Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whole Foods promotes 'kinder-gentler' killing
“It’s very specific,” “The pig document is 16 pages.”

The corporate 'natural' food chain Whole Foods has spent the last three years studying how to market the concept of a kinder, gentler life for animals destined to be slaughtered.

It's a cold and calculating attempt to ease the conscience of 'progressives with money' who still want to indulge in meat eating and are willing to pay for it.

Perhaps this is better than factory farms but the fact still remains.....killing is killing.

Whole Foods chooses Nashville for pilot program

According to a blog on the Austin American-Statesman website by Whole Foods beat reporter Lilly Rockwell, Whole Foods has been discussing since 2006 the possibility of rating their meat products according to how well the animals were treated.Whole Foods south region spokesperson Darrah Horgan said the Five-Step Animal Welfare Rating is only being tested in the Nashville store.
"This tiered program highlights farmers who are improving the quality of life for farm animals," Horgan said. "We do not yet have a date for rolling out this program nationwide, but it is our goal to do so in the near future."


Whole Foods approached the issue methodically, spending the past three years looking at the treatment of cattle, ducks, broiler chickens, pigs and sheep to develop standards.
It is wrapping up its study of laying hens and turkey, and will move on to veal and dairy cattle.
“We already have natural meat standards, and in order to sell the meat in our stores, our producers must meet a certain level of care and treatment for animals,” spokeswoman Amy Schaefer said. “So this is more rigorous. It’s like the gold standard. We have decided to raise the bar further.”
The 10 pages of standards for chickens include that they must “be caught calmly and with a minimum of chasing,” and preferably in dimmed light to reduce stress.


  1. Vegetarian is better for you, and better for the world!

    What a waste that people are being poisoned on such a mass scale.

    BTW can I ask you to update the link one last time? Ziofascism got godaddy'ed, now

  2. Indeed, meat-eating is the cause of much disease and death. It causes many forms of cancer (e.g. colon cancer), as well as cardio-vascular disease. And the antibiotics given to farm animals in great quantities are creating many resistant strains of diseases that will cause us very serious problems in future... There is no need for people to eat ANY meat. Really. You won't miss it at all, there are more delicious things to eat anyway. Soon you too will be disgusted at the thought of eating meat. Start being vegan today!!