Friday, March 20, 2009

The Key Point
The Point of No Return - art by Sonja Brandl-Tines

Just a Little Something that Needed to be Said

Here is the key point. We are not the one’s doing all of these horrible things. We are the ones pointing it out. We are not manufacturing wars under false pretenses. We are not putting history under lock and key along with those who question certain aspects of it BECAUSE it is being used to justify genocide …and we are not committing the genocide. You are. This is the key point. You are doing massively evil things and no amount of spin can change this fact. We are pointing it out. If that’s a crime then baby… I’m an outlaw.

The sleeping world is awakening and it is past time for the truth to be known and nothing and no one is going to stop this. My advice is to get your house in order and do something about the minority among you who are going to bring doom upon you all.

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  1. They are called Jews by the way (and their collaborators for money orypto phoney "christian" jews. Wake the hell up.