Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disinformation in the Main Stream and Alternative Media

Good disinfo agents tell a lot of truth while diverting certain aspects of the story. It's always up to us to figure out where the bottom line is, sort of separating the 'wheat from the chaff.' This applies not only to the main stream media but sometimes also to the 'leaders' of the patriot/truther movement.

Nathanael Kapner give us a look at Alex Jones.

read the entire article: Is Alex Jones A Zionist?...Controversy Swirls

Detain This specializes on the disinformation of the Associated Press.

AP kisses Israeli ass with another 'corrective'

TVNews Lies gives us a video example.

How the News Networks Lie by Telling the Truth

Gun control is an old disinfo tactic still being used to disarm Americans and negate the 2nd amendment.

From David Codrea via Gun Rights Examiner;

Oakland shootings show uselessness of 'gun control'

"The bulletproof vests that Romans and Sakai wore were no help - when Mixon fired his automatic rifle through a closet door in the apartment, he hit the two sergeants in the head."

The reporters (I like to call them "Authorized Journalists") managed to convey several visceral messages in that compact statement.

One of the bits of disinformation used to justify banning semiautomatic rifles is that the ammunition they fire can penetrate police vests. The truth is, the AK and variants fire a round that is hardly high-powered by rifle standards--so while the gunhaters are quick to assure people their hunting rifles are safe, any such rifle will penetrate body armor designed to stop handgun rounds. But note in this case, vest penetration was not a factor--so why even bring it up?

The other problematic choice of words? Using the term "Automatic rifle."

If, in fact it, was full-auto, that's yet two more sets of "gun control" laws ignored--state and federal. More likely, and information is conflicting at this point, it was a semiauto. But we in the gun rights advocacy community are used to seeing the press confuse the public on the difference. It's actually part of a larger disinformation plan that the media continually either intentionally propagates or obliviously parrots.*

Here's what we do know: "Gun control" laws were utterly useless at keeping guns out of the hands of a killer. And when he went on a rampage, it took other men with guns to stop him.

Global Warming continues to be a major source of disinfo intended to separate more money from your wallet in the form of carbon taxes. It's a part of school curriculum.

Kids Are Being Taught That Carbon Kills Polar Bears

The 'War on Drugs' turns lives upside down and creates a massive prison system. The disinfo about marijuana and industrial hemp has been ongoing for over 60 years. Can this be ended anytime soon?

We can't end the despicable "war on drugs" without an effective media that can mobilize our citizenry and spread the word.

War, terrorism, the 'War on Terror' and 9/11 are the ultimate sources of disinformation.

How our governments use terrorism to control us

Knowing who owns the media goes a long way in realizing who controls the disinfo.

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World's Media

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  1. Brother Nathaniel rocks I knew I had found a gem when I found his page.
    Alot of these "truthers" are bought and paid for shills, but that doesn't mean that some nuggets of truth are not available from their guests. Better have a strong proxy and privacy settings on noid if you visit Alex Jonesteins farce webpages.