Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG, Congress & Obama - Theater of the Absurd

"It was not my fault, I wasn't even there."
"Trust me. We'll fix this."
The gist of what AIG CEO Edward Liddy and Obama said today.

AIG CEO Edward Liddy before Congress - March 18 - video

Liddy came in to save AIG in September '08. He resigned from the board at Goldman Sachs to do this. Moving the criminals around.

Obama blames AIG and the previous administration and defends Geithner

Geithner moved from the New York Federal Reserve to Treasury Secretary. The criminals have interchangeable jobs.

All of the players are working together to steal everything they can and all the Congress, Obama and the media do is play the blame game.

Diversion, division and propaganda.

What do we do?

Mike Whitney has a few suggestions:

The way the financial crisis is unfolding, we’ll all have to focus on saving our own environment “close to home” without help from the government

People should organize to solve real material problems. Forget about overthrowing “the government”. That’s nonsense. They should focus on defending their homes, strengthening their role in the community, and staying alive. By any means necessary. There will be plenty to do just assuring that basic needs are met.

You can’t educate sedated and misinformed Americans overnight. But resistance is a process, and it’s a process that improves one’s chance for survival. more

Not everyone is convinced that pacifism will accomplish the goals of the resistance.

Peter Gelderloos (an excerpt from his book, How Nonviolence Protects the State)

Time and again, people struggling not for some token reform but for complete liberation — the reclamation of control over our own lives and the power to negotiate our own relationships with the people and the world around us — will find that nonviolence does not work, that we face a self-perpetuating power structure that is immune to appeals to conscience and strong enough to plow over the disobedient and uncooperative.

We must reclaim histories of resistance to understand why we have failed in the past and how exactly we achieved the limited successes we did. We must also accept that all social struggles, except those carried out by a completely pacified and thus ineffective people, include a diversity of tactics. more

Would a strong resistance be playing into hands of the controlling powers? An excuse to implement draconian measures, maybe even 'brother against brother?'

'We the people' have no real organization or the will to stop this 'theater of the absurd'...
as of today.

Stay tuned.

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