory, Netanyahu will just be accelerating an already inexorable process.

Netanyahu is a train wreck for the Middle East. He is willing to ally with Avigdor Lieberman, an open racist who is gunning for the 20 percent of Israel's citizen population that is Palestinian. Netanyahu wants a war with Iran, and when the Israeli Right wants a war nowadays, they usually want our children to fight and die in it for them.

More immediately, all Americans will have reason to rue Netanyahu's return to power, since the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and other elements of the powerful Israel lobbies will pull Congress around to support Likudnik policies in the next few years.

And it won't even be allowed to protest where Netanyahu will take America.

more - Juan Cole

Also see: Netanyahu: 'Dead Americans Good For Israel' from Facts Not Fairies


Obama is USSA's No. 1 hero, not Jesus

US President Barack Obama has beaten Jesus Christ to be Americans number one hero, according to a new Harris poll.

The top 10 list based on the poll showed Obama at number one position, Christ at number two, and Martin Luther King at number three.

Wrapping up the top five Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

They were followed by Abraham Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Chesley Sullenberger, and Mother Teresa in the same order.

The online survey involved 2,634 US adults, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

The news report said that those surveyed were asked whom they admired enough to call their heroes, but were not shown any list of people to choose from.

In a Harris Poll conducted in 2001, Jesus Christ was the hero mentioned most often, followed by Martin Luther King, Colin Powell, John F. Kennedy and Mother Teresa.

Bush was rated 19th at the time, but the latest list shows him to be on number five.
John McCain, who was not in the top 20 in 2001, is presently number seven.
Mother Teresa, who was number 5 in 2001, is now number 10.

Americans top 10 heroes are:
1.Barack Obama 2.Jesus Christ 3.Martin Luther King 4.Ronald Reagan 5.George W. Bush 6.Abraham Lincoln 7.John McCain 8.John F. Kennedy 9.Chesley Sullenberger 10.Mother Teresa (ANI) Source

From Living Under Zog


Bailouts, Stimulus Packages or Redistribution of Assets?

On February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg appeared before the U.S. Senate and declared: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”[1] To establish a world government, it is necessary to incrementally eradicate the constitution, bring the U.S. to her knees economically, and shackle the taxpayers to perpetual debt through bailouts and stimulus packages funded by printing billions of dollars of interest and debt-bearing Federal Reserve Notes to drastically devalue the currency in circulation thus impoverishing the taxpayers. The only benefactors are the extant banks, certain corporations and the individuals who concocted the financial disaster.

more - Deanna Springola


The Kabbalahistic-Occult Origins of the 'Sacred' Six Million Number


Ben Weintraub’s 1995 book, Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism, fully explores and explains the Kabalistic gematria and occultism involved in the number. 6,000,000 is the number of perfect souls times ten, and ten is number of the Sephiroth, the divine emanations of G_d as seen in the Kabala.

Thus, it is numerologically predetermined, and through various dark conjuring rites, supernaturally imbued with power. As a result, it can never, ever be changed. This is critical, central to the hex. 6,000,000 is the number
. There are never more deaths; there are never less. 6,000,000 is the number. It must be ritually repeated and publicly acknowledged.


As we already see, 6,000,000 never refers to actual deaths. It is a purely symbolic, esoteric, mystical number, symbolizing the perfect result, a perfect creation, a magical Great Work in progress. Perhaps this is a part of tikkun olam, the Kabalistic-Talmudic “repairing” or “perfecting” of the world, done of course by the self-chosen ones.

more - News From the West

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