Monday, March 16, 2009

Kings Kings

I can't remember the last prime time TV series I have watched but last night I came across 'Kings' on NBC and stuck around to the finish.

It is supposed to be loosely based on the biblical story of David and Goliath but set in what appears to the US after maybe the breakup of the country into opposing states or regions.

The show includes almost every aspect of what is going on in our government and society. Conspiracy, war, death, fraud, corporate and banking interests manipulating the war and the king, lying, adultery, homosexuality, assassination, blackmail, a controlled media, a brainwashed population and the illusion of power and glory.

The only thing lacking was a foreign interest control over the king. Maybe they will get to that later on.

The media has no problem giving us glimpses of 'truth' in a fictional setting while hiding the realities of contemporary society in their 'news.'

NBC, owned by war profiteer GE, may have a hit on their hands, cloaking their own and government crimes in the guise of 'entertainment.'

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  1. news is entertainment and entertainment news? Sad, America.