Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shanty Towns: Now and Then

The money lenders and their allies manipulation and theft of the economy is a crime against humanity.
Breaking the will of the people is an important task for bringing the people into submission.

Shanty town: The tent city is already home to dozens of people, many left without jobs because of the credit crunch

Shanty towns sprung up during the Great Depression as people lost their jobs and homes

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Wall Street Pulls Off the Biggest Heist in World History

Where IS the Bottom of the Economy?

Advisor to Brown: Parasitic Jewish banking racket is "all-important"; manufacturing, defense and everything else has "no value"

The Real Unemployment Rate is Much Worse Than 8.1%

Bankers threaten our sovereignty

The truth of the matter is the banking cartel has but one master plan and that is to be the central banker for a one-world order. For decades the European bankers have been bribing leaders of targeted nations who will sell out their countrymen for personal gain by allowing them access to that country's financial system. History reveals that the bankers invaded the United States three times - once for 20 years, once for three years and this time, since 1913, they have been permitted to remain in control for 96 years in violation of our Constitution.

Imagine the power the Federal Reserve controls. It controls our political system by being permitted to print, issue and charge untaxed and unedited interest on money it lends our government. The cartel established the Internal Revenue Service to ensure we the people repay it with our hard-earned tax dollars.

It controls our political system by providing its chosen candidates with enough money to buy seats in our government. It controls our media by using its untaxed money to buy up our major communications systems, thereby controlling what we the people hear. It controls our superpower military by owning corporations that the corrupt political leaders award government contracts to, and permits them to establish control in foreign countries by deploying our military to for their security.

Every act by every president since 1913 has been in violation of our Constitution. Every act of Congress since 1913 has been in violation of our Constitution. Every act of contrition of every state government that has allowed the presidents and the Congresses to violate the laws of our Constitution are also in violation and have failed we the people by not demanding our sovereignty rights under our Constitution's 10th Amendment be enforced.

Where have all patriots of our forefathers ilk gone? When will the American People stand up and demand the treasonous corporations be held accountable for their crimes?

Organizations throughout our nation are calling for patriots to unite and to take back our constitutional republic. A shadow government now exists and is so strong that our only chance to secede is to unite millions of true patriots who are willing to offer up the sacrifices our forefathers offered. In Panama City, like so many other areas, the Bay Patriots has been formed to educate the public and to insist our schools teach our Constitution to our students. Check out for details.

It is my hope and recommendation that every town, every county and every state develop patriotic groups willing to unite to take back America. Not a political party, but rather non-partisan patriots demanding that the laws of our Constitution be followed to the letter.


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