Sunday, March 29, 2009

Letters to the Editor are an option
'The Give Act' needs more exposure.

Bloggers have a limited audience. Much of the time it's the same old thing, preaching to the choir.

An option to getting an issue that is mostly ignored by the main stream press and that most people are unaware of is to submit a letter to the editor to a local newspaper or website.

Compromise may be necessary, tone the wording down a bit from the usual rant and you just may have a shot at getting it in print.

Fortunately, a local news website with a fairly large readership, the Cannon Wire, is open to publishing letters that the local newspaper would not touch. I thank them for their support of free speech.

For what it may be worth, they published this one today.
Mandatory Volunteerism?


  1. The www has killed newspapers and attention spans. The papers around here are owned by big firms from some other city. There is one college alternative paper but it is all about Obama is Jesus kool aid that I can't stomach. I don't do the false idols thing. I want to start a blog but all I have is dial up someone hooked me up with for tech support. I guess speed doesn't really matter for articles, texts, opinions. I'm no jock rider but I like this blog alot and the people who frequent it.

  2. About a month ago, I wrote a Letter to the Editor of our county newspaper, replying to an aritcle by a university professor who was glossing over the bank bailout.

    It took me one personal visit, three phone calls and two emails before they finally printed the damn thing.

    I mentioned Freedom of Speech and the Free Press once and was told they don't have to print anything they don't want to.

    Other times I've written to papers, I've had to jump thru similar hoops or when they did print the letter, they edited out select portions that gutted the original intent of the letter.

    The day after COLON Powell's speech to the UN where he laid out facts about Saddam's nooks and WMD's, papers around the nation had virtually the same headline, using the same words, saying the evidence was "irrefutable."

    No sense wasting time actually checking out what some government hack said, is there?

    Fuck the papers, they deserve what they're getting.

  3. I hear you Greg.

    Newspapers have never printed any letter I have submitted.I'm not as tenacious in the follow ups as you are.

    Let them die.

  4. Been there, done that. Leave comments on their web items if you want to make an impression.